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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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As long as I'm here I might as well claim top.
02/Dec/12 9:16 AM
02/Dec/12 9:25 AM
Cooler here, too, today.
02/Dec/12 9:26 AM
No big plans for the day.
02/Dec/12 9:26 AM
At least I am not so wiped out as I was yesterday.
02/Dec/12 9:26 AM
Hi CP and Serena!
02/Dec/12 9:27 AM
Off to finish my cuppa, and then cook a brunch meal - too late to call it breakfast.
02/Dec/12 9:27 AM
Hi shosho.
02/Dec/12 9:27 AM
Little tour captain of car parks.
02/Dec/12 9:28 AM
And show-er of good Japanes restaurants....
02/Dec/12 9:29 AM

And who took me to the end of the world!
02/Dec/12 9:29 AM
My thyroids are very upset with me and they have not wasted an opportunity to let me know of their annoyance with me! Not really being painful but that nagging discomfort from the base of my head to my shoulders! So I'm not wiped out but I do feel like the rag that wiped everything clean!
02/Dec/12 9:30 AM
Well, you have to admit no one else would have shown you the expanse of our car parks!!! Impressive wasn't it??? By the time you heard me cursing we saw quite a bit!
02/Dec/12 9:31 AM
And okay the Restaurant at the End of the Universe was not that impressive but the view was great!
02/Dec/12 9:32 AM
02/Dec/12 9:34 AM
Since it was nice today, I went out to the garage and started cleaning it in preparation of organizing my stuff and separating it from TMs. (63 here right now, Serena. Sorry!) The first step is clearing away the leaves and dirt that get blown in. Then picking up what the cats have knocked over when attempting to claim it as their own. I got about halfway done when I felt a break was in order.
02/Dec/12 9:38 AM
I have also done the dishes in the FPA, washed and folded one load of laundry and folded another load, and put them both away. I filed my unemployment claims. TM is spinning in circles cause he is so mad, he doesn't think I'm doing anything. Everytime he checks on me, I'm on the computer....well More...
02/Dec/12 9:41 AM
Frozen pizza for supper, then I think I'll run the sucky thing when the football game is on.
02/Dec/12 9:42 AM
My cold is a lot better, but still don't have my usual stamina.
02/Dec/12 9:43 AM
02/Dec/12 9:43 AM
The calendars are uploaded, submitted, and paid for. Now that that insanity is over, I'm walking away from the computer for a long time.
02/Dec/12 9:43 AM
Now I have CP'd and LOL'd. Off to TOS.
02/Dec/12 9:44 AM
That's okay Sarah Beth. I figure that I get weather payback when the rest of the country is in triple digits and we are still in the 80's.
02/Dec/12 9:45 AM
I find Heidi's comment about why there are so many brightly-coloured bird species in Oz intriguing.
It may be true, but it takes a lot of evaluating.
Such as - Oz hasn't always been like it is now and its parrots originate from some time ago. Birds, because they fly, may be rather immune from More...
02/Dec/12 10:08 AM
* xx them xx
02/Dec/12 10:08 AM
The end of the world is supposed to be on 12/12/12.
If that is true, Oz will end first, then UK, then USA.
I am eating a lot of chocolates before 12/12/12.
I'm not waiting for Christmas - which my never come.
[that's better!]
02/Dec/12 10:13 AM
* which may
[I'm all thumbs today]
02/Dec/12 10:13 AM
[and no teeth]
02/Dec/12 10:14 AM
2:17, slow this morning. It's going to be a busy day today. I've had my run (10km today which, like my time on this puzzle, was a little slower than normal) and I've watered the vege garden, lemon and orange trees and I've just had my breakfast. Next cab off the rank will be the kitchen, followed More...
02/Dec/12 10:20 AM
Oh Dear!
Chris has reminded me of the back log of work I need to do.
02/Dec/12 10:41 AM
Chris, after reading your post, I thing there was a misspelling. ''busy'' should have been BUSY!
02/Dec/12 10:42 AM
I watered the vegetables & pot plants last evening, about 6pm. It had rained a bit in the morning but then we had temps upto 35*C, so I decided to water, the temp had dropped to below 30, but it was still hot! Then it rained again overnight, so they probably would have survived by themselves! Never mind better to be safe than sorry!
02/Dec/12 10:43 AM
Good evening to all. It's nice to see those beautiful birds. It's also nice to be back as I have been without a computer for several days, but I have a new one now and can commuicate with the world again.
02/Dec/12 10:43 AM
I'm sure I've miised out on all kinds of news, but I'll try to catch up. I hope all on the site and their loved ones have been well.
02/Dec/12 10:45 AM
miised = missed.
02/Dec/12 10:51 AM
Kathy, I'm looking forward to reading Flight Behavior by Kingsolver.
02/Dec/12 11:07 AM
''POT PLANTS'', Kate?
02/Dec/12 11:11 AM
I'm sure you just wanted to see if anyone really reads the posts...
02/Dec/12 11:13 AM
02/Dec/12 11:21 AM
Hmmm, looks like I back in time to...
02/Dec/12 11:21 AM
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