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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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How do you go so fast? Is there a trick to which options to have turned on? I allow the regular default...allow incorrect moves, click on the number to enter, etc. and my fastest is about 2 mins slower on average. Help!
You wouldn't like the top of the Eiffel Tower then. When you are in the last lift, there doesn't seem much supporting you. A magnificent view tho. Well worth the wait in line just to buy the tickets. Funny place Paris, lots of square trees and I mean huge trees pruned square.
dabi - really you don't need any help. Why worry about a thing so insignificant as time? Enjoy the journey.
In someone's famous words - I'll be bark.
Gotta take the missus to work.
Cracked 2 minutes (1:55). Yay.
2:36 - my personal best :)
Algy saw the bear
The bear saw Algy
The bear was bulgy
The bulge was Algy

(Another childhood rhyme)
the thing is, beehive doesn't seem old enough to be married; just read some of his postings. But you mustn't be afaid son, I'm sure she would look after the car real bonzer if she took it, and brought it back in one piece natch.
Yes, I thought he was just a very bored strip of a lad
well I never, just slipt off for a glass of iced merlot, and kKUM bakk to this news, wedded and bedded you say?
ITS 12 noon here...some nice bird to look at
but the fella looks a bit crosed!!!!may be 'coz of the following statement
Sign on the Olympic stadium in China:
Good to see Beehive berating all and properly supporting his member. Keep up the beatings all! Now for a glass of Colonel Mustard's Industrial Grade Merlotte Alimentare 1969. Ghhhhargle.....slurp! Yes you can enjoy each glass twice.
Oi, KRP, lay off MY merlot!
5:48... sleepy... watching football last night, Barca vs AC Milan.
Now don't be greedy lad, just because your flooded in theres no need for others to suffer.Let me see now '69 if only
Yes we're all turning into fat b.s.t.a.r.d.s are we not?
Great colouful parrot, great day had by all!
define laughing stock
Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humor.
what is originality
Originality is the art of concealing your sources.
Evolution of a frustrated wife

I’ve changed my system for labeling home-made freezer meals. I used to carefully note in large clear letters, 'Meatloaf' or 'Pot Roast' or 'Steak and Vegetables or 'Chicken and Dumplings' or 'Beef Pot Pie.' However, I used to get very frustrated when I asked More...
get the lazy so and so to cook something for you for a change
Are you coming back online Anu? I'm back from town.
Are you from India, the subcontinent or India...
somewhere in USA? Just seemed strange fare to be eating in the first continent
Hi Mary Kew, Anu is from the subcontinent, and lives in Chennai. I think you missed the point. That was a joke.
well you neednt have to be eating all what you post here mary!!!!
1.My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn't.
2.I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.
3.I Work More...
Sarah for the first time that bought a to my face. First time using these silly smileys that is.
The moral of the story in the math question is, Mind your own business. Such questions are often used in Business Maths and or Book-keeping. One only needs to worry about his/her own books not others'
Maybe there should be a cathegory named controversial or political.
Lost my faith in mankind again after hearing president Bush threatening to nuke Iran. As if it wasn't enough to war Irak. I really don't get it. Think nucklear weapons should be destroyed all over the world. But tell me, if More...
Oh Sarah,
if I'd been sitting in my chair in front of the computer, I probably would have fallen out of it, prostate with laughter (could you say this, all grammar experts?). Happily, my beloved cat has stolen it from me, so I'm not in any mortal danger from hearing those marvelous jokes.
Sarah, I like your Bumper Stickers too! Please keep em coming
Ah fur goodness sakes, Hugh from Camberra was right early on today. It's a King Parrot. Commonish almost all the way down the eastern seaboard of australia. (including our back yard). I do like the idea of the norweigan blue though. Far more comedy potential.

Come on John Cleese, put us out of our misery and do the whole skit for us!
Oi thought you had baddie tonight?
That email is on its way Anne. Have a laugh. Its a beauty.
Yes I certainly did miss the point of that joke, was it an Irish one. or just ap's explanation
Beehive, I noticed that smiley, and I am now watching you - carefully!
Sorry mate it was a moment of madness. Wont happen again. Promise.
Don't believe everything you hear or anything you say
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