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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Can I really be first this late in the day??? all.
19/Feb/15 8:36 AM
At last, we're in !!!!
19/Feb/15 8:36 AM
It's not late in the day, Hal, it's 10.36am
19/Feb/15 8:38 AM
Yep, guess I can.
19/Feb/15 8:38 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the problems this morning. My fault as usual! Hope you all have a great day.

19/Feb/15 8:41 AM
Mads, normally, any post after 12:05AM is late.
19/Feb/15 8:41 AM
Good morning.
19/Feb/15 8:48 AM
Started trying to check in here about 0515.
19/Feb/15 8:49 AM
Oops, that one was for shosho.
19/Feb/15 8:50 AM
Saw on FB that everyone else couldn't log in either,
19/Feb/15 8:50 AM
That reassured me it wsn't my computer. Is this Anne's number?
19/Feb/15 8:51 AM
Gath, for fixing the redirect loop on today's Easy. Keith helped us figure out a way to get to the other Sudoku puzzles.
19/Feb/15 8:53 AM
19/Feb/15 8:54 AM
Nice to see the site back. Now to work the puzzle. Thanks Gath!
19/Feb/15 9:05 AM
, y'all! And thanks, Gath... I was going into withdrawals....
19/Feb/15 9:06 AM
2:34 - a little slow on the start, but lovely roses!
19/Feb/15 9:09 AM
Back from the dentist and now able to do the easy puzzle. I did the other puzzles earlier and there are lots of comments on Medium. (Those that made it through to there)
19/Feb/15 9:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! A welcome back to the site bouquet of roses. How nice.
19/Feb/15 9:15 AM
Silvergal and others. I will have a puzzle ready to post Saturday morning (my time), Sunday morning site time.
19/Feb/15 9:17 AM
We're back!

I'm going to post the poozle from yesterday again.....I only have one answer. Did I stump everyone else? That would be a first.
One more chance, people!

What is missing from this list?
19/Feb/15 9:31 AM
Where's Keith?
19/Feb/15 9:31 AM
19/Feb/15 9:32 AM
19/Feb/15 9:32 AM
Looking forward to it, Greg!
I'll clear my weekend.
19/Feb/15 9:32 AM
Had to post 22 without a smilie, thought Kathy might beat me to it!
19/Feb/15 9:33 AM
There she is!
19/Feb/15 9:33 AM
I'm off.
19/Feb/15 9:34 AM
I was waiting for Keith and look who showed up!
19/Feb/15 9:34 AM
Like a piece of old cheese is Mr P's usual rejoinder to that.
19/Feb/15 9:35 AM
Rude, isn't he?

Hi Kathy. 22 is a favourite number of mine too. Don't often get it, or even a chance for it since I stopped working nights.
19/Feb/15 9:36 AM
Well, I'm glad you made it, CP!
19/Feb/15 9:37 AM
I can't figure your poozle out, Kathy, hence no answer.
19/Feb/15 9:38 AM
Whoopee - we're back in business! Thanks, Gath! It was soooo lonely without the chatter!
19/Feb/15 9:38 AM
I was about to wander into the kitchen and see what I can come up with for dinner....I'm glad I stopped by here first!
19/Feb/15 9:39 AM
Hmmm. Let's see....a bit of a hint, poozle-wise.....
''One for the money''
19/Feb/15 9:43 AM
The site is back
19/Feb/15 9:43 AM
Thanks Gath!
19/Feb/15 9:44 AM
Good morning everyone - hope you have a great day!
19/Feb/15 9:44 AM
I was up early 7am, tried to sign on then. Went to have a nerve block. Came back home and still no joy. Did some much needed cleaning, started dinner, decided to check again/
19/Feb/15 9:48 AM
we are so close
19/Feb/15 9:50 AM
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