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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.

18/Sep/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
A beautiful day in SE Michigan. (I have to say that to counteract all of the grumbling about the weather I'll do this winter!)
18/Sep/09 12:00 AM
Is it too early to start the lessons?/
18/Sep/09 12:05 AM
Good Maen
18/Sep/09 12:05 AM
2:10 nice photo. Shiela, love the sunshine, but 50 degrees is too chilly for me.
18/Sep/09 12:05 AM
Why so many absentees??
18/Sep/09 12:05 AM
Right some activity..
Dont you think Birds and Dogs are great for music?..
For they are the woofers and tweeters...
18/Sep/09 12:08 AM
Plum, obviously I like chilly, not freezing cold!
18/Sep/09 12:09 AM
What a great brown pelican photo! I wonder who took it?
18/Sep/09 12:11 AM
Good Morning all! Looks like this guy has been successful in previous lunch waiting - he looks very healthy!
18/Sep/09 12:13 AM
HI all! a few correct answers to yesterday's riddle - here are the answers:
1. rose, sore

2. seat, teas

3. stop, Post

4. tier, tire

5. spat, past
18/Sep/09 12:15 AM
Vici, why do you have a hallowe'en avatar when it's still only September????
18/Sep/09 12:16 AM
Riddle of the day coming up - answers to the "haven't done the riddle for a while" inbox please!
I can be as blue as the sky or have a white top.
I roll through my world and crash into yours.
I can be as gentle as a newborn puppy or as vicious as an angered bull, ripping through anything I find.
I will topple anything you put in my way if I am strong enough.
What am I?
18/Sep/09 12:19 AM
If today is hallowe'en then tomorrow is Christmas. Nooooooooooooooo!
18/Sep/09 12:21 AM
where did autumn go?
18/Sep/09 12:22 AM
1:50 Maen! Can birds drool? Just curious... :)
18/Sep/09 12:26 AM
of course they can Dan, Judy does it every day.
18/Sep/09 12:29 AM
Word of the day
Circle: It is a round straight line with a hole in the middle.
18/Sep/09 12:39 AM
Fiona! Priceless! (A 'Judy' comment about Judy!)
18/Sep/09 12:43 AM
Love that photo!
18/Sep/09 12:45 AM
oh Shiela, she's not around, so I take advantage!
18/Sep/09 12:49 AM
Good morning. My heart is heavy today over the passing of Mary Travera. She along with Noel Stookey (Paul) and Peter Yarrow were a great influence on me in my teens with their music and their activism for the peace movement. RIP Mary.
18/Sep/09 12:49 AM
Judy, no doubt, has learned to accept her flowing saliva problem after all this time....
18/Sep/09 12:59 AM
Just missed it again. Good to see CG got it. Sorry to hear about Mary. I loved PP&M too.
18/Sep/09 1:06 AM
Good Morning to everyone! It IS a beautiful day here in Michigan. The sun coming up on the trees this morning was very pretty! We have a lot of cloudy days here and it is always nice to see the sun!
18/Sep/09 1:10 AM
A favorite group of mine during my younger years, Greg. I saw them in concert on TV a few years ago, and they were still very good. Still sounded much the same. They encouraged everyone to sing along, which I did, enthusiastically, from the comfort of my chair! Lots of good memories....
18/Sep/09 1:10 AM
Fiona - it's the logo that Jane made up for our Halloween party (Halloween Down-Under 2009)
I leave for Oz in 34 short days!
I'm so excited that I'm using the avatar very early.
18/Sep/09 1:11 AM
A tribute You Tube on my page for anyone interested. It truly shows what this group's lives were focused on.
18/Sep/09 1:14 AM
18/Sep/09 1:18 AM
Good day all. I must agree with my fellow Michiganders, it is a beautiful day. Saturday is predicted to be great for Football at the "Big House" GO BLUE!!!

Note to Shiela: MSU has to beat Notre Dame. Go Green.
18/Sep/09 1:26 AM
Glad to know there are other Peter, Paul and Mary fans here. I've seen them several times in concert, the last being only a few years ago, with Mary walking on stage with a cane. It was tough to watch at times ... what a trooper. I've still got two of their albums; I just can't part with them. This feels like the end of an era.
18/Sep/09 1:27 AM
You little French Wench, Fiona! I do NOT drool ... yet ...

Et tu, Shiela?

I'm quite sure that I know the words to all of the PP&M songs ... RIP, Mary.
18/Sep/09 1:57 AM
And you, too, Kathy? Of all the nerve! (Wipe ... wipe ...)
18/Sep/09 1:59 AM
18/Sep/09 2:45 AM
Ah, Judy...

We all drool - we just hate to admit it!

Wear your bib with pride, woman!!

18/Sep/09 2:46 AM
Grandma and Grandpa were watching a religious healing program on tv.....
The evangelist called to all who wanted to be healed, to put one hand on the TV and the other on the body part they wanted healed...

Grandma hobbled to the TV and put one hand on the TV and the other on her More...
18/Sep/09 2:52 AM
a French wench!! ha ha ha!! beats being a drooling San Diegan any day!!!
18/Sep/09 3:07 AM
Speaking of lunch - I am now headed that way before going to the doctor for my physical.
18/Sep/09 3:39 AM
Be nice to Judy, Fiona! She is inconsolable because she soon has to leave all the wonderful landscaping she so lovingly planted and nurtured around her mountain abode.....
18/Sep/09 3:42 AM
aha! The Return of Bigfoot, soon on your screens.
18/Sep/09 3:52 AM
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