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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning...from Eastern Standard Time, US.

Looks like I might show up an hour early for church.

02/Nov/09 12:00 AM

Or was that an hour late?

02/Nov/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning, Ian (and anyone else who is around)
02/Nov/09 12:16 AM
Outside, there is a 60mph gale driving heavy rain.
02/Nov/09 12:17 AM
As promised, I have posted this year's Halloween Jack O'Lanterns for your review.
In the next few days I will get back to posting my more standard fare of birds and Florida scenes. Now that there are more than 250 photos in my gallery, I was considering removing the ones which had failed to garner comment or seemed redundant, like some of the Washington DC pics.
Whatch y'all think?
02/Nov/09 12:19 AM
Are they taking up storage space or something Jim? If not, keep them all because they all meant enough to you to post them in the first place. IMHO
02/Nov/09 12:32 AM
I agree with Gail.
02/Nov/09 1:08 AM
02/Nov/09 1:15 AM
Jim, I don't often look at people's personal pages and/or pictures, but when I do, I only occasionally post comments about the pictures. So it may be that others are enjoying your pics, but silently. Piclurkers?
02/Nov/09 1:19 AM
I like your DC pictures, Jim.
02/Nov/09 1:37 AM
Do we have a quorum yet, Jim?
02/Nov/09 1:44 AM
I believe quorum season starts in two weeks, Judy. For the first two weeks of November one can only look for quotas.
02/Nov/09 1:48 AM
What Quotas? A Quorum..? I guess I missed something while I was not feeling well.
02/Nov/09 1:55 AM
Is there a opposite word for fortune teller??
If so will it be er, misfortune teller??
02/Nov/09 1:56 AM
Glinda.... I am often a piclurker.
02/Nov/09 2:01 AM
Happy November 1st everyone. I woke up today...


One whole year since I quit smoking. I still miss it every single day.
02/Nov/09 2:03 AM
appy The Gods gave the Princess of Troy the gift of Prophesy, then one of them cursed her by making sure no one would believe her. I think her name was Cassandra. Anyway she was the false prophet.
02/Nov/09 2:03 AM
Angie Good for you. I quit 45 years ago, and hated it for at least a year. Even now if someone else is smoking a remember how nice it felt to suck on something.
02/Nov/09 2:06 AM
Well I'm off Back to bed and my heating pad.
02/Nov/09 2:20 AM

Good to see you posting, Dorthea. Hope the heating pad brings some relief from the pain.
Jim, I like the D.C. pics, too. I enjoy going to your page and looking at the photos, I wouldn't delete any.
02/Nov/09 2:41 AM
02/Nov/09 2:48 AM
02/Nov/09 2:49 AM
I like all your pictures, Jim
02/Nov/09 2:56 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle:

Con grats to Plum, Mo, Shiela, June, Greg, and Judy (Two days in a row! She's on a roll!
02/Nov/09 3:04 AM
Angie, Dorthea echoed my experience as well, except I haven't been quit as long as she has. Stick with it and congratulations.
02/Nov/09 3:12 AM
Okay, back to being crabby.

Here's a math puzzle for your enjoyment. (Do I hear applause from the West Coast?)

A monk has a very specific ritual for climbing up the steps to the temple. First he climbs up to the middle step and meditates for 1 minute. Then he climbs up 8 More...
02/Nov/09 3:23 AM
3:0?. Hi to all. Sunshine here today, but sadly no rainbow.

Thought for the Day:

"If you hit a midget on the head with a stick, he turns into 40 gold coins."

I told Fred to put the stick down and try on his faery costume ready for Christmas...I'm only little but More...
02/Nov/09 3:27 AM
Jim, the piccys are really good. You have a fine eye for capturing the moment. Your photograpy reminds me of Nal's.
02/Nov/09 3:30 AM
everyone. Hope all the U.S.A.ers (well maybe not all?) enjoyed their extra hour of sleep last night.

Angie - congrats on your strong will power to get through a year of no smoking! Good onya! You did yourself & your kids a BIG favor.
02/Nov/09 3:31 AM

A young guy was feeling ill, so he asked a friend to recommend an internist. “I know a great one,” his friend said, “but he’s very expensive. He charges $400 for the first visit and $100 for each visit after that.”
The guy went to see the doctor. Trying to save money, he greeted the doctor More...
02/Nov/09 3:42 AM
Good morning (yesterday this would have been afternoon) to all! Okay, besides Kathy in Maryland, how many other people ate left-over Halloween candy for breakfast?
02/Nov/09 3:52 AM
Jim, I think you should get rid of all your pictures. Maybe you should also consider getting rid of your camera (I'll offer $20.00). In fact, maybe you should get another hobby... maybe knitting. (Sorry, I just had to voice the opposite opinion to everyone else just to make you feel better!)
02/Nov/09 3:57 AM
Alternate TFTD: If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked and dry cleaners depressed?
02/Nov/09 3:58 AM
Ian, Re: your 31/Oct/09 9:43 AM post - Well said!
02/Nov/09 4:09 AM
Happy Sunday!
CG is in fine form today!
Angie: for a whole year--you are doing a good thing not lighting up.
...and I confess to being a piclurker as well...
02/Nov/09 4:14 AM

Just for you Harry Nilsson lovers.....
02/Nov/09 4:58 AM
CG: You should be ashamed! What a strategy for trying to buy a wonderful camera at a knock-down price - and to try to sell your knitting machines.
02/Nov/09 5:18 AM
All Americans should watch this...


I wouldn't be surprised to see it pulled...

02/Nov/09 5:23 AM
Angie, Good on ya - smoking cessation. Among the other advantages, consider the "effective pay raise" you gave yourself... (how many cartons a week x the current price - for a year)
02/Nov/09 5:27 AM
For some that figure would buy a RT to oz...
02/Nov/09 5:28 AM
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