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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I can do this.
18/Jul/11 1:21 AM
Whew...just knew he was going to go for the top.
18/Jul/11 1:21 AM
Okay, breakfast is over! Wash and dry those cereal bowls and try this.....

What well known object is portrayed here?

William: "I'm going to play tennis."
Horace: "I am going to hit a few golf balls."
Rodney: "I am going to catch some fish." More...
18/Jul/11 1:28 AM
Kayo and Mamacita 2 -
18/Jul/11 1:30 AM
Well, that didn't post very well, did it?

Rodney: "I am going to catch some fish" <<<<<<<<<

There, that's better.
18/Jul/11 1:32 AM
Hi Karen. Still nekid?
18/Jul/11 1:33 AM
18/Jul/11 1:57 AM
Today is the start of Bergen's 2 day birthday. He will be 4! Can you believe it? Next yer he will go to kindergarten! My baby's baby is growing up too fast.
18/Jul/11 1:59 AM
Sorry, HalT, to ruin your image. Since the Things had me jumping up, I decided to put on a muscle shirt. Thank goodness I did that. I was sitting here going through the million photos of our trip, when a friend, close enough to open door and just come in, kind of friend, came through the door. More...
18/Jul/11 2:18 AM
Sarah Beth, are you sure Bergen is 4? I thought he was a few months older than Thing II.
On a brain cell movement, it might be Shosho's grandie that is a tad older.

I have lost my cheat sheet of who belongs to whom and it is driving me crazy.
18/Jul/11 2:20 AM
Happy Birthday Bergen. Enjoy your celebration.
18/Jul/11 2:23 AM
Fun and easy puzzle today .... 1-9, and quickly.
The flower looks like a jumble of colorful spiders having a lovefest.
18/Jul/11 2:32 AM
I had a sad day yesterday. I lost my favorite dog, Coffee, to, I believe, congestive heart failure. She was the second collie I've lost in 4 days. I feel stunned. Even tho' they were both old, they were my children.
18/Jul/11 2:40 AM
The spike of flowers is of Grevillea - probably Australian.
The flowers to the right have sprung their trap, whereas to ones down left have not yet been triggered.
The latter florets have their pistils curved with the stigma trapped between a pair of pollen-bearing anthers. When a More...
18/Jul/11 2:44 AM
My condolences Heidi.
18/Jul/11 2:45 AM
Oh, Heidi, that is really sad, not just loosing one friend but two. Grief, what can be said to make you feel better? It is hard loosing great companions.
18/Jul/11 2:47 AM
The other one I lost was Hollie.
18/Jul/11 2:48 AM
Sad Heidi - collies are smashing. Very sensitive animals.
I had one for about 8 years
18/Jul/11 3:20 AM
I'm sorry, Heidi. My condolences.
18/Jul/11 3:29 AM
I'm baaaacccckkkk in LA! Whoa, the difference in temperature is amazing! Went from 109º to 79ºF! And I'm staying put!!!!
18/Jul/11 3:55 AM
Heidi, I'm so sorry, I bet the other collies are trying to compete for Coffee's place in your heart. Let them, they'll grow on you, too.
18/Jul/11 3:56 AM
Just had to dash off a post and then found out about Hollie, a double heartbreak.
18/Jul/11 3:57 AM
Shosho... Coffee was the last collie born here in my final litter 12 years ago. All I have left is her brother Dennis (born 2 hours before her), and he's now the only collie I have left descended from my first ever collie... 10 generations ago. Fortunately, I just got a new rescue, a 10 month old abused puppy, who loves it here, and he's helping me through the stress of losing Coffee and Hollie.
18/Jul/11 4:12 AM
The rescue work you do is wonderful, Heidi. The reward is twofold with your new little guy. You're helping him, and he's helping you.
18/Jul/11 4:37 AM
When the photo first came up I thought I was looking at a colorful centipede.

"Grevillea is native to Australia and is also known as 'toothbrush'" (for obvious reasons).
Must be strange to hear, "I must go out and water my toothbrush".
18/Jul/11 4:43 AM
18/Jul/11 5:01 AM
My morning laugh from The Washington Post

Lesser known historical trivia:

Susan B. Anthony's middle name was Barbie

William Howard Taft hated Theodore Roosevelt so much that, just to spite him, he spoke loudly and carried a big twig.

George Washington also had a More...
18/Jul/11 5:28 AM
Kathy, now I know you've gone batty!!!
I think it's been all these puzzles!
18/Jul/11 5:37 AM
Finally broke the 2 minute barrier!! Woohoo by 5 seconds! They're few and far between!
18/Jul/11 5:41 AM
Heidi, what's the name of the new rescue?
How's Park Western? Still have her baby pictures!!! My students had a proprietary feeling for her! Included her in some of their creative time stories in writing!
18/Jul/11 5:43 AM
Been working on pictures. Wonderful memories. Still cannot get them into my gallery, though. Someone, had a great idea about the sizing thing the other day, hope it works. This site is missing my Things.
18/Jul/11 6:08 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's an interesting looking flower.
18/Jul/11 6:25 AM

Up the Irish! Well done to Darren Clarke at the British Open golf tournament today. A nicer man couldn't have won, and the third Northern Ireland major in a little over a year.
18/Jul/11 6:29 AM
Karen, if you email the photos to yourself, it will give you the option to reduce them in size. The emailed photos are much easier to reduce for the site if you save them and work with them instead of the originals.
18/Jul/11 6:34 AM
The new rescue has been named Timmy. We were baling Timothy hay when I got the call to go pick him up an hour away, before they put him down. I got him an hour before he was to be euthanized. Timmy is really smart and a delight to have around.
18/Jul/11 6:38 AM
Thanks Canuk Greg, I will give that a try.

What a lucky dog, Timmy is. May you have as much joy with Timmy as you did with with Hollie and Coffee.
18/Jul/11 6:40 AM
It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon, or 19 minutes away. I really have been messing with pictures all day. There were only 85, plus the one the restaurant took, which is being a pain in the tush, also.
18/Jul/11 6:43 AM
I may give the pictures a break, maybe they will be more cooperative after my therapy session with my pillows. Seems, they missed me while we were away.
18/Jul/11 6:44 AM
But you know, I cannot leave at this point.
18/Jul/11 6:45 AM
Heidi, I'm sorry for your losses, but I do admire how caring you and your mate are to save abandoned animals.
18/Jul/11 6:45 AM
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