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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
mosquito — An insect that makes flies tolerable.

...and here's today's factoid:
You will never get bit by a male mosquito. Only the females bite.
20/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Good Morning
20/Apr/13 12:00 AM
That is an absolutely perfect picture.
20/Apr/13 12:08 AM
I think everyone must have stayed up too late last night.
20/Apr/13 12:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Apr/13 12:24 AM
Or gone to bed too early.
20/Apr/13 12:25 AM
Good morning Karen.
20/Apr/13 12:25 AM
Hanging Out Day
Humorous Day
20/Apr/13 12:27 AM
I have 3 kids, everyday is humorous day.
20/Apr/13 12:30 AM
Good morning, dear.
I am having a December 26 day. You know, you wait all year for the big event, have a wonderful day, then the next day, what do you do?
20/Apr/13 12:30 AM
You could pack.
20/Apr/13 12:32 AM
My shoulds are piling up.
Man is under the belief, that I do not want to move items out of this house. My plan today is to pack up that FPA room. I think when he has no food, and any preparation tools, he will get the hint, that I am ready to move.
20/Apr/13 12:33 AM

Karen, I love how you accessorized for the photos! The axe adds so much flair to your outfit!
Vera Wang, eat your heart out.
20/Apr/13 12:36 AM
Thanks, Serena.
That will actually require my body to move, so far it does not like that plan.
M is complaining that her eyes won't stay open, so she is now curled up in her bed with her chocolate milk and Sesame Street. It scares me, because, I fear, at nap time, those eyes will then have trouble closing.
20/Apr/13 12:38 AM
Everyone here is dressed and ready, so we are going to hang out, outside. Hopefully nobody gets blown away.
20/Apr/13 12:40 AM
Thank you, Kathy. I do try.
20/Apr/13 12:42 AM
I seem to have flummoxed my poozlers with yesterday's offering. Well, almost....

The answer was: a rhyme

Speaking of rhyming....winner PLUM will be meeting that well known word master, Reid D. Verse Reid will be sharing excerpts More...
20/Apr/13 12:44 AM
Good morning.
20/Apr/13 12:45 AM
From the time you can WORK out where I am.
20/Apr/13 12:45 AM
The get-together sounds like it was fun.
20/Apr/13 12:46 AM
Now I need to go back and check to see if Mr. Cee posted his Friday poozle before change-over......
20/Apr/13 12:46 AM
Aren't they always?
20/Apr/13 12:46 AM
Y'all. Busy watching the live happenings in the Boston area this morning. Absolutely unbelievable! I hope it gets resolved quickly and peacefully.
20/Apr/13 12:51 AM
Plum, side-sleeping is not okay either - sorry.
20/Apr/13 12:52 AM
20/Apr/13 12:55 AM
Why? Any fluid drains out of their mouths - good - but then, when on their backs and have a little fluid in their mouth/throat, they don't know how to deal with it, and that's where the problem happens.
20/Apr/13 12:55 AM
Guess I am the old fuddy duddy, we go back to the hotel an it was lights out for me.
20/Apr/13 12:56 AM
Think I need to stop my safe sleeping lessons. Sorry, it's a passion of mine.
20/Apr/13 12:57 AM
I hate sleeping in different beds, never get the sleep I want or need.
20/Apr/13 12:57 AM
That's got to be one of the most perfect rainbow pictures ever!
20/Apr/13 1:00 AM
Last night was great, I got to meet the most wonderful people. The food was great, Jamie did a wonderful job of picking a a meeting place. The resturant was kind for letting us have our meeting there. It really was so much fun, Sudoku friends are the best.
20/Apr/13 1:03 AM
I have to finish packing so we can start home.
20/Apr/13 1:05 AM
Love the photo! A perfect scene to start the day.
20/Apr/13 1:10 AM
Those are some GREAT photos, Jamie. Thanks for taking them and sharing them.
20/Apr/13 1:21 AM
HI all! Great photos Jamie, you look as though you all had a good time.
20/Apr/13 1:33 AM
20/Apr/13 2:07 AM
Well, got the t-shirts for the math competition day ordered. Can you believe the kids picked neon blue??? We're going to have all four of the elementary math signs, plus, minus, multiplying, dividing signs on the left shoulder with math team embroidered in the center of the signs. And on one of the sleeve math field day and the date embroidered.
20/Apr/13 2:11 AM
Golly have one more week to go before the big day!
20/Apr/13 2:11 AM
Hmmm. . . so close . . .
20/Apr/13 2:11 AM
20/Apr/13 2:11 AM
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