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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Have I come home in time
20/Feb/08 4:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! So who did this gang beat?
20/Feb/08 4:23 AM

A great old song. Gilbert O'Sullivan singing "Alone Again (Natuarlly)." Enjoy!
20/Feb/08 4:24 AM
KEVIN/Cornwall: I often wondered if that was Cornwall, Ontario. Seems we're almost neighbors. Is you daughter in the Armed Forces? Happy Birthday to her from me!
20/Feb/08 4:36 AM
Thanks André, for helping me drag my feet out of this tar pit! "wOOt!" (she says to express joy)
Nice to know I can also yell "wOOt!" while beating the socks off adversaries during a card game! (we owned the other team) My card playing friends may think I'm nuts, but I'll know what it means!
20/Feb/08 4:41 AM
Kathy (MD) - I'm glad you asked about wOOt. That made me smile because I couldn't remember either! André - thanks for coming to the aid of your elders!
20/Feb/08 4:51 AM
Keith and Orianne - this year would have been 33 for me, except I took off for 12 years and did several other things before finally deciding I had been right in the first place. Unfortunately, I will probably retire next year with just 22 years of credit.
20/Feb/08 5:00 AM
Kathy, forgot to ask what kind of card games you play?

I keep in touch with Jano via e-mail, & she has asked me to thank everyone for their wishes to her. She has had some eye surgery & been unable to spend much time at her computer. She's doing okay & will be back with us here in Sudokuland as soon as she feels better.
20/Feb/08 5:05 AM
20/Feb/08 5:06 AM
Thanks for the up-date on Jano's eye surgery, Kathy.

My card group plays all different types of games. We switch back and forth alot. Two card games that we all like are 5 Crowns and Quiddler.
Also, Wizard and Hearts are popular. Dominoes (Mexican Train)is good for a group. We break into groups of four to play Rack-o and Rummy-K.
We're always looking for new games!
20/Feb/08 5:27 AM
Rummy-K is also called Rummikub.
20/Feb/08 5:34 AM
Kathy - sounds like your group is very versatile! What day is card day? We all know now that mymare's bowling day is Thursday! Anybody else have special activity days???
20/Feb/08 5:41 AM
Our traditional card night is the second Friday of the month, but we sometimes get together during the day if enough people are free.
I also have a lunch group that meets at different restaurants the last Friday of the month.
20/Feb/08 5:51 AM
Kathy/Maryland - Have you ever heard of a game called Portrayal? It's made by a company called Braincog. Every person plays every round so no one is sitting out waiting for their turn.
20/Feb/08 5:53 AM
I just Googled 'Portrayal', Angie. It looks wonderful! I can see us all laughing so hard we wouldn't be able to draw! Thanks!
20/Feb/08 6:12 AM
The game everyone around here is playing lately is Farkel, a fast and easy dice game. Our bridge, pinochle, and euchre partners have moved on (many to the Great Beyond!), so we've been playing a lot of 500 Rummy, Skipbo, cribbage, and both regular and train dominoes. Who has recommendations for other good card/board games?
20/Feb/08 6:19 AM
Hi everyone! Nice 40 degree day here on the Cape.
20/Feb/08 6:22 AM
Judy, Texas 42 is great, but you need 4 players....
20/Feb/08 6:25 AM
Judy, Five Crowns and Quiddler require special decks, as does Wizard, but lots of fun to play!
20/Feb/08 6:36 AM
Kathy, look into it. I know the owners, they are incredible people. We also play a LOT of "Cribbage" and "Sheepshead". I personally am a fan of "Hand and Foot" (similar yet different to Canasta)

"Sorry" is still my all time favorite board game.
20/Feb/08 6:38 AM
I Googled Texas 42, Suzy. It sounds like a lot of fun ... and much more complicated than the usual domino games! Thanks.
We may be old, but we DO still have a few friends with whom to play games ... they aren't ALL dead! :)
20/Feb/08 6:39 AM
Portrayal looks like a winner, Angie ... I'm going to buy that one! I received Quiddler from our son for Christmas, Kathy, but I can't get anyone in my family to play word games like that or Scrabble with me! Thanks for the game suggestions ... I'm jotting all of them down.
20/Feb/08 6:49 AM
Claire is my favourite song, but ta for this Greg.
20/Feb/08 6:52 AM
2:38. Good Maen to All.
20/Feb/08 6:53 AM
Good Afternoon All. The games sound like so much fun....Sully and I were just talking about the fun we use to have with card and board games...but alas, like Judy"s friends, many of those folks have gone to the great beyond or no longer live close enough to make getting together easy....family More...
20/Feb/08 6:54 AM
Wow, what a discussion! I never realized there were THAT many different card games! Anybody out there play Parcheesi? My dad & I played so many hundreds, maybe thousands, of games of Parcheesi we could move the pieces without having to count the spaces one by one. Lots of strategy in addition to luck.
20/Feb/08 6:55 AM
Hello Karen from Cape Cod! Are you a "newbie"?
20/Feb/08 6:57 AM
Judy I sympathise, Steve won't play scrabble with me and doesn't want to know when I finish a sudoku, as normally I am faster. I've given up on a lot of games because he hates to lose. When we are in the campervan we play cribbage, canasta and rummy. He did get me playing bridge but I like More...
20/Feb/08 6:58 AM
Judy, the next time I'm in San Diego (snicker, snort) I mean the first time .... I'll play Scrabble with you! We play with 9 letters instead of 7.
20/Feb/08 6:58 AM
Kathy, Parcheesi is something my parents played. They always had the issue that their group often had 6 people. They made a custom board for 6 players! I would never be able to play the game by the rules because I learned from them. They had a lot of "House Rules".

GMo - I have never played bridge.
20/Feb/08 7:03 AM
Birthday Greetings to all of the celebrants: Geraldine, Bex and Jacqueline.May you enjoy your special day.

Has any one ever played Fan Tan? Any size group, and any age can play this delightful card game. It demands strategic moves and has lots of giggles to go with it, yet it has enough of a competitive edge to it to satisfy most players. Great family fun game.
20/Feb/08 7:10 AM
My dad was a great cribbage player and before the days of TV we all played cards and board games whilst listening to the radio.
The kids today say they are bored. They have all we had and more + + + + + They are just not taught to have hobbies and play the games we did. In fact all our games taught us something - arithmetic etc.
Here endeth the lesson of an ageing grandma
20/Feb/08 7:13 AM
My husband isn't fond of card games, either. Not unusual I guess, my card group is all women! The guy's loss, we have a teriffic time!
20/Feb/08 7:14 AM
CG,...Nice musical selection as usual. I love that song as sung by Sarah Vaughan on her album of the same name, but have never been able to find it on a CD....my vinyls have worn out, and now of course,I have no way to play records, even if they weren't....much to my regret.
20/Feb/08 7:15 AM
About 10 years ago friends taught us to play Mahjong, a wonderful game. Unfortunately our friends have since passed away (one aged 92) and we no longer play. Would love to find someone who plays, maybe when we move.
20/Feb/08 7:16 AM
20/Feb/08 7:21 AM
Keith, I guess that makes two of us... Jacqueline from Petawawa.Have fun! Kevin from Cornwall, get your own page here in Sudokuland, it is a lot more fun. Cathy from southern Ontario...glad you love the snow..that makes you a true Canadian. More...
20/Feb/08 7:54 AM
20/Feb/08 8:00 AM
Jacqueline from Petawawa! I hope you have a wonderful day!
20/Feb/08 8:03 AM
bertie - gezundtheit!... and that is also why I don't jog...

Judy - a great card game is arsehole/president. Hard to breathe when you're laughing so much! Mo - I love mahjong too, but it's been awhile since I last played and I've always wanted a set...one day, when I have time...sigh. But I More...
20/Feb/08 8:07 AM
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