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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2016


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Thursday a record high (87F) and Friday night
freeze warnings. At least it's interesting here.
20/Nov/16 12:02 AM
20/Nov/16 12:03 AM
& Maen.
20/Nov/16 12:05 AM
A lovely peaceful photo. Have spent a few days away and met up with Bluey. It was nice to catch up.
20/Nov/16 12:17 AM
Wolf, Keith, and all who follow.
20/Nov/16 12:18 AM
And June.
20/Nov/16 12:19 AM
Good Maen, good people. Sure enough. Snow this morning. I wish they had been wrong. Most of the USA is suffering an abrupt seasonal transition. Rather like living in a movie or cartoon segue!
20/Nov/16 1:48 AM
Little bit of white on the deck - but the wind is howling and has been since yesterday- off for shopping! And to Rembrandt to thaw that bird !
20/Nov/16 1:53 AM
Much as I'd like to stay inside and lose myself in Sudokuland today with its Yosemite summer, I must go out and price materials for a project I want to do this weekend. And go to the bank so I have money to pay for those materials.
20/Nov/16 1:54 AM
Well - any time I cook it would be a work of art
20/Nov/16 1:54 AM
We are heading up to St Joseph in Michigan for a girls weekend Thanksgiving
20/Nov/16 1:55 AM
I am thankful for that wind that blew all night and is blowing still, it blew all the leaves out of te yard so I don't have to rake today
20/Nov/16 1:56 AM
mymare - you're right. Rembrandt always has that indirect glow of warmth. Perfect for thawing a Thanksgiving bird.

(I'm imagining a gallery full of frosty birds at the Chicago Institute of Arts.)
20/Nov/16 1:59 AM
I'd stop to meet you for a cup of tea in St Joe, mymare, but I'm spending the weekend visiting, too.
20/Nov/16 2:01 AM
20/Nov/16 2:20 AM
a beautiful cold day in OK
20/Nov/16 2:27 AM
This is our coldest day of the season, we did make it to below freezing, wheeeeee.
20/Nov/16 2:29 AM
Now it is time to go brave the cold, at least the wind is not breezing like yesterday.
20/Nov/16 2:30 AM
I am loving the Yosemite photos! As the crow flies ... flap flap flap ... Yosemite is less than 10 miles from where I spend 3 to 4 months a year. It is beautiful, inspiring country ... just the place to restore your heart and soul!
20/Nov/16 2:33 AM

I don't have a Thanksgiving bat for an avatar, so, I'm going with a ''supermoon'' bat.

We had wind blow our leaves out of the front yard, too, mymare. Unfortunately, we have the only big maple tree on this end of the More...
20/Nov/16 2:33 AM
We lives in the woods so we never have to rake our leaves.
20/Nov/16 2:37 AM
Still not brave enough to head out in the blowing snow. But the bank closes at noon.
20/Nov/16 2:39 AM
Unlike Midwest and east, just some rain, 53 degrees here. Just hate having to shovel the water out of my driveway! Hee, hee!!
20/Nov/16 2:40 AM
Didn't mean to add that s to lives.
20/Nov/16 2:40 AM
Anyone remember the date DorA posted that amusing joke about Canada turning back from their border liberals escaping the prospect of a Trump presidency? It mentioned organic broccoli, I think, which is why I'm looking for it.
20/Nov/16 2:51 AM
Denny, I so much appreciate your Napa Valley produce that keeps us nourished all the long winter when we can't grow locally. So glad it's not snowing and freezing where you are!
20/Nov/16 2:54 AM
And rain there is good news for growers and eaters alike.
20/Nov/16 2:55 AM
Not sunny today.
It's started to snow!
But we've been very lucky in the weather department so far this season.
20/Nov/16 3:15 AM
Plum, 15/Nov/16 12:05 PM
20/Nov/16 4:36 AM
As far as the weather goes, I have the back door open because my oven is in ''cleaning'' mode. It's 70° outside, and the oven heats up the kitchen when it cleans. What a gorgeous Indian Summer day we have going for us here. I am about to start opening windows. I actually like snow, but, I'll take this weather for a while longer.
20/Nov/16 4:37 AM
Guess I might as well made it Thanksgiving, too.
20/Nov/16 5:16 AM
20/Nov/16 5:23 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
20/Nov/16 5:27 AM
Morning all,I'm enjoying the Yosemite photos too especially today's.
20/Nov/16 6:35 AM
I love snow too. I think it looks lovely on Christmas cards.
20/Nov/16 7:18 AM
I thought I proofread my last post. Funny how you can miss things looking right at them.
20/Nov/16 7:53 AM
Nice to rely on Plum, Shiela, & mymare for their weather reports... now I'm sure that this wind is bringing rain followed by that white stuff tomorrow!
20/Nov/16 8:05 AM
Have a good rest of your day everyone- whatever part is left to live- enjoy it!
20/Nov/16 8:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice scene, but it will now be several months before we see that here in Ottawa.
20/Nov/16 8:30 AM
Plum, we're expecting our snow tomorrow and Monday. Weather watches are in affect. The first snow catches driver's unprepared, and many accidents result.
20/Nov/16 8:32 AM
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