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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Since I am all alone
02/Dec/12 2:49 AM
Later, I hope
02/Dec/12 2:49 AM

I get so carried away reading everyones comments that, like today, I have forgotten to do the puzzle!!! Off i go to attend to that small detail.

Have a good day all
02/Dec/12 3:13 AM
Australia may have infinitely more colorful and interesting birds, but we have more mammalian diversity and larger ungulates. Bison, elk, moose, antelope, deer, sheep and goats are all native here. The difference is in native predators. In Oz, the colorful birds had a chance to develop from lack More...
02/Dec/12 3:14 AM
''I'm late, I'm late.....''

Sorry, the phone's been ringing off the hook this morning. Or, in my case, playing a tune on the table.

02/Dec/12 3:24 AM
Truly beautiful birds those lorikeets. Nice to have them in your back yard.
02/Dec/12 3:29 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: Going through the motions.
(I also accepted ''in all directions'' and ''every which way'', or parts there of)

Speaking of motions, winners, HalT, Heidi, and Grass-hopper will be taking a class on with More...
02/Dec/12 3:38 AM
I put out a bird feeder a week or so ago. It hasn't been discovered, yet...
02/Dec/12 3:54 AM
And for today......

Find the names of ten fish by adding one of the given letters to each word and rearranging the letters. Each letter will be used only once.


1. Nut + ? =
2. Tour + ? =
3. Prickle + ? =
4. Floured + ? =
5. Mason + ? =
6. More...
02/Dec/12 4:02 AM

Only 62deg F at 9:03am, expecting a high of 68 and cloudy...
02/Dec/12 4:04 AM
02/Dec/12 4:09 AM
Overcast, but warm here. Probably a good day to hit the garage and repair what the cats have done.
02/Dec/12 4:10 AM
Jerry - sometimes you have to put another feeder out farther, to sort of give the birds a place they feel safer, yet it 'leads' them to the closer feeder over time.
02/Dec/12 4:35 AM
people of Sudokuland. I think I have just now decided who is my new favorite author - Barbara Kingsolver. I previously read The Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven & this week finished The Lacuna, one of the most thought provoking & insightful books I have ever read. I have put a More...
02/Dec/12 4:38 AM
shosho - I sympathize with your thyroid problems & biopsy. Our youngest daughter Kyley has gone through them & had to have surgery to remove some nodes which luckily were benign. She has had to continue with daily meds & still struggles to get the right levels, especially now that she is pregnant. More...
02/Dec/12 4:48 AM
Those are some bright birds.
02/Dec/12 5:06 AM
Daplap, I knew that, BUT, impatient person that I am, I was hoping for instant results... They do feed off the ground in the area, frequently, closer to the tt than the feeder. I'd thought of moving the feeder to a location closer to the surrounding trees, then, after it's ''discovered'', gradually moving it closer...
02/Dec/12 5:13 AM
The photo was taken in a caravan park at Arrawarra, a small place on the coast of NSW, up near Grafton. It was a bird-watchers' paradise. The owners turned on a BBQ to welcome us. We were participating in a Probus caravan trip to Grafton to see the Jacaranda Festival
02/Dec/12 5:39 AM
Please insert a '.' after Festival (or Keith and Shosho will come after me).
02/Dec/12 5:41 AM
Typical Fall weather for western Washington state...showers, now and again.
02/Dec/12 5:51 AM
Is it just me or is the parent's page not working?
02/Dec/12 6:03 AM
Morning all,my daughter has about fifty of these turn up for a feed at her back door.
02/Dec/12 6:46 AM
We had a spectacular storm last night, love watching the lightening.
02/Dec/12 6:56 AM

Those colourings are actually highly effective camouflage. The flowers they feed upon are very brightly coloured on a background of green. (eg Grevilea) We get a lot of parrots here, & it is not their colourings that give them away, it's the NOISE!
02/Dec/12 7:49 AM
Huh? Ian? I'm still groggy from oversleeping last night. . . And now I'm having a leftover lunch (turkey, stuffing and gravy, I know 2 weeks ago!) which will probably get me sleepy again.
02/Dec/12 7:49 AM
Kathy, by the look of Kyley, she recovered beautifully! But she's young and I am a LOL!
02/Dec/12 7:52 AM
G-h I have to admit that as gorgeous as your wildlife birds are, they are noisy little critters! My budgerigar can give me a headache with her 'chirping'! Screaming more likely!
02/Dec/12 7:54 AM
Sue, I'm jealous. It's 29 right now.
02/Dec/12 7:57 AM
Shall I go for a CP?
02/Dec/12 8:01 AM
Nope I guess not!
02/Dec/12 8:02 AM
Kathy, I just showed Lynne your comment about Barbara Kingsolver. She had already read several books, liked Prodigal Summer, but was not impressed by Pigs in Heaven or The Bean Tree. To each his own.
02/Dec/12 8:15 AM
Parents Page is working fine for me.
02/Dec/12 8:17 AM
Ian, I got so tired of proofreading student writing because of 33 years of teaching English, that I cheerfully ignore typos and such. No Grammar Nazi here.
02/Dec/12 8:23 AM
It started working for me too. I swear it was broken earlier. Really.
02/Dec/12 8:26 AM
I make calendars for the kid's grandparents, aunts and uncle for Christmas each year. The site I use is infuriatingly slow. I keep coming back here to keep tabs on my sanity.
02/Dec/12 8:29 AM
Perhaps you have a graphics processing program right on your computer that will do that. For example, Microsoft Picture it! 10 has a calendar feature under projects. It is part of my Microsoft Works Suite.
02/Dec/12 8:54 AM
Hello people of sudoku!!
02/Dec/12 9:05 AM
Our 2 day heatwave seems to have dissipated! Won't hold my breath though - it's still only just after 9am!
The birds are very happy, too. Lots of singing & chorusing happening outside! They were singing in the rain at 6.30am!
02/Dec/12 9:11 AM
love that photo. we would love to have more birds in our back yard but our stupid dog keeps chasing them away.
02/Dec/12 9:12 AM
Then I would have to print them and assemble them myself. There's also the fact that my printer is not a color printer. These come out very well made. I could compile and arrange the pictures manually and mail them in but I ran out of time for that creative endeavor.
02/Dec/12 9:16 AM
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