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Easy Sudoku for 2/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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and TOPPer...
02/May/13 4:03 AM
02/May/13 4:21 AM
It's another gorgeous day here. I love the sunshine. I keep telling people that I'm solar powered.
02/May/13 4:31 AM
good morning fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

Good one Serena, why didnt I think of that!!!
02/May/13 5:38 AM
02/May/13 5:43 AM
See? See?
I'm not the only one who wheees! Go Colo Jim!!!
02/May/13 5:45 AM
Thank you Shiela!
Had to spend the first half of today in the hospital with my dad. He was suppose to get a stent but his veins wouldn't cooperate, soooo we'll try again in a couple of weeks.
02/May/13 5:46 AM
Many s to all who have commented on the recent photos in my gallery. Specifically:
Sacky, Karen, Kathy(V), Peter, shosho, Dottie R, youkidme, Mr Cee, and Sue. Thanks.
02/May/13 6:04 AM
Morning all,someone has been on an island holiday.
In a rush ,golf today.
02/May/13 6:32 AM
Some gorgeous photos, Hal!
Were you on a tour or did you do the trip on your own? I would love to see that!
02/May/13 6:49 AM
Thanks, Kathy. No, it was a do-it-yourself trip. Went to see a brother/wife in Ft. Worth for a couple of days. Then a casual 3-day drive from FW along the back roads of central Texas to Houston. A couple of days with another brother/wife and then home.
02/May/13 6:58 AM
Quick note, I'm off to Agfest in a minute. If any one wants to see photos of the hail storm I drove home through yesterday afternoon , go to the ABC North Tas Facebook page. They are quite awesome. The picture of the rainbow I put on my age here is pathetic in comparison!
02/May/13 7:17 AM
Sorry correct title is ABC Northern Tasmania.
02/May/13 7:18 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone.
02/May/13 7:53 AM
Morning everyone. Wow thanks for the link Sacky. Great pics.
02/May/13 8:38 AM
everyone. 2:05 for me. I'll never be as fast as you, Chris!

Sacky, thanks for telling us about ABC Northern Tasmania on FB. It's a very interesting Page. I not only liked the great pics of the rainbows (one showing the end of the rainbow at the steeple on an Anglican More...
02/May/13 8:42 AM
Just saw Rob. Kathi is resting. We're tired from a day of travel, ourselves. Woke up in Shreveport, drove to Dallas, then flew to San Francisco. We'll visit with them both this evening and catch up on each other's travels. Should be fun. Sorry Vici couldn't make it.
02/May/13 10:54 AM
Good morning.
02/May/13 11:15 AM
A slow start to my day, with a leisurely breakfast and read of the newspaper.
02/May/13 11:16 AM
It is a gorgeous day outside.
02/May/13 11:17 AM
Clear and sunny, a little bit of wind.
02/May/13 11:17 AM
Might even have to find a sunny spot outside to read.
02/May/13 11:18 AM
Shosho - I wheee because you are my idol...
02/May/13 12:04 PM
02/May/13 12:21 PM
Good one, Jim.
02/May/13 1:01 PM
I think I'm in love! Here the guy of my dreams!
02/May/13 1:05 PM
I think I'm going to bed. Night all.
02/May/13 1:17 PM
Rob, Kathi, Lynne, and I just got back from a nice dinner and visit. They've sure had a great time this trip. Fun to catch up again. We'll spend tomorrow together, too.
02/May/13 1:23 PM
02/May/13 1:48 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/May/13 2:16 PM

John BATMAN was the founder of Melbourne. He set out on his trip to the mainland from Launceston, Tasmania.
02/May/13 3:56 PM

So Peter what you are saying is MELBIN is the
original GOTHAM CITY.
02/May/13 4:21 PM
I think Launceston was. His mansion was the Batman Fawkner Inn , which is still a hotel today.
02/May/13 4:24 PM
Hello all.
Long time reader, first time writer.
Seems like a slow thursday, only two pages!
02/May/13 4:54 PM
Gday Izzy, welcome to the madness! :)
02/May/13 5:06 PM
Hi Izzy, good to see you posting. I believe there are quite a few Lurkers. (non-posters)
02/May/13 5:20 PM
The was supposed to come at the end of the first sentence.
02/May/13 5:22 PM
Time I was getting dinner ready. See you all later.
02/May/13 5:23 PM
2:19 Good afternoon one and all!

My computer chap enlarged my screen and now the puzzle doesn't have the main squares so it's hard to tell what section I'm putting a number in. That probably doesn't make sense.
02/May/13 5:32 PM
02/May/13 5:33 PM
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