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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Nov/16 4:03 PM
Off to bed I go
02/Nov/16 4:04 PM
Great baseball game, with a 9-2 score more like US football. Although having lived in Cleveland, I sort of want their team to win, but if the Cubs win it will be 40 years more amazing.
02/Nov/16 4:27 PM
Major grammar errors in that last sentence! My editor must have gone to sleep before I got into bed.
02/Nov/16 4:28 PM
While it does not have the prestige of winning the Melbourne Cup (congratulations Hal, Kathy and CynB) the ten people who attempted the EO puzzle all got 13/13. They were CynB, Judy, Joyce, Hal, Sarah, Aileen, Mads, Amelia, Anne and Kathy. You might be surprised to note that all of the sweepstake More...
02/Nov/16 4:29 PM
Lizzie thanks for caring enough to comment.
Personally I do not think that crying or grieving for someone that was important in your life as being 'glum'.
I think it's very unhealthy to bottle up grief and not express it but then I know that many people don't think the same way.

We celebrated his life and sent him off in style.
He will always be in our hearts.
02/Nov/16 4:56 PM
A (((hug)))for Bean.
02/Nov/16 7:00 PM
Bugger, Wombat, did your poozle mentally and didn't get to put it on paper.

Then forgot.
02/Nov/16 7:01 PM
1:41 Good afternoon one and all!
02/Nov/16 7:08 PM
02/Nov/16 7:41 PM
Evening Anne, Mr Cee.
02/Nov/16 7:51 PM
Hello Peter and Mr Cee! Haven't seen you around much lately, Mr Cee.
02/Nov/16 7:58 PM

Lurk sometimes but been busy and TOS takes over.
02/Nov/16 8:12 PM
Mate, how ya been?

Gotta see the doc tomorrow morning and get the rest of my stitches out.

Keep getting these squamous cell carcinomas growing on my legs. That's three this year. If this keeps up I won't have much leg left for them to grow on.
02/Nov/16 8:25 PM
Tired mate. Old age is catching up fast. Just can't do what I used to be able too. Think maybe I had better loose some weight at least.

Not good with the legs. Hope they have got them all out now.
02/Nov/16 8:38 PM
Sounds like we're all catching that thing fast, Mr Cee.
Hope all goes well at the doc's, Peter.
02/Nov/16 8:42 PM
Very true Anne.
If you do come to QLD we must try and catch up.
02/Nov/16 8:45 PM
I'm hoping to make the trip next year and catch up with as many people as I can.
02/Nov/16 8:46 PM
We should be around. Going t0 the States again around April. Otherwise here or in Nowra near Sydney.
02/Nov/16 8:49 PM
CynB and others suggested a bit later in the season so I'll probably work around that. The only weather I don't like is humid weather so I'll try to avoid that.
02/Nov/16 8:54 PM
August to Now then. Otherwise you gonna die.
02/Nov/16 8:55 PM
Sounds good to me but it's such a long way off. Although at our age it always goes quickly.
02/Nov/16 8:59 PM
02/Nov/16 9:06 PM
02/Nov/16 9:09 PM
Eight o'clock and you're going to bed!!!
Six o'clock and I'm just about to have my tea.
Nine o'clock and Peter's disappeared.
02/Nov/16 9:25 PM
No I'm still here but fading fast.........
02/Nov/16 9:31 PM
I'm still lurking but also starting to fade. I usually have about another 3 hours in me but since I have started back swimming every morning, my eyes just want to call it quits around 9:30pm (usually by 9:30 am but I can't give in to them at that time of day )
03/Nov/16 10:40 PM
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