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Easy Sudoku for 18/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
18/Oct/08 12:00 AM

A new day dawns!

18/Oct/08 12:01 AM
18/Oct/08 12:01 AM
Good morning John and Joe. Glad to see your back on top of things John!
18/Oct/08 12:02 AM
Hello every one
18/Oct/08 12:03 AM
Good morning all! Sunny day and weekend, but down to the 30'sF at night. We're travelling to Boston for Parents' Weekend at my daughter's school. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
18/Oct/08 12:05 AM
Good evening all. Have a good sleep aussies and a good day to the rest.
18/Oct/08 12:08 AM
My kids are off school today. We will spend the day preparing for Halloween. Decorating the house and sewing costumes. This year I will have a pig farmer (Clare), Anakin Skywalker (Nick) and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz(Angela). The only one I have to sew is Dorothy.
18/Oct/08 12:10 AM
Quick hello - way busy tonight, so won't be repeating last night's efforts. Bye!
18/Oct/08 12:11 AM
Nice to hear it is in the 30s up north, that means the snowbirds will be flocking here in south Florida soon. While some locals get peeved at the increased volume of traffic on the roads and how it makes it hard to get a seat in a resturant, tourism and winter residents are the driving force in the local economy.
"Call your travel agent today!"
18/Oct/08 12:14 AM
CP! Don't go!
18/Oct/08 12:14 AM
Hey Jim, my hummingbirds have already left. As for the snowbirds, none of my neighbors have left yet.
18/Oct/08 12:20 AM
Are there any racers lurking out there?
18/Oct/08 12:21 AM
Hmm, if they are lurking, perhaps they choose not to reveal themselves.
18/Oct/08 12:26 AM
Maybe if I say something really whitty, I can lure them out.
18/Oct/08 12:28 AM
Now come on. The puzzle wasn't that challenging today. You can't all claim to be "doing the puzzle"!
18/Oct/08 12:30 AM
KEITH! KEITH! Wake up. Should be easy to get 22 today!
18/Oct/08 12:32 AM
Do you think he heard me?
18/Oct/08 12:32 AM
It is about 2,000 miles from Ohio to California!
18/Oct/08 12:35 AM
Good morning to all. We're off for a weekend in Yosemite, then on to check on the well being of my MIL. I'm sending wishes for a wonderful weekend to all.
18/Oct/08 12:35 AM
Wow, I think this is my first CP.
18/Oct/08 12:36 AM
18/Oct/08 12:36 AM
Whee! Although today's victory is somewhat shallow, due to sudokuland's halls being hollow.
18/Oct/08 12:41 AM
Ok, Ok. I am no RayRay. Maybe he can work on this a bit for me.
18/Oct/08 12:42 AM
I shut up now. I need toget my kids dressed anyway. Good Day to all!
18/Oct/08 12:43 AM

I have to replace a leaking water heater so off to town I go....
18/Oct/08 1:28 AM
Jill and CP have got hiccups
18/Oct/08 1:40 AM
Friday over here!
Taking a few last vacation days and intend to be only slightly busy (gotta declutter [unclutter] by Thanksgiving when the family comes over), but still in my jammies and playing on the 'puter!
18/Oct/08 1:46 AM
New page is not far off. It's time...

18/Oct/08 2:01 AM

Let me just get my running shoes on, Jerry
18/Oct/08 2:07 AM
3:28 Oh, Jill, I'm sorry. Instead of talking with you here, I was visiting your page to talk about h'ween costumes. Then I did the Hard and Medium.
18/Oct/08 2:15 AM
2-1/4 hours into the day and hardly any postings. How odd. Well, here's my bit to help the athlete who's going to pole vault to the top of page 2. Winner gets a gold medal.
18/Oct/08 2:17 AM
Ah ha! Found out that even though I am a supporting member, my birthday (Oct 18) is not listed because I didn't list it in my profile (duh)...
18/Oct/08 2:29 AM
Nothing like dropping a subtle hint, Aileen! , Neighbor! And Southern California has presented you with a gorgeous, sunny day to help you celebrate!
18/Oct/08 2:40 AM
Aileen, can you list it in your profile today? The computer may pick up on it tomorrow because American birthdays are listed two days (I think?) because of the date being ahead for us. today tomorrow!
18/Oct/08 2:40 AM
Okay, how in the world do people put their own little smilies and pictures into their posts? I have a gold medal and I want to post it for the one who tops p. 2.
18/Oct/08 3:05 AM
Hello everyone, a beautiful day, I guess fall has fell here in Oklahoma. Unlike Jim from Jupiter I love the cooler weather. I said cool not cold weather.
18/Oct/08 3:05 AM
Jerry, good luck with the new water heater.
18/Oct/08 3:06 AM
Aileen, I also have to do the declutter thing for Thanksgiving.
18/Oct/08 3:07 AM
Linda, have fun in Yosemite.
18/Oct/08 3:08 AM
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