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Easy Sudoku for 2/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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New page?
02/Jul/10 12:16 AM
Jamie, I am spending hours (and Euros) watering my newly planted garden
02/Jul/10 12:16 AM
02/Jul/10 12:16 AM
Missed the page turn over. My favorite flower.
02/Jul/10 12:17 AM
Here's today's riddle especially for CG! (hint hint hint, mega hint!!)Answers to the obvious inbox please!
The following list of six countries has been encoded in some way. Can you crack the code?


02/Jul/10 12:17 AM
Almost, but not quite......
02/Jul/10 12:17 AM
Jamie is just too quick for either of us CP
02/Jul/10 12:17 AM
GannieMo - I understand - it takes about 4 days without rain around here before all the rain is used up - no matter how much we get. That is why I won't complain (too much, at least) if we get a bunch of it.
02/Jul/10 12:17 AM
See you all later... have to take car for oil change!

Question to ponder while I'm gone...
What kind of corn meal should I use to make polenta?
Just regular every day corn meal?
Regular stone ground corn meal?
Medium stone ground corn meal?
Coarse stone ground corn meal?
02/Jul/10 12:18 AM


02/Jul/10 12:18 AM
Hot with you Mo?
02/Jul/10 12:18 AM
My skin is leaking, Fiona. Think I shall go stand in the shower - I can't get any wetter, and I've cooked curry for tonight
02/Jul/10 12:20 AM
One big fat cigar going to Mr Jamie all the way from Aggieland, Texas, United States of America for the first correct answer to today's ultra difficult riddle!!!!!!!!!
02/Jul/10 12:23 AM
Mo, I am cooking nothing for dinner tonight. They shall drink water.
02/Jul/10 12:24 AM
My brain will not work for the puzzle! Maybe after some sleep...
02/Jul/10 12:28 AM
I'm glad no-one can see me. the rest of thouse is sleeping. The heating's off - and it's cold.....
02/Jul/10 12:29 AM
Gday and goodnight all.
Very chatty bunch, already 55 posts and it has only been 1/2 since the turnover!

Hope you had a great day, CP.
02/Jul/10 12:30 AM
So I'm sitting here in wooly dressing gown, and sheepskin slippers, wooly hat, blanket round my lower half, and crocheted knee rug worn as a shawl - very unattractive! But reasonably warm!!
02/Jul/10 12:32 AM
Yes, Gail - lovely day, thanks.
02/Jul/10 12:33 AM
I'm wondering if maybe there was some MSG in the chinese food that has given me a good old headache and an inability to sleep??
02/Jul/10 12:34 AM
Just dashed outside to check the temperature here, and dashed back inside again - 34°C in the shade...sorry CP!!
02/Jul/10 12:35 AM
Have got a nice cuppa hot milk now.
02/Jul/10 12:35 AM
14C in my lounge room, Fiona!
02/Jul/10 12:36 AM
All right, I'm signing of here to drink the hot milk, read a bit more and then try to sleep again -goodnight!!
02/Jul/10 12:38 AM
It's so
Happy Canada Day
02/Jul/10 12:40 AM
Happy Canada Day.
I put the Joe Canada Rant back on my Youtube - a classic beer commercial
02/Jul/10 12:40 AM
Happy Canada Day!
02/Jul/10 1:04 AM
I am all by myself this morning, that doesn't happen often. I have so much to do and here I am at the computer.
02/Jul/10 1:05 AM
Enjoy those fairy cakes!
02/Jul/10 1:09 AM
With reference to CP's comment, for those of you who didn't see yesterday's post:

The original name for Canada, dreamed up by a parliamentary committee in London, was "Cold North Dominion," but that waas too long, so they More...
02/Jul/10 1:28 AM
And for all my friends from Newfoundland right through to British Columbia....
A Newfie decides to travel across Canada to see the Pacific Ocean. When he gets to Campbell River, he likes the place so much that he decides to stay. But first he must find a job. He walks into the Weyerhaeuser More...
02/Jul/10 1:33 AM
Good mAen, all! I got a note from steve/missouri yesterday saying that he'd spent 5 days on St. Simons Island. I pulled his ears for not letting me know that he was here! Jaime and I would have been more than happy to give him a personal tour! I'm posting this to let you all know that even More...
02/Jul/10 1:40 AM
Considering the answer to Fairy Cake Fiona's puzzle today, her offering yesterday was Mensa material...

The answers: 1. Donald 2. Rodney 3. Perry 4. Qwen 5. Sherman(or Herrman) 6. David 7. Brent

for CP, Jamie, Heidi, Hazel, and Bluey!
02/Jul/10 1:43 AM
to you all.
02/Jul/10 1:45 AM
No posts in over a half hour, after that fast start. Time to
02/Jul/10 2:00 AM
I just had a "eureka" moment! Somehow, when Fiona was talking about fairy cakes, I was envisioning ethereal, delicately-created pastries. She's talking about what we here in the USA call CUPCAKES! I must admit, fairy cakes sounds a whole lot more interesting than cupcakes!
02/Jul/10 2:01 AM
...and Happy Birthday, Scott! You have my permission to eat all the fairy cakes you want!!!
02/Jul/10 2:02 AM
Taking a break from deck staining....I won't be able to move tomorrow, but it's looking good!
02/Jul/10 2:54 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Ian!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
02/Jul/10 3:06 AM
Jane, you may well now have a vision of a boring old cupcake, but I assure you, my fairy cakes are works of art, and as artists only work when inspired, I ain't making no more for another year!!
02/Jul/10 3:06 AM
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