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Easy Sudoku for 2/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcom, Shannon. I have met some really wonderful people here that are a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it too!
02/Jul/10 5:46 AM
Shannon, if you need an avatar, you can use this one. It always draws enthusiastic comments.... especially from the anti-Crocs-with-socks crowd. And now I really AM off.
02/Jul/10 5:50 AM
Jane, I'm appalled! Watch out for my beavertails??? Everyone needs a good sugar rush once in a while.... and my beavertails can easily surpass Fiona's fairy cakes except for the joy she has in creating them.
02/Jul/10 5:53 AM
At least I make my own cakes and don't just go to the shop opposite the hotel for them. See, I read the posts!
02/Jul/10 5:57 AM
Will you stop blathering on about your fairy cakes?
BTW, the crumbs were stale.

Shannon, you are welcome to use this avatar. Forget the Crocs, we need more bats around here!

02/Jul/10 6:09 AM
I am drooling! Fairy Cakes and the most famous CG Beavertail! Appropriate for Canada Day, eh?
02/Jul/10 6:10 AM
I am off to sniff more deck stain now that it's shaded!
02/Jul/10 6:13 AM
How common! I am congratulationg myself on having a daughter with good taste - I've just swiped her really nice 'esmalte', 'vernis', 'nagellack', 'smalto'. That's nail polish for the rest of us. Oh the advantages of living in Europe, everything you buy is in a load of different languages! I'm just off to nagellack my nails dear!
02/Jul/10 6:19 AM
and it's also chip resistant, but I'll spare you that in half a dozen languages!
02/Jul/10 6:21 AM
I'm tired!
02/Jul/10 6:50 AM
Something to do with headaches and 5 hours sleep.
02/Jul/10 6:50 AM
But it was fun being here at changeover on such a chatty day.
02/Jul/10 6:52 AM
Welcome to the wild and wacky world of sudoku.com.au, Shannon!
02/Jul/10 6:52 AM
Off to eat brekky and to enjoy my newly made and hot cup of tea! Bye, until later!
02/Jul/10 6:54 AM
Hello everyone, a perfect tulip thanks Kay.
Welcome Shannon as you can see its not just the puzzles that we come here for its also the fun chatty bits.
02/Jul/10 7:38 AM
--A bloke goes into the Job Centre in London and sees a card advertising for a Gynaecologist's Assistant.
"Can you give me some more details about this?" he asks the girl behind the desk.
The Job Centre Assistant sorts through her files and replies..
"Oh, yes, here it is. More...
02/Jul/10 7:39 AM
Shannon - welcome! You decided to chime in during a rather active day!! You are joining a wonderful community. What part of Colorado do you reside in?
CG - All the ongoing talk about beavertails makes me want to visit you even more!
Debby - hope the salsa wasn't to go on the pie?
02/Jul/10 7:46 AM
Here in my part of France it is midnight and the temperature is still in mid - high 20's, that is degrees celsius. Can't settle to sleep; neither can the dog. I suppose it is good practice for my holiday but thankfully they have air con there.
02/Jul/10 8:01 AM
Happy Canada Day to Greg and all my many Canadian friends and relatives who live in your fair country. I have just sung 'Oh Canada" under the shower in honour of your special day.
(And very many thanks to all of you who passed on birthday wishes, I will try to respond to each of you in the next few days)
02/Jul/10 8:11 AM
Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. Do I even want to know what the deal is with Plum and goats?
Jane, I was just about to ask how you knew about my family (there's a running family joke regarding "crocs") when you showed your oh so stylish footwear.
I can do More...
02/Jul/10 8:14 AM
Boy, I went away for a while, [had to go shopping] and the site explodes with comments.
Jane, sorry crocks with sox is
02/Jul/10 8:18 AM
Fiona, I know you are in bed [I think] but I really would like a dozen fairy cakes shipped so they get here the middle of July. Chocolate w/ Chocolate will do nicely.
02/Jul/10 8:22 AM

Happy Canada Day. What a great country it is.
02/Jul/10 8:35 AM
Shannon. I see you've met the resident loons. and the wonderful sudokuites here. More...
02/Jul/10 9:21 AM
Shannon, to the funnest site on earth!
Great to have another chatty person join the throng.
02/Jul/10 10:22 AM
Oh Jane! I brought a new pair of Crocs - bubblegum and fushia! Platform wedgies! I know, I know - you've never considered my last pair true Crocs neither!
02/Jul/10 1:07 PM
Shannon, we're argumentative over the strangest things, close kin to the absent minded professor, and quite social!
02/Jul/10 1:09 PM
Judy, Kathy, Jane, Fiona! You sound just like my third grade students!!! Already I miss my little buggers! Well from what I heard from the second grade teachers, I won't miss them then!
02/Jul/10 1:12 PM
good maeN, world!
Love the red tulip!
Welcome, Shannon. I still haven't taken time to figure out the avatar thing. Some day?!? You will probably have one up pronto.
Jane, the crocs I got recently rub blisters if I don't wear socks, so I will join you in the "socks with crocs" More...
02/Jul/10 1:29 PM
Good afternoon all!
to Ian, Sam & Eri as well as Fiona's wee lad Scott.
to Shannon - what a good day to arrive here. It's been lively and fun today.
02/Jul/10 2:03 PM
Good news for me today - I get my car back after 5 weeks. I feel like I will have to learn to drive again. At least it's painless on the purse, being the other driver's fault.
02/Jul/10 2:05 PM
I'm a bit late in on the cupcake and fairy cake discussion - but I thought the difference was that a fairy cake was a cupcake with the top cut off, filled with cream or icing and the top, cut in two, replaced on top of the filling to resemble fairy wings.
A coffee cream fairy cake from the Shingle Inn in Brisbane is one of life's delights for me. Mmmm! Yummm!
02/Jul/10 2:08 PM
Shosho... I just got some platform wedgie Crocs, too, but mine are white and coffee. I still love the traditional Crocs for comfort. They're perfect for my short, wide feet.
02/Jul/10 2:11 PM
Vicki/Victoria from Brisbane - I just sent you a PM on FB. Wasn't sure which one of your Sudoku identities to send a message through here.
02/Jul/10 2:37 PM
Just a quick hi to everyone & birthday wishes to all celebrating today & all of July. My youngest turned 21 yesterday & as she's travelling through Europe at moment, have to wait until next month to celebrate with her. Just to add to cupcake/fairycake discussion, CynB your version can also be called butterfly cakes.
02/Jul/10 3:42 PM
I LOVE butterfly cakes with dollop of jam and cream and a dusting of icing sugar. YUMMY
02/Jul/10 4:14 PM
I thought fairy cakes were those ones sort of a flattened egg shape cooked with jam in the middle - or are they gem cakes?
02/Jul/10 5:07 PM
The ones with the wings and cream are butterfly cakes.
02/Jul/10 5:08 PM
The iced ones are cupcakes, just plain glace icing not the whipped up fluffy frosting that's piped on.
02/Jul/10 5:09 PM
Whatever, I pretty much love them all.
02/Jul/10 5:10 PM
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