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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Where is everyone?
20/Jan/15 12:28 AM
Good question, Jack.
20/Jan/15 1:05 AM
, slow start to this Monday in the US! I'd like to know where today's photo was taken.
20/Jan/15 1:11 AM
Answers to the weekend Rebus!

reading between the lines
neon lights ('footlights' accepted - good logic)
mind over matter
backwards glance
undercover agent
easy on the eyes
sick in bed
scrambled eggs

Lots of winners on the podium today! More...
20/Jan/15 1:17 AM
I added yet another random picture to the gallery - of the coffee cup I use at work. It's special... but I'll let the pic tell the story!
20/Jan/15 1:19 AM
Hmmm. Thought I sent you my answers, S'gal.?
20/Jan/15 1:22 AM
Wherever that is, they have a busier nightlife than my neck of the woods.
20/Jan/15 1:29 AM
Hi shosho.

Herbert takes the underground train to work and uses an escalator at the railway station. If Herbert runs up 8 steps of the escalator, then it takes him 21.0 seconds to reach the top of the escalator. If he runs up 14 More...
20/Jan/15 1:35 AM
No, Hal, I don't see answers from you in my Inbox. Bummer! Cyberspace claims another victim.
20/Jan/15 2:35 AM
I wonder what city that is, too. I couldn't tell from trying to read the signs.
20/Jan/15 3:27 AM
Its gonna be a long slow run home today Keith. Unless a couple of young fillies come gallumping up the back straight. And no. No assist from me.
20/Jan/15 3:34 AM
I'll take all the help I can get, b3.
20/Jan/15 4:44 AM
Okay, so I'll help with the gallumping.
20/Jan/15 4:49 AM
So I'm trying to run year-end payroll stuff. Like W-2s and quarterly payroll tax returns.
20/Jan/15 4:50 AM
We had an update to bring in the 2015 tax tables last week so I could run payroll, but it seems there is a new problem.
20/Jan/15 4:51 AM
The print file which is the whole gamut of our W-2s... is not coming up. Just dead in the water.
20/Jan/15 4:52 AM
So, all that I came in to do today is for naught.
20/Jan/15 4:52 AM
And it just sets me behind.
20/Jan/15 4:53 AM
I'd go home, but in truth, I do have other tasks to do.
20/Jan/15 4:53 AM
Keith, you still lurking? You can take the next few!
20/Jan/15 4:53 AM
Don't know what city this is, but it sure is dark!
20/Jan/15 5:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Looks European to me.
20/Jan/15 5:11 AM
Thanks for the help, Silvergal, but I didn't get back in time.
20/Jan/15 5:18 AM
'Nojima' + lots of fancy technology = Japan?
20/Jan/15 6:10 AM
20/Jan/15 6:26 AM
I was thinking the Ginza in Tokyo.
20/Jan/15 6:35 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
20/Jan/15 7:09 AM
Good morning all.
20/Jan/15 7:10 AM
20/Jan/15 7:13 AM
Morning all, bright lights of the city.
20/Jan/15 7:16 AM
20/Jan/15 7:32 AM
A lovely cool rainy day today, utter bliss.
20/Jan/15 7:43 AM
I believe you are correct Judy. I was originally thinking mid-eastern Europe.
20/Jan/15 7:59 AM
Might be right, Hal. Without taller buildings though, it's hard to tell.
20/Jan/15 7:59 AM
My first thought was Japan as well but it is hard to tell for sure.
20/Jan/15 8:41 AM
It finally warmed up here. We got a high of 33F today. Too bad it was fluke and not a trend. Elijah was studying a bunch of general information for VT history and found out that the record low was -50F at some point. Glad I wasn't here for that.
20/Jan/15 8:44 AM
That definitely looks like Japan to me. The bright signs matches some of their modern cities. The dark haired people on the screens definitely look Asian. Finally, that round globe on the taxi is a fairly common site in Japan too.
20/Jan/15 8:58 AM
Looks like...
20/Jan/15 9:00 AM
I'm back in time...
20/Jan/15 9:01 AM
The cars are also driving on the left hand side of the road. Yep, it's Japan.
20/Jan/15 9:01 AM
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