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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Nov/12 3:36 AM
Yikes! Almost got in Hal's way!
19/Nov/12 3:37 AM
19/Nov/12 3:37 AM
Kathy, I just noticed that my Avatar and Smilie pending messages have changed back to 'You have no ...' messages, but the ones I had pending don't show. I know this is important to you. Have you heard anything from Gath?
19/Nov/12 3:48 AM
I have the same situation like you, Keith. I keep hoping they'll show. I figure you told Gath, I won't.
19/Nov/12 4:20 AM
No, I haven't emailed Gath about it, because I knew others already had. Maybe I should.
19/Nov/12 4:21 AM
Good one , Kate. Nice change having a cartoon for the jigsaw.
19/Nov/12 4:23 AM
Lizzy G, my friend is both old and long-time. We worked together back in the mid 80's - (does that constitute ''long-time''?) - and still get together 2-3 times a year either when I'm in Fla, or when he gets to the NC mountains. His wife is presently in VietNam visiting family, so he decided to spend a few days here.
19/Nov/12 4:34 AM

Thanks for the explanation Captain J, I sort of thought as much after I posted and 30+ years of friendship is a long time and often the most enduring...I'm sure you will enjoy your time together this visit and may there be many more visits to come.
19/Nov/12 5:14 AM
That napkin hits a sore spot in me!!!
19/Nov/12 5:27 AM
I contacted Gath quite awhile ago about submitted smilies and avatars not showing up. I haven't heard anything from him about solving the problem. I think you should go ahead and contact him about it. Maybe more squeaky wheels will get some action.
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19/Nov/12 5:40 AM
I contacted him once, too, Kathy, and heard nothing back. I, too, don't like paying for a service we don't get, but avatars are also not loading, and those are for everybody.
19/Nov/12 5:59 AM
I've been trying to submit a new avatar since my return also. I kinda want to get my face off of there. I see it enough in the mirror.
19/Nov/12 6:23 AM
But, but... You have such a great smile, Serena.
19/Nov/12 6:29 AM
Dorthea, Just for the record - For news I have bookmarks for Fox, Yahoo, Al Jazeera, BBC and The Telegraph (in Sydney). I do read both sides, then after considering the source, make up my own mind...
19/Nov/12 6:37 AM
Morning all,knew there was a reason I didn't go swimming as much these days.lol
19/Nov/12 6:43 AM
Kathy and Mama, hope you both feel better soon.
19/Nov/12 6:47 AM
Later All Y'all, I have to make a 50 mile rt drive to return the 'ladies pants' I bought day before yesterday. Normally I would wait for a regular town run day, but the store, where I bought them is running a veterans appreciation discount that ends tomorrow...
19/Nov/12 6:47 AM
WOW! Amelia is a quick change artist.
19/Nov/12 6:49 AM
HalT - Flattery will get you chocolate chip cookies. We're making them as soon as Azariah wakes up.
19/Nov/12 6:54 AM
everyone. I'm glad I took up swimming this year before I saw today's pic, or I may have chickened out!
19/Nov/12 6:58 AM

On November 18, 1883, the United States and Canada adopted a system of Standard Time zones.

Now it would be great if they just left them alone!
19/Nov/12 6:58 AM
19/Nov/12 7:21 AM
It's going to get pretty steamy here today. After all that rain we are expecting 33 deg C.
The 'Phew-meter' will be on Sauna.
19/Nov/12 7:33 AM
A bit slow this morning - 2:13. Hi all.
19/Nov/12 7:39 AM
Awww Jerry, not into cross dressing eh?
19/Nov/12 7:40 AM
He misses his fly. Reminds me of a movie.
19/Nov/12 7:51 AM
Email sent to Gath about Smilies and Avatars.
19/Nov/12 7:52 AM
Are you both home yet?
19/Nov/12 7:54 AM
Chris, thanks for explaining about unchecking 'Clicking the playing grid places the current number.' I'd never done that before, and like the way it works ... didn't make me any faster, but I don't try to do them fast anyway.
19/Nov/12 7:56 AM
Hi Ray. Yes, we've been back a few days. Have you checked out my dim Northern Lights picture on my page. Thanks for your advice about the Northern Lights, and the Norway trip in genera. It was very helpful. What an enjoyable cruise ... except for the prices.
19/Nov/12 7:58 AM
Was the site down except for ShoSho this morning. She was the only one posting for nearly an hour.
19/Nov/12 8:04 AM
Good morning.
19/Nov/12 8:14 AM
I chuckled when I read DotCom's words of wosdom this morning. (See page 1)
19/Nov/12 8:15 AM
Accordong to Peter, that would be my life philosophy.
19/Nov/12 8:16 AM
19/Nov/12 8:16 AM
Phanty picks on me too!
19/Nov/12 8:16 AM
Oh well, I'll just have to put on my big girl's panties and get over it.
19/Nov/12 8:20 AM
Bit grey outside today.
19/Nov/12 8:20 AM
Never mind, I have only oindoor activities planned for the day.
19/Nov/12 8:21 AM
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