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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Still sorting out pictures of Australia and New Zealand. We did see a lot of interesting places!
20/Mar/16 12:05 AM
Good morning, Wolf & those who arrive later!
20/Mar/16 12:15 AM
Wolf, thanks for your explanation of your book endeavor; now you need to put it into layman's terms!
20/Mar/16 12:16 AM
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20/Mar/16 12:40 AM
1:58 Good night one and all!

Looks like someone has caught breakfast. Yum!
20/Mar/16 12:50 AM
Happy Saturday weekend off!
20/Mar/16 1:43 AM
Um. If you say so, Wolf.
20/Mar/16 1:57 AM
The answers to the Irish trivia poozle:

1) Aran Isles 2) Belfast 3) Dublin 4) The Quiet Man 5) A drum, shaped like a tambourine 6) The Liffey Bridge 7) Galway 8) cream 9) Tir na Nog, (or, whatever you answered) 10) The Gentlefolk, the Shining Ones, the Tuatha de Danaan, the Little More...
20/Mar/16 2:07 AM
Has anyone heard from Serena? Did I miss a post as to why she has been missing?
20/Mar/16 2:10 AM
Good morning all.
20/Mar/16 2:43 AM
Good morning.
20/Mar/16 2:52 AM
I'm having a very disturbed night.
20/Mar/16 2:53 AM
Waking up every hour or so - then I generally go back to sleep.
20/Mar/16 2:53 AM
But not now.
20/Mar/16 2:54 AM
Now, I'm awake awake. In the mood for a Tim Tam fest - but I won't. If there was a packet open it might be a different story, but luckily they're all unopened.

Did you get to try Tim Tams, Wolf?
20/Mar/16 2:57 AM
WOW! Here's dinner.
20/Mar/16 4:02 AM
Brumbies are playing the Stormers in Capetown.

Gooooooooo those Brumbies.
20/Mar/16 4:13 AM
If I lived in Australia,
20/Mar/16 4:44 AM
Tim Tams would be my downfall.
20/Mar/16 4:44 AM
Of course, apparently, I've found other downfalls
20/Mar/16 4:45 AM
Right here in the US.
20/Mar/16 4:45 AM
20/Mar/16 4:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! Seafood for supper!
20/Mar/16 5:27 AM
fellow puzzlers. Let me just say work for tonight will be done in 16minutes
20/Mar/16 5:44 AM
CP, if you are concerned that someone will remark about the opened Tim Tam package, just eat the whole thing ... then no one will notice the evidence ... Yes ... been there, done that ...
20/Mar/16 6:28 AM
20/Mar/16 6:42 AM
I thought Tim Tam was a race horse.
20/Mar/16 6:44 AM
Morning all, nice sized fish.
Very funny comments today ! Judy I have also ...been there done that. 😃
20/Mar/16 6:54 AM
Darwen Jim, Harish lal and Wombat hope you all have a great day.
20/Mar/16 6:58 AM
Good morning all. In Adelaide. No sleep our first night - found out we are in 'party street' and the 'red light' district to boot. We had to change rooms to get away from the noise!
20/Mar/16 7:58 AM
All's good apart from that. Eating and drinking way too much!
Enjoy your day folks.
20/Mar/16 7:59 AM
You crackers me up Hal!
20/Mar/16 9:23 AM
2 nuts walked into a Hershey bar for a picnic. They couldn't believe all the snickers.
20/Mar/16 9:42 AM
Were they Ginger's nuts?
20/Mar/16 9:57 AM
Be Nice BYOM or you'll get a Scotch Finger
20/Mar/16 10:27 AM
I have three packets of Tim Tams in the pantry, Salted caramel, Strawberry champagne and Espresso martini! Take your pick!
20/Mar/16 10:30 AM
Good maEn. I could blather myself to the next page but I won't.
20/Mar/16 10:42 AM
Bad luck Peter, no today. According to the Canberra Times the score does not reflect how close the game was. Better luck next time.
20/Mar/16 12:20 PM
No AFL this weekend, though Footscray won in the VFL. I'm looking forward to next Sunday when the Dogs play Freo. I will be against Anne, but just a friendly rivalry.
20/Mar/16 12:25 PM
Goodbye page 1.
20/Mar/16 12:26 PM
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