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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Could I be first?
19/Jul/15 12:01 AM
It's 10 AM here.
19/Jul/15 12:02 AM
Zoe is a pretty kitty.
19/Jul/15 12:03 AM

1) tan + go = tango.
2) ad + dress = address.
3) car + pet = carpet.
4) sea + son = season.
5) pop + corn = popcorn.

In the today we have Judy, Kathy, HalT, Silvergal, More...
19/Jul/15 12:11 AM
19/Jul/15 12:13 AM
Zoe is lovely. Is she a chatty calico?
19/Jul/15 12:26 AM

Yay! I have updated the travel plans for Australia next year. Unfortunately, the calendar format I used cannot be posted here. If you would like a copy, please let me know and I'll send it via e-mail. If I don't have your e-mail address, you can send it to me via Private Message.

Sacky More...
19/Jul/15 12:42 AM
19/Jul/15 1:54 AM
19/Jul/15 1:55 AM
I don't remember any members from Mill Valley.
19/Jul/15 2:33 AM
good morning.
19/Jul/15 2:54 AM
Another early rise for me.
19/Jul/15 2:56 AM
Although I have been avoiding getting on the pooter...
19/Jul/15 2:57 AM
and opting to read a book intead.
19/Jul/15 2:58 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hello Zoe.
19/Jul/15 3:00 AM
Sorry, Keith - too far to go gallumping yet.
19/Jul/15 3:00 AM
Forgot to send my answers to Serena yesterday! My bad!!
19/Jul/15 3:01 AM
, y'all! Making homemade fries for a mid-day dinner, and taking a few minutes while they bake.
19/Jul/15 4:20 AM
Good time to get in the Weekend Rebus! Below are 10 fairly common phrases presented in unconventional ways. Decipher them, and send the answers to my 'A Rebus Beyond' inbox. Answers and winners in two days!



19/Jul/15 4:25 AM
Well I'll gallump.....
19/Jul/15 4:38 AM
19/Jul/15 4:39 AM
19/Jul/15 4:39 AM
19/Jul/15 4:39 AM

For Keith!
19/Jul/15 4:40 AM
Beautiful kitty today. You are a real sweetie , Zoe.
19/Jul/15 5:05 AM

Im sure Keith will enjoy your offerings Greg
19/Jul/15 5:28 AM
Morning all, a bashful Zoe.
19/Jul/15 6:08 AM
Parts of our state are getting snow all we are getting is rain and icy winds.😔
19/Jul/15 6:15 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
19/Jul/15 8:23 AM
OMG!!! It's raining here in LA!!! We don't get rain during summer and fall!!! What's happening? Took my brother and his younger daughter to Umami Burger and it was pouring when we were leaving! A three block walk to my car! We ran and, would you know it, I slipped and fell on my side. Oh the ignominy of it!!! Now I was fully drenched!
19/Jul/15 8:55 AM
Oh but the hamburger I ate was worth the trip!!! With truffle aioli and caramelized onion! And then I had maple bacon fries and tempura onion rings with it! Golly my mouth was in paradise!
19/Jul/15 8:58 AM

Strange weather going on in lots of locations. Shosho getting rain; heat and humidity in my area; cold and snow in parts of Oz. Hopefully, everyone stays safe.
19/Jul/15 9:49 AM
Sun is shining. I hope it is like that for the rest of the day.
19/Jul/15 10:27 AM
We are home, almost 4 thousand miles later.
19/Jul/15 11:05 AM

June, would you mind sending a little of that sunshine about an hour north of your place. Its cold and overcast here and spitting rain.
19/Jul/15 11:10 AM

Shosho, hopefully it was only your pride that was damaged in the fall cant have any more sudoko puzzlers in hospital because of falls.
19/Jul/15 11:12 AM

No matter how good the trip was there's no place like home hey Sue
19/Jul/15 11:13 AM
Good to be back in Oklahoma. It was only 93F when we got home this evening.
19/Jul/15 11:13 AM
Welcome home, Sue.
19/Jul/15 11:15 AM
Hmmm, bottom of the page.
19/Jul/15 11:16 AM
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