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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Great picture, Have a great day!
A fantastic picture of the force of nature - sorta humbling.
Good MAEN to all. What a beautiful picture. One I like to look at but not hear or see live. Although as dry as we are here in Texas, if it came with rain, I would welcome it.
Somewhere under 10 min. - when am I going to get faster? Great photo! Where was it taken?
Huong From Sweden:
Enjoy the puzzle at your own pace.Do it for your pleasure. This is the best site I know of.
2:54 Great picture. Now to see what'g going on in medium.
2:58, just checking in.
nice picture - 2:41
3:02 not tooooo much dust!
2:18 best time yet nice pic
Lovely picture - where? (SA is good at it!!)
Cool picture!!!! How can you photograph lightening. DO you need a professional camera or can a normal everyday camera capture it?
Under 3 minutes, not by much though.

Have a great day everybody!
2:08-Beautiful crisp morning here! Off to get some coffee :)
5:08. What an awesome picture. Perfect timing! On to medium.

Great pic!
I want to tell everybody about Sudoku-a wonderful game!
Good morning all.
Timer 00:03:21
4:13 very happy with the time
also tremendous picture, lightning is fascinating to watch.
Great picture!
Great pix, novice at this game, but like to play.
i just learned how to play this game and i just wanted to say that its awesome and i like the pictures
A fantastic picture! Have a wonderful day everyone!
4:32 WOW - could we ever doubt the power and might of God
I think that I recall you saying that you're an engineer, so are you able to complete a degree in ed the quick way - 2 years part time? The best advice I can give you is to take note of current buzz words (one was 'impact' used as a verb when I studied) from study materials, and use them a lot. Markers LOVE big words, and I think it might appeal to their egos when you use their favourite words!!
3:53 - What a beautiful picture.

Good MAEN to everyone. We need to get Dana from Malaysia talking. Who is this mystery person.....?
Thanks catherine, a-one, Lynne, Kym and Gath. I'm still trying to work out what PayPal is to pay for membership. I went through Jan 17 and can't find any mention of your heating problem, fiona, but I know what a pain it is when something breaks down (and I gather it made a mess??) Kathy/Fl, we all knew it wasn't you. Next time just report the comment as abusive.
Just read yesterday's comments, I agree with everyone else, anyone who has chatted with you knows wouldn't say things like that. Don't worry about someone who obviously has way too much time on their hands and maybe should get a life.
amazing to watch. it has been a very long time to see something like that here. looking forward to seeing it again.
ying From China
Mart From Louisville Kentucky
Laura From West Virginia
Welcome to this addiction.It grows on you.
2:38 I'm doing better!! Nice shot!
Slow time, 5:05, I'm blaming the painkillers.
Awesome photo, once again, wish I knew my cityscapes...where was this taken? Anyone?
4:20. Can't imagine 3 minutes or less!

Hi. This is a great site... keep up the good work! :)
How is it going. We have sun here today, suppose to be in the low 30's for the next 4 days then maybe 40's!
good MAEN to all
a great covering word
nice lightning shot also
4:55 not a good time. But a beautiful photo. I wonder where it is too!
hey patrick and arthur. wuts up
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