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Easy Sudoku for 18/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Christmas Bird Count Day
18/Dec/11 2:03 AM
Hello page 2.
18/Dec/11 2:03 AM
MIL is demanding to go home. That is all the news we have so far.
18/Dec/11 2:05 AM
Karen, I was sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope she is doing better.
18/Dec/11 2:20 AM
18/Dec/11 2:23 AM
Hi Dorthea,

You forgot your second job as a tap-dancer.

You had to give it up because you kept falling into the sink.
18/Dec/11 2:24 AM
Eve, where I am, the winds haven't been so bad. But I was scooping out Vaseline on tissue for a number of children. I remember Tipper. Sat in the car so patiently but was so enthusiastic to meet people!
18/Dec/11 2:26 AM
Nothing stops this woman HalT. I would bet the bank it was not her idea to go to the ER yesterday. Her sister must have tricked her someway. Now, she will go to the doctor for every little thing and make her family go, but will not go unless it fits into her schedule, for herself.
18/Dec/11 2:26 AM
Well, Karen when they start to demand things, you know they are on an upward trend! My dad and FIL both had us worried after open heart surgery when they were meek and behaving. But as soon as the complaints and demands started to spout out of them, we knew that they were recovering!
18/Dec/11 2:29 AM
Thought I'd change as well!
18/Dec/11 2:31 AM
No more wildly swirling kids, no more shouting, giggling, whooping days, no more demanding parents (Johnny has to celebrate his birthday today, Mary needs more work on division, can Suzy take the book home) Just peace and quiet, going on my own body's schedule. WHEEEEE!
18/Dec/11 2:34 AM
18/Dec/11 2:53 AM

Here's hoping for good news about your MIL, Karen. She sounds like a woman who knows what she wants and expects to get it!

Enjoy your break, Shosho!
18/Dec/11 2:53 AM
Karen. Have a wongerful weekend!
18/Dec/11 2:54 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: YELLOW

Speaking of couch potatoes.....if winners Heidi, Kathy F, Captain J, Dorthea, Greg, Sue, Keith, HalT, Mr. Cee, and DevilOrAngel, miss Fiona too much over the Holidays, they may want to pay her a visit.
If they have indulged in too much festive More...
18/Dec/11 3:01 AM
And for today.....

What does this mean?

I am

Answers to the "Oh, so true" inbox, please.
18/Dec/11 3:12 AM
Love this photo,Wendy. I've been there many times, as I have family who live in Canmore.
18/Dec/11 4:24 AM
snowing today and went on a Christmas Bird walk count - most of the birds were at the feeder, but saw 4 turkeys ! red headed woodpecker -nice and quiet
18/Dec/11 4:25 AM
Kathy, love El Tivo. Made me LOL!

Eve, good luck on your trip & float work. Nice to see Tipper in her Santa cap. I know how much you loved her & miss her.

shosho - enjoy your break from school! Kyley's last day of class was yesterday, too. She had "Mr. More...
18/Dec/11 4:54 AM
You people are the best.
Thanks for your good thoughts for my MIL. She is coming home with the tests she has taken showing nothing. She does need to make an appointment with her regular doctor and take it easy.
That last part was hard to type, knowing my MIL, taking it easy is not in her More...
18/Dec/11 4:55 AM
Plum, I had admired your pretty avatar the other day, but did not realize until today that it may be a purple poinsettia? Is that right?
18/Dec/11 5:04 AM

Thanks, Kathy. I thought it was appropriate for Fiona's couch potato personal trainer.
(I'll teach her not to take off for 2 weeks!)
18/Dec/11 5:28 AM
18/Dec/11 5:33 AM

As promised the winners to the last poozel were Salyz,Grass-hopper(the lone lady)Colo Jim,Jack and DorA With $13.80. ONYAZALL.

No more for a couple of days as I'm off to my Brothers.

The value of the remaining coins is $13.80.

Since the least common More...
18/Dec/11 5:52 AM
18/Dec/11 5:55 AM
And it's too early for me. Also correct was HalT.
18/Dec/11 5:57 AM
Happy birthday, Karen. Hope you get all the treats you deserve today, delicious meals included! Glad to hear your MIL is recovering.
18/Dec/11 6:14 AM
Hi to all of you and Happy Holidays...Karen, also happy birthday to you...enjoy it!
I have been having a blast celebrating the birth of my second great grand child,and first g grand son.
Erza Alexander was born a month early, but weighed in at 6:12. He came 11/30/11...smart kid, he didn't More...
18/Dec/11 6:29 AM
Mamacita, sounds like you are having a wonderful time, you have your beautiful family that need you and you are able to support them. What a wonderful season to have a new baby.
Hope you and your family enjoy this magical time.
18/Dec/11 6:40 AM
MIL has been home for about an hour and she is already in that room.
Man is loading up the car, so we can get over there.
18/Dec/11 6:42 AM
Ezra Alexander!
Congratulations, G-grandma!
So happy to hear your granddaughter is doing well now!
18/Dec/11 6:47 AM
Good luck, Karen. My mother was like that, just couldn't keep her down.It seems nothing was done properly if she didn't do it herself. I do not take after her......
18/Dec/11 6:51 AM

Just for You

18/Dec/11 6:51 AM
Christmas greetings from Jaime and me!! http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/Cxtc04EjUv5FaNhzq0zY
18/Dec/11 7:00 AM
Mamacita, congratulations!

I bet you are on

Nuzzlt that little baby head for me!
18/Dec/11 7:06 AM
Oh, that was so not a Sudoku technique! FFS Mama, if you have that turned off, turn it on for your message!
18/Dec/11 7:07 AM
TM's large extended family gathering is tomorrow. I have been demoted from potatoes to soda pop. I will try not to take it personally, and enjoy not having to cook...and enjoy all the traditional Swedish Christmas treats!
18/Dec/11 7:09 AM
Didn't Kayo post a daffynition of a Katastrophy the other day? I went upstairs (rarely used) to check on something today, and discovered that cats, unlike humans, are not willing to run downstairs to the relief room. I guess I shall have to add a box upstairs.
18/Dec/11 7:12 AM
Congratulations, Mamacita! Sounds like you're going to have a busy, happy Christmas!!
18/Dec/11 7:12 AM
Mamma - could to see you posting. Was listening to old (ancient) Christmas Albums today - one old song was from the Spike Jones Album: "My Birthday Comes on Christmas". The kid complaining that he gets cheated and should get twice as much.
18/Dec/11 7:19 AM
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