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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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oh look are we there yet?

20/Jan/08 9:40 AM
oh come out come out wherever you are .....
we are over here on a new page
20/Jan/08 9:50 AM
Madbe3 - That's great news ... congrats.

Keith ... nice photos and thanks for Santana, I like a lot of what he does.
20/Jan/08 9:51 AM
2:05, my brain's feeling really sluggish this morning. Maybe I need coffee, not tea, to get me moving.
20/Jan/08 9:56 AM
Its everyone from me, looks like the Aussie girls were having fun on here last night and I've only read the first page.
20/Jan/08 9:59 AM
grmeval hope you have a great day. Welcome to benny /England. Looks like the girls are still at it on page 7
20/Jan/08 10:03 AM
Rolanda and Mr R, have a happy! Congrats! Hope it's with candle light and a bottle of wine!
20/Jan/08 10:23 AM
Rosemary, we're always lurking about!
20/Jan/08 10:24 AM
The thought of having to move all our belongings is truly overwhelming. It is always a shock to find out how much you have accumulated. I hope the new house has broadband connected
20/Jan/08 10:36 AM
everybody just left and I'm all awone!
I scared.
20/Jan/08 10:42 AM
Whew! This has been a busy Saturday/Sunday on the site. I think everybody is afraid it may go down and wants to get their shots in just in case. Personally, I want to do so while I know my shoulder doesn't hurt too much.
Thanks to all for the encouragement - I will report on Monday if I can move after the "monster" gets through with me.
20/Jan/08 10:43 AM
How busy you've all been.
benny from england and
grmeval, hope you have a great day.
Loving your poems Canuk Greg, please keep them coming.
20/Jan/08 10:44 AM
A quick hello to one and all, spent most of yesterday trying to access site, could get chat room but no other, oh well, how sad, never mind. I see that some of yesterdays posts are repeated today.
20/Jan/08 10:58 AM
CG - Wrote a beautiful poem about the site, the other day Rayray started on an anthem, along with some others. There were also discussions on a Logo for T-shirts and earlier on a Sudokuland Float. Someone needs to get a forum, started, copy some of the post from the archives in and maybe we can come up with a nice anthem, logo and float. The basics give us a start - can we complete them?
20/Jan/08 11:06 AM
20/Jan/08 11:11 AM
Angela / Dallas - Today is the first I've read of your experience last week - sounds bloody awful! If I was in your position, I'd write down everything I observed in detail, just in case it is required in the future. Then I would do what you have already been advised by other's from sudokuland - whatever you feel is right. Good luck.
20/Jan/08 11:14 AM
thanks bean got it... still getting it together
20/Jan/08 11:18 AM
20/Jan/08 11:19 AM

20/Jan/08 11:25 AM
What the heck has been going on??!! I'm at the bottom of Page 2, and the time then was 12.53am.
It's 11.30 here now and there are 7 pages of comments!!??!!
20/Jan/08 11:30 AM
OH DEAR, forgive me once again, but only way I can get to the current page is to POST a message.

EVE, I think the momentum for the T shirt and other projects got lost when we started having site problems. Perhaps when we all can get back on a regular basis, we can get this going again. More...
20/Jan/08 11:33 AM
Do I have time to go back and read the other 4 pages of posts? Not really. Better be good and go pack something, there's still lots of it to go!!!!
20/Jan/08 11:33 AM
From what MizT is saying some folks can't see the site easily or all the pages, whereas I have all of them. Definitely
20/Jan/08 11:35 AM
CP, see my graphics above your post, grimlins again I do believe hehehe

I am running out of creative ways to get here!! Lost my key to the back doors I think.

Jamie, will send magic fairy dust to help you through your physical therapy. If it becomes difficult and painful, remember, a world full of sudoku people are cheering you on!
20/Jan/08 11:37 AM
Does anyone know if we are on the temp or new server now? I cannot access Gath's message to check if I can see his avatar or not.
20/Jan/08 11:38 AM
Hablo un poco de español pero yo estaría encantado de hablar con tu shosho (bearing in mind I should be in bed!!) Such is the life of dinner parties!!
20/Jan/08 11:38 AM
CP when do you move?

Back from the beach holiday. We had 2 glorious weeks with weather ranging from 25 - 42 C. The day we packed to come home, rain and about 15..today more of the same, good timing!

Off to see Rose and family and Lauren and family (including the new addition) tomorrow.
20/Jan/08 11:41 AM
Miz T, calm down girl! :)Take a deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. No one stole your keys. I haven't seen a new message from Gath, so I would say we are still on the temp.
20/Jan/08 11:43 AM
Choosing A Wife

A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money.

The first does a total make over. She goes to a fancy beauty salon gets her hair done, More...
20/Jan/08 11:46 AM
boy , everyone seeing different things sure makes for some interesting conversations today. It is like the 4 blind men discribing an elephant! They all are right, buy have only part of the story.
20/Jan/08 11:49 AM
BUT ANGIE W, this is calm!!

I am just trying to put a funny spin on my problems getting here. it is indeed interesting, almost like working a puzzle. what can i try next to access the pages?

BTW, next button worked for 4 times, then the dreaded application error message.

Keeps me on my toes, you know.
20/Jan/08 11:53 AM
MizT - thanks!!
20/Jan/08 12:04 PM
20/Jan/08 12:05 PM
20/Jan/08 12:06 PM
Good bye.....

20/Jan/08 12:12 PM
Nal that was short and sweet!
20/Jan/08 12:14 PM
nal- are you talking to me? New u tube.
20/Jan/08 12:14 PM
Hay, I'm only five hours off. the time must be right.
20/Jan/08 12:16 PM
let's see if this works
20/Jan/08 12:16 PM
Hello Sue and Dorthea, I can see you.

20/Jan/08 12:17 PM
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