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Easy Sudoku for 19/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
19/Jan/20 12:00 AM
19/Jan/20 12:20 AM
2:13 Lovely family photo.
Good night all.
19/Jan/20 12:43 AM
It snowed about 6 inches last night. Now it's overcast and starting to rain.
Hope your day brings you sunshine!
19/Jan/20 1:56 AM
Wolf, Mr Cee & Shiela and all who follow! Sleep tight Anne!
19/Jan/20 2:05 AM
19/Jan/20 2:13 AM
Morning all.
19/Jan/20 2:50 AM
19/Jan/20 3:03 AM
19/Jan/20 3:04 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
19/Jan/20 3:50 AM
19/Jan/20 4:01 AM
Handsome trio!
19/Jan/20 4:34 AM
2:02. Good Morning, all.
19/Jan/20 4:38 AM
Lori's handsome boys!
19/Jan/20 4:41 AM
2:38 a bit slow this morning
19/Jan/20 4:46 AM
Good mAen, good people. Weather mess this weekend, as Shiela and Joyce pointed out. I’m blessed to have a house filled with food and warmth and no place in particular to go.
19/Jan/20 4:54 AM
Morning all, Lori's boys are handsome. Lovely three generations photo.
19/Jan/20 4:59 AM
19/Jan/20 6:25 AM
OH, so happy someone recognized that family of handsome men!
19/Jan/20 6:43 AM
We, too, are snug inside, Plum - watching the non-stop 'flurries' haha, while the thermometer continues to drop!
19/Jan/20 6:44 AM
No sun here nor rain either, Shiela - rain means above freezing - that's a plus! Here's to others finding some sunshine, if only in your heart!
19/Jan/20 6:47 AM
22 for Keith. I discorde there was someplace to go ... to sleep! Haven’t had a good nap like that in a long time.
19/Jan/20 8:42 AM
Let’s make that *I discovered. My fingers must have gotten fumbly with the thrill of taking 22. LOL

19/Jan/20 10:02 AM
Joyce - the problem with the rain is that it fell on 6-8 “ (inches) of fresh snow and created a crusty ice layer 1/2-1” thick on top of the snow. Then it compacted the snow into a slushy mess that didn’t drain so the rain made puddles behind those newly created ice dams. The temp is dropping so More...
19/Jan/20 10:06 AM
We are grandchild-less. We can walk through the house with falling over toys or stubbing toes on lego. Yesterday we cleaned the amassing mess under the table - not sure if we ate on top or below. This will last for a week as one lot have gone on a weeks camping holiday and the More...
19/Jan/20 11:14 AM
Following Her Majesty's statement and confirmation that Meghan is in Vancouver I can announce that she is there to vet our Airbnb selections for our visit in May.
19/Jan/20 12:15 PM
not even a year since my right arm was broken, i've now got my left arm broken - for the second time! i first broke it in 1996. though not broken, my right hand got injured this time, so i have two hands less than useful. using the shift key, for instance, is not gonna happen, so no capital letters. also this time my face was injured, so i look kinda scary. not a good start to the year.
19/Jan/20 3:10 PM
Sarah you are not having much luck. Trust you didn't do this leaving the synagogue again after too much wine?
Seriously hope the injuries prove minor and recovery is quick
19/Jan/20 5:00 PM
no, this time it was just moments after leaving physical therapy, of all things. no police all around as there were outside the synagogue after the weddings, but a nice lady called for an ambulance and stayed there until it arrived.
19/Jan/20 5:13 PM
an added twist this time is that my car was parked on a street where parking is permitted only until 4 pm, so i had to get in touch with a couple so one could drive my car away. i was afraid my car would be towed for rush hour, but luckily they got there before the police so i didn't even get a More...
19/Jan/20 5:26 PM
stupid thing no. 2 was that i was not looking at where i was going and tripped on a sidewalk with a 3-inch height difference from one piece to the next, and stupid thing no. 1 was that i left home without my mobile phone. i could not get it through anyone's head that calling to tell my car rescuers where i was had priority over such niceties as my identification and any allergies etc etc etc
19/Jan/20 5:35 PM
All! Home from our Bali holiday! It’s always sad to say goodbye to our friends, but lovely to be home to sleep in our own bed.

I hope your feeling better Sarah. Sounds like you’ve done a very thorough job of incapacitating yourself.

And what a lovely surprise to solve today’s puzzle and see my husband, son and grandson too! Xxx
19/Jan/20 11:06 PM
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