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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone!
02/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Hello everybody
02/Aug/17 12:07 AM
2:12 Good night all!
02/Aug/17 12:11 AM
Good Maen, good people. Today's the day I'm supposed to find out if our 4-H club was chosen to receive the grant for which I wrote the proposal. I've been frequently refreshing my club email and the news page from the foundation's website, but still no news.
02/Aug/17 1:11 AM
02/Aug/17 2:26 AM
Whew! Did all of the for the week! Including the sofa covers in my office. my geriatric cat had barfed on it!
02/Aug/17 2:30 AM
so close . . .
02/Aug/17 2:31 AM
02/Aug/17 2:31 AM
And another post for a CP!!!
02/Aug/17 2:32 AM
Good morning all, I should be sleeping but my little computer started chirping, so I guessed the battery was getting low. I was correct, so knowing it would keep it up I had to do something about it. So here I am at this ungodly hour pecking away.
02/Aug/17 2:34 AM
I'm looking forward to Peter's ECCO poodle. It might be a while before I get to it as Mrs. Wombat and I have 'long' appointments with our GP, and the GP is usually a half to an hour late. I'll take a good book.
02/Aug/17 2:40 AM
June, I don't have to tell you to'hang in there' because we can see that you are doing that. Perhaps it is time they gave you another blood transfusion.
02/Aug/17 2:44 AM
GPs need massage recliners with individual earphones in waiting rooms so you can take a nap while waiting. No wonder so many people are on BP meds. Is there such thing as a comfortable waiting room?
02/Aug/17 2:50 AM
In fact, nap places in many different venues would be a good idea and a public service. Why is our culture so averse to the physiological and social health benefits of naps? If we turned half the Starbucks into nap retreats the world would be a better place.
02/Aug/17 2:52 AM
02/Aug/17 2:59 AM
Beautiful old tree. I think gum trees are native to Australia. We don't have them here.
02/Aug/17 3:20 AM
02/Aug/17 4:16 AM
I'm with you plum...yay naps!
02/Aug/17 5:03 AM
02/Aug/17 5:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yes, I'm still alive and I'm doing pretty good. Close to getting back to normal. A bit more healing to do yet, but things are very promising. Keep your fingers crossed for me folks. Cheers!
02/Aug/17 5:09 AM
all. From Charlotte, NC.

Where's Keith?
02/Aug/17 5:14 AM
02/Aug/17 5:15 AM
For Keith...
02/Aug/17 5:16 AM
Off to Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri, tomorrow. Our SIL is retiring from the Air Force on Friday. Big ceremony.
02/Aug/17 5:19 AM
Glad to hear you're on the mend, Greg.
02/Aug/17 5:23 AM
Morning all, there is a gum tree at Ooraroo ,South Australia that makes that tree look small.
02/Aug/17 7:02 AM
Hello Greg, great to hear you are getting better.
02/Aug/17 7:06 AM
I really don't know where and how the grant announcement has gone out ... if it has. I guess I will need to call the contact person tomorrow. I'm afraid in this case that no news may NOT be good news. But I shall remain hopeful until I know for sure.
02/Aug/17 7:11 AM
02/Aug/17 7:41 AM
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you, Greg! Glad you are on the mend at last. Take care. x
02/Aug/17 8:39 AM
Beautiful gum tree. Fingers crossed for you Greg. 🤞 🤞
02/Aug/17 9:02 AM
This weeks ECCO - get to it.

All about fish......

B------- (8) – Also known as shad/tailor.
------- (7) – Commercially important oily fish. They turn into kippers when smoked.
-------- (8) – Has a memory span of three seconds, apparently.
-------- (8) – These handy little More...
02/Aug/17 9:29 AM
02/Aug/17 10:06 AM
Wow! I'm on a roll. 22, then 33.
02/Aug/17 10:08 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Glad to be home with the sounds of thunder outside my window this afternoon...
02/Aug/17 10:16 AM
Greg, wonderful to see you post. I have been wondering how you were getting on. Best wishes for a full recovery.
Wombat, I think another transfusion will be during the next cycle of Chemo but with a week off it should give me time to recover naturally.
Love old gum trees, as long as they are not growing in my yard.
02/Aug/17 10:55 AM
Good morning.
02/Aug/17 11:08 AM
6 days to go!
02/Aug/17 11:09 AM
I've been up for hours, but very busy. Drove friends into town to catch their bus to Sydney where they'll start their 35 day cruise to Hawaii this evening. Next week it'll be us catching the bus.
02/Aug/17 11:12 AM
If I turn the page, Hal may have a shot at getting 44 according to his record for today,
02/Aug/17 11:13 AM
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