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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:11 Lovely photo and beautiful clouds.
19/Feb/16 12:13 AM
19/Feb/16 12:28 AM
Hello Anne & Keith!
Have a great day/night, everyone!
19/Feb/16 12:35 AM
one and all.

Sad to say its good to be back at work, dont need a repeat of last week!!
19/Feb/16 12:59 AM
is it two trees or one split by lightening?
19/Feb/16 1:14 AM
Good morning Anne, Keith, Shiela, and welcome back Lizzy!
19/Feb/16 1:33 AM
Oh, and hello to those who make it here today...
19/Feb/16 1:34 AM
Don't know about that tree, Lizzy, but I had to look up the word 'caldera'.
19/Feb/16 1:35 AM
We need details, Lizzy, about your horrible week away from work!
19/Feb/16 1:37 AM
Where are all the insomniacs?
19/Feb/16 1:38 AM
Hello, all. Sunny here, and c-c-c-old.
19/Feb/16 2:04 AM
You are not alone, Joyce. I looked up ''caldera'', too.
19/Feb/16 2:18 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: LEMON

I am SO excited! The truck has been idle for SO long! Winners, Judy, Shiela, CP, Greg, lonewoof, Aileen, Joyce, Amelia, Chris!, Jeanne, Wombat, Mads, and Sarah need to clear their driveways! The guano dump is on its way! BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,
19/Feb/16 2:28 AM
19/Feb/16 2:34 AM
Oy vey, hubby's at it again! He's been doing things that the pt hasn't started with him and continually surprises his pt with new tricks! Yesterday he discarded one crutch and has decided that this was better because now he can carry things to his studio! ARGH! Like a big tray with breakfast!
19/Feb/16 2:36 AM
So...Kathy, how much do you need to SPEND to save on your energy costs over your life time??
19/Feb/16 2:37 AM
The other day he tried to show off that he could stand without his crutches and tried to swing them around like a gunslinger and nearly clobbered a poor fellow who was walking behind him! Oh my aching head!
19/Feb/16 2:38 AM
I'll go to the medium and let Keith gallump to his 22!
19/Feb/16 2:39 AM
Well, Shosho, speaking from experience: it's a relief to be independent. I had a huge bag with all my 'essential needs' so I could heft it around with me. Don't think I ever perfected a breakfast tray, though - 3 cheers to Mr. Shosho!!
19/Feb/16 2:41 AM
....and I'll help him along......
19/Feb/16 2:42 AM
beautiful sunny & warm day here in OK
19/Feb/16 2:48 AM
Keith has had his chance.
19/Feb/16 2:54 AM
19/Feb/16 2:55 AM
Good morning to all! Sunny and c-c-cold here too Cathy!
19/Feb/16 3:04 AM
Kathy, better hang on to that load of guano for awhile. The streets still have to much snow of them for that truck to traverse!
19/Feb/16 3:07 AM

Wonderful sunny day here. Hope it lasts!
19/Feb/16 3:19 AM
Add me to the caldera lookup club.
19/Feb/16 3:22 AM
The following two 4x4 grids each contain a 12-letter word. Each word is formed by a chain of letters. A word can begin with any of the letters. The second letter of a word is adjacent (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to the first letter, the third letter is adjacent to the second, More...
19/Feb/16 3:32 AM
It's a good thing I proofread that before posting. I almost gave you the answers.
19/Feb/16 3:33 AM
CG, Your photo of the Canadian Black Bear is on Hard today ...along with your humorous caption!
19/Feb/16 3:38 AM
I think you members of the 'Caldera lookup Club' are mean not to share!!
19/Feb/16 4:37 AM
bluey - It's for your (their) own good. Ya remember better if you have to 'work for it'.
19/Feb/16 4:57 AM
DorA, that is so true!!
19/Feb/16 5:08 AM
Thanks Joyce! I posted that picture years ago, and I think it's the first time it ever showed up on the site.
19/Feb/16 5:39 AM
If you've ever visited Yellowstone National Park, you learn what a 'caldera' is! A huge portion of Yellowstone is a gigantic caldera! It seems to be rising up annually. Makes one wonder...
19/Feb/16 5:55 AM
Morning all,looks like I'll be joining the Caldera look up Club. Nice picture
19/Feb/16 6:05 AM
So far, Joyce, we are looking into blown in insulation in the attic as opposed to the batting type we have. We will be getting estimates to see how much ''spending'' we will have to do. Another problem area was the fireplace. Evidently, it needs new caulking. Hubby says he can do that More...
19/Feb/16 6:12 AM
I hope you were using a zoom lens while taking that photo, Greg. Wouldn't want you to end up like the dog and cat.
19/Feb/16 6:27 AM
Amazing what you can learn on this site !
19/Feb/16 6:29 AM
19/Feb/16 6:29 AM
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