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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Feb/18 12:29 AM
I've been busy working but where is everyone else, HalT?
18/Feb/18 12:32 AM
18/Feb/18 12:49 AM
Good Morning, Hall, Wolf, Pikers; have a good day & the same wish to all who wander by later!
18/Feb/18 1:29 AM
That placid Guadalupe River is central to Kerrville - nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Kerrville is best known for its beautiful parks that line the Guadalupe River, which runs directly through the city.
18/Feb/18 1:31 AM
'morning Wolf.
18/Feb/18 1:35 AM

As I mentioned, I had the kids yesterday. They were here for 6 months, but since they moved to their own home, I had forgotten what bundles of energy they are. My plans yesterday were to stop at the toy store and go on to the grocery store. We never made it to the grocery store.
18/Feb/18 2:49 AM
18/Feb/18 2:58 AM
This evening my granddaughter is hosting a dinner/party for her hubby and her Aunt since they both have birthdays at the end of the month. I am taking a salad and scalloped potatoes. Because of the toy store extravaganza yesterday, I need to get to the grocery store this morning and get More...
18/Feb/18 3:01 AM
18/Feb/18 4:15 AM
Very pretty photo.
18/Feb/18 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all!
18/Feb/18 5:20 AM
Enjoy the two birthday parties Kathy, and save me some scalloped potatoes please.
18/Feb/18 5:21 AM
Good mAen, good people. Thanks, Joyce. The river is certainly placid. It's unusual for a river to be so glassy. Or a sky to be so turquoise blue, actually. It may be that I am color deprived right now in my Michigan winter? This Texas winter scene looks much more colorful than what I'm used to.
18/Feb/18 6:40 AM
I love having photo rewards for puzzles, but it frustrates me when there's no comment. Today's Medium has a shady memorial in a downtown area with flags and a stone like a gravestone. I'm sure there's a story about the site. Downtown real estate is too valuable. Does anyone know where and what More...
18/Feb/18 8:20 AM
18/Feb/18 9:23 AM
Morning all,beautiful picture today.
Great to see Wombat's comments yesterday,plus I got to do his poozle.
18/Feb/18 9:25 AM
It's been a sad morning, late yesterday my eldest daughter's little dog Roxy went to Rainbow Bridge . This morning my friend rang to say her dog Denis had also gone.
18/Feb/18 9:29 AM
Is everyone watching the Olympics? It took me most of today to finish the Easy because I was watching television.
18/Feb/18 12:06 PM
Just can't get into the Olympics. I find them repetitive and boring.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel....Super 15 Rugby starts next week.......Goooooooo those Brumbies.
18/Feb/18 12:32 PM
Where's Keith?
18/Feb/18 12:32 PM
18/Feb/18 12:32 PM
Sunday, maybe he's at church.
18/Feb/18 12:33 PM
It's still Saturday in the US, Peter.
18/Feb/18 1:13 PM
C'mon you guys. Keep up!
18/Feb/18 1:29 PM
... did I miss church?
18/Feb/18 3:25 PM
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