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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Dec/12 11:22 AM
Lots of yard work today. This year's leaves are all turned in to mulch. And most of the pine needles are raked. Hope to finish that tomorrow.
02/Dec/12 11:28 AM
Good evening people of the world.
02/Dec/12 11:38 AM
National Pie Day
02/Dec/12 11:38 AM
We have returned, and I believe, I misled you on where we went. Sorry. We did not go on the Oriental Express, we went on the Polar Express. Had a wonderful time, even though one child gave it all she had to stay awake the whole time. Have to admit, rocking on that train, even with all the singing going on, I had trouble keeping my eyelids open.
02/Dec/12 11:41 AM
We spent most of the day at parks. One was where the train was, where my darlings happily, picked up pine cones, pine needles and a whole bunch of leaves, to bring home and put in our yard. Hummm, HalT, you worked so hard getting them out of your yard.
Next park, was a city park, where families More...
02/Dec/12 11:46 AM
Then we hit some antique shops. Man is looking for toy tin airplanes for Thing II. Who is an airplane fan. No luck. The experience of taking two young darlings into antique shops was something though.
02/Dec/12 11:49 AM
The 2 1/2 trip home was silent, with the exception of snoring and the radio. Thing II was out before we left Palestine. Man, actually let me drive, because he was yawning so much. I think it was because the direction we were driving, the sun was in our eyes the entire way home. Thing I, entertained herself with the activity bag all the way home.
02/Dec/12 11:52 AM
Karen, glad you had fun with the girls (I STILL can't bring myself to call them Things!). Were they already familiar with the book The Polar Express? I did wonder when you mentioned Oriental Express since that would be a VERY long trip!
02/Dec/12 12:15 PM
Keith, please tell Lynne that The Lacuna was very different from The Bean Trees & Pigs in Heaven. It's a historical novel & included many real people (Leon Trotsky, Diego Rivera, Freda Kahlo, & others) in addition to the fictional characters. The story had a lot more 'meat' to it than the others More...
02/Dec/12 12:22 PM
anne from vermont - please let me know how you like Flight Behavior. Do you have a favorite of other Kingsolver books? She sure covers a lot of different subject material!
02/Dec/12 12:25 PM
Kate actually admitted to raising Pot Plants?????

02/Dec/12 12:41 PM
Kathy, the girls love Polar Express and now believe it is real. Both, love saying, 'For the love of Mike.' Which of course, sounds like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

It was soooo, hard getting Man out of the gift shop. We are very familiar with the book and movie. M is can recite lines by heart, when she is reading on her own and of course, both can do the movie, line for line.
02/Dec/12 12:48 PM
There's an excursion train in our town that goes to a town on the coast and back. During this time of year, they also do a version of the Polar Express. When our grandsons were younger, we took them on it. It was obviously a very cool trip for young kids.
02/Dec/12 1:26 PM
Good one, Jerry!!!!!!
02/Dec/12 1:35 PM
They're very tasty pot plants too - lots of lettuce, rocket, chives........
02/Dec/12 1:39 PM
Sounds like you had a great time, Karen!
02/Dec/12 1:40 PM
Well, I would not say, just for the kids. It was great dressing in our PJ's and going out in public. Though I had some hot pants, which because of the weather, I just wore my PJ's top. Yes, I wore pants, just not my PJ pants, that were bright pink coverend in pequins. Man, wore his SpongeBob More...
02/Dec/12 1:40 PM
Off to a Christmas party soon! See you all tomorrow!
02/Dec/12 1:40 PM
Oh, ho-hum, Kate.

Grief, way too close to Christmas, to be telling such stories. The trip was great fun, and not rushed. Cannot believe we were only gone 24 hours.
02/Dec/12 1:43 PM
Going through the mail, I got my new calendar for next year. Now to flip through to see what kind of celebrations we will have.

May have to go avatar hunting again.
02/Dec/12 1:48 PM
It's getting late and I'm tired. See you all tomorrow.
02/Dec/12 2:31 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/Dec/12 3:04 PM
Hi, Kathy. I hope to get to it in a few weeks, and will let you know what I think. The only other Kingsolver book I'm familiar with is Bean Trees. I thought it was well written, but it wasn't my cuppa. I've heard very good things about Flight Behavior, though.
02/Dec/12 5:25 PM
you've also piqued my curiosity about Lacuna -- thanks. (Have you read FB yet?)
02/Dec/12 5:27 PM
03/Dec/12 6:28 AM
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