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Easy Sudoku for 18/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen. Frustrating when no location label for pictures. We had a hot one here in California yesterday - close to 100 degrees. Hope it is cooler today. Looks beautiful outside, but you never can tell in the morning how hot it's going to get.
Go USA (World Cup)!
3:22 not bad, nice scene.
Today in History
June 17,
Amelia Earhart embarked on the first trans-Atlantic flight by a woman.

June 18,
Suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

Aviator Amelia Earhart became the More...

Good Saturday mAen from the cloudy Pacific Northwest.

...ora et labora...
2:29 love this site
is that queen anne's lace dudes? that's pretty.^_^
The pictures without comments may have been submitted before Gath gave the site comment features.
have a good weekend all and YVETTE, nice to see you again!
If I can find some yucca I'll try your recipe, Nal. Many thanks. Maybe our organic grocery store will have it.
Lovely day here in Georgia. Happy Father's Day all you dads.
2:51. Nice view. I didn't make it on yesterday I hope I didn't miss too much. Maybe someone will give me the highlights. I know there is the archive page but I can never come up with the time or patience to leaf through them all.
6:20 I think my fingers are part of the problem; not just my brain. What a great picture. I love mountains but there aren't any in this part of Georgia. Good maEn to all. And Happy Father's Day to all even if you do not normally celebrate it where you live.
Having an awesome pre-Father's Day BBQ, watched the soccer game, enjoying the great day!
Its not New Zealand :o)
Happy 39th anniversary to Kathy and Rob. ...where ever you two may be, know that good wishes follow. Continue to have a great trip and enjoy whatever comes your way! USA-Italy play to a 1-1 tie. We live to play another day...Go USA!!! For all the accomplishments by those ladies that came More...
3:16 Hi to all. I could walk there so peaceful looking!!

Ian from Boston had a look at BSA was in Birmingham up until 1987 in Small Heath - thats if you remember our conversation!

Nal can I come to dinner please it sounds delicious!!

Thought for the Day:

Don't criticize the coffee, you may be old and weak someday yourself.
Hi to all back home in Australia.
Hello Bruce from us in Australia!!

Who are the great looking Karate boys on the easy jigsaw?? Anyone from here??

Glorious, sunny, Sunday here, though cold!! Off to do some watering, so Good Maen everybody!!
Where's that noisy WCE supporter now???
Oh yes, and now the Crows are on top. Isn't that lovely!
Just watching Sunrise, and there is some talk about school kids report cards, and Having an A to E standardised reporting system.

And the silly moo said that if a child is always in the E area, it will suffer from poor self esteem and they will suffer from that. Inother words, she thinks More...
Good maEn to all and Happy Father's Day to all the dads, Have a great day!
4.10....sadly probably my quickest time
!!!!! oh you MIGHTY WEST COAST EAGLES !!!!!
lovely picture
have a wonderful day/night one and all
Thanks WCE SUPPORTER you're a good sport.Also a big THANK YOU for not droning on about the play and the players like some of the Yanks do.Who knows or cares, who or what they are driveling on about!!

...and I think that what they were trying to say is that system does not give the kids any hope for improvement and many of them give up and become disruptive and stop anyone else from accidentally learning anything! With the current system the kids understand that a 'Not yet More...
Too early on a Sunday morning for that coffee! Sounds delish though! It would certainly warm me up though. The heater is still trying to get the house about 13 degrees centigrade. Probably not much warmer outside. Don't know why I bought a heater with a thermonstat. All it tells me is it is not working ... no matter how many doors I shut!
Hey y'all! 4:44 tonight...slow from all the sun and heat all day. Is that Queen Anne's Lace?

Had a regatta today. Wind was up and down, but a beautiful come from behind spinnaker run across the lake to catch the fleet and finish fourth (sadly before corrected time). Hopefully we will do better in tomorrow's race.
Good Maen, lovely sunny weather here today it is a wonderful change after yesterdays cold winter day. have a fantastic day all.
Hi Everyone,

It will take a while before comments are shown for the easy puzzles - bit of a backlog I'm afraid.

Have a good weekend.

Well, WCE supporter, what can I say. Well said, and good on you. I thought that I might have got a bight out of you, but you are obviously far more gracious than most.
Gath: huh?
2:36 Hi all! Overcast here, with the hope of rain. I guess we're always hoping for rain anyway. The weather has cooled down considerably, for a change. Always cold at night though. bye for now...
Yeah I agree 4 once, good on ya WCE youre a good sport.By the way Chick has a k on the end of his name, just so you know how to spell it when youre Mrs Chick!don't follow your team but he looks like the man, that is a real man.
Good mAen all!
andré From england, dinner will be at 7:00 p.m. Miami time. There's plenty!
But Chick looks better in a hawke's outfit
To Col, Rose, Angie, Mickey, Elisa, Jaz and others... got an hour to go till I leave (and still have to finish the packing!!!!) Can't wait to see you all tomorrow
Chick is a proud West Australian who always wanted to play for the WCE and when he could, he did, come back home and play for them that is. onya Chicky you're the man.
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