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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Jul/16 12:08 AM
Is this in your garden?
18/Jul/16 12:11 AM
18/Jul/16 12:53 AM
Not mine.
18/Jul/16 1:14 AM
Just finished talking with my daughter in Houston over Skype - she's doing fine trying to finish her Ph.D. in Biostatistics.
18/Jul/16 1:16 AM
Happy Sunday!
18/Jul/16 1:31 AM
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18/Jul/16 2:11 AM
good morning.
18/Jul/16 2:33 AM
Quiet here, but then I suppose it is Sunday in most other parts of the world.
18/Jul/16 2:34 AM
Hi to everyone above, and all to come.
18/Jul/16 2:35 AM
Back to weekday routine today - more appointments!
18/Jul/16 2:36 AM
Went to a lunch on Saturday with the ''girls'' from the hospital. As usual, lots of laughter. One friend came late and said she didn't have to search for where we were, she could hear us from when she came in the door.
18/Jul/16 2:38 AM
Good morning to all! A beautiful day here in Ottawa, no rain in the forecast. Unfortunately, Lizzy and Graham left earlier to start their long trip home.
18/Jul/16 2:40 AM
Lizzy and Graham are super people. We had a lot of fun and fulfilled several of their wish list requests for things to see/do in Ottawa.
18/Jul/16 2:42 AM
By now they have arrived back to Montreal by train. After a few hours wait, they will fly to Vancouver, wait a few more hours, and then board a plane to return to Sydney. Total travel time from when I picked them up at their hotel until they finally arrive home, about 34 hours.
18/Jul/16 2:45 AM
Since retirement, I've pretty much lost touch with workmates. I considered several to be good friends, but never see them now that work doesn't bring us together.
18/Jul/16 2:47 AM
As to the wish list for Lizzy, she got to the RCMP horse stables. They both got to see some of the horses used in the musical ride, tour the museum, and see the landau that has carried both Queens, several US presidents, Nelson Mandela and other notable from around the world. The landau was a gift from Australia, designed by an Australian Governor General and built in Melboure.
18/Jul/16 2:49 AM
18/Jul/16 2:50 AM
For Graham, retired as a volunteer fireman after 35 years, he got to go to two different fire stations where he saw about eight different engines, including a hook and ladder (had his photo taken while sitting behind the steering wheel), our marine fire fighting truck and boat and some real life fire poles and gear. He was like a kid in a candy store!
18/Jul/16 2:54 AM
All in all, despite rain and high humidity, it was a good visit. And yes, of course, they had a beavertail!
18/Jul/16 2:56 AM
18/Jul/16 2:57 AM
18/Jul/16 2:57 AM
18/Jul/16 3:13 AM
I see a lot of my former colleagues because I volunteer two days a week. Started off with only two classes and math team, now I've been strong-armed into seven classes and math team. Whoever asks me now I'm just going to have to say NO!
18/Jul/16 3:17 AM
Just met up with a neighborhood friend (a former teacher as well) who volunteers in Uganda. She bought land for a school so the school and the orphanage can be together. They're just beginning to pay her back. The money she just plows into her son's new pizza parlor (just opened in May of this year).
18/Jul/16 3:19 AM
Sunny & breezy.
Floors are getting sanded & polyurethane coated for the next few days.
I'll be very glad when our reno project is finished! They haven't started the laundry, nor got very far in the powder room. I have a feeling it's going to take a bit longer than predicted! (Am I surprised? Not really!)
18/Jul/16 5:31 AM
Good mAen, good people.
18/Jul/16 5:51 AM
Morning all,nice arrangement of statues.
Seems we are about to be fogged in, it was clear 15 minutes ago.
18/Jul/16 6:45 AM
Meg, have a great day.
18/Jul/16 6:46 AM
1:17. Good morning everyone.
18/Jul/16 6:53 AM
Good morning all. CG it sounds like Lizzy and Graham had a great time. I'm sure they appreciated the local knowledge you provided, it does add to the trip. I know enjoyed meeting sudoku friends and Jane's friends on my trip. 👍
18/Jul/16 8:08 AM
I'm with you Keith, I only see 2 or 3 of the people I was good friends with at work, but Shosho I couldnt keep volunteering in my work place. I'm pleased I'm out of it.
18/Jul/16 8:11 AM
I loved my job while I was doing it, but I love being retired just as much.
18/Jul/16 8:27 AM
Me too, Keith.
18/Jul/16 12:08 PM
Make that 3 out of 3.
18/Jul/16 1:29 PM
I recently put myself forward to do some casual shifts at work - in birth suite. However, the more I talk to my friends, the more I have doubts.
18/Jul/16 3:23 PM
They tell me the reasons I had for retiring early still exist.
18/Jul/16 3:24 PM
And are, if anything, worse.
18/Jul/16 3:25 PM
18/Jul/16 3:25 PM
18/Jul/16 3:26 PM
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