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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/May/13 2:13 AM
I wonder if that is the dog's bear or if it was ''borrowed''.
20/May/13 2:17 AM
I'm going to slide into Karen's territory with a 'Mommy Tale'. We went to a wedding yesterday and baby girl was sitting on the aisle with daddy. When the first bride's maid went by she laughed. Then she was quiet until the next one went by. She laughed at every one that passed. Fortunately, More...
20/May/13 2:23 AM
Sorry, Halt. I would have raced you, but I have a new goal, finish off one room per day, and today, I am feeling ambitious. Might do 3.

Of course, it could be my caffiene high talking.
20/May/13 2:23 AM
Oh, Serena, everyone laughs at the bridesmaid dresses, then awed by the wedding gown.
20/May/13 2:26 AM
Mike's story, is one of those awww stories, and a sad one, too.
One side, totally amazing how he over came his handicap and the compasion of the man who nearly had him for dinner.
Then on the side, how he was exploited for his handicap.
20/May/13 2:29 AM
Yes, I am procrastinating.
20/May/13 2:30 AM
Strange how two weeks before M was born, the thought of coffee made me green. I could not even go down the coffee aisle at the store, without getting sick and it did not clear up after birth.
Almost 4 years later, all of a sudden I cannot get enough of the stuff. I would really love another pot right now.
20/May/13 2:34 AM
20/May/13 2:35 AM
Since my older son gave me a Nespresso with the milk frother, I've been enjoying a cappuccino every other day! Since it is a bit stronger I can't have one after lunch or I'll be up very late!
20/May/13 2:37 AM
Here Karen, here's one for you
20/May/13 2:38 AM
This was the first pot, I have made in this house, since before M. Have no clue, why I made it. My eyes, were not fully open when I did it. A man and his tractor had me getting out of bed before I wanted to this morning. My revenge, will be cranking up my radio, after 8 tonight. The new owner's go More...
20/May/13 2:39 AM
Thanks Shosho.
I do the cappuccino thing during the week. Oh, the mind boggles if I had my own machine. I would never sleep. I would post all day and night.

Hummm, there is an idea.
20/May/13 2:42 AM
Enough procrastining.

New goal. One room before 1 PM. That gives me am hour and 15 minutes.
20/May/13 2:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''If you give up, slap my paw!''
20/May/13 2:47 AM
I don't use the timer, but I think that was one of the fastest sudokus I have ever done.
20/May/13 2:49 AM
I'm having headless hicken for supper tonight, but mine is no longer crowing.
20/May/13 2:50 AM
I did Mr Cee's puzzle. What's in Inverell Mr Cee?
20/May/13 2:51 AM
One more for a CP!
20/May/13 2:52 AM
OK, my last goal, of finishing a room in an hour and fifteen minutes, was blown by an hour. But, about 20 minutes of that time, was on the phone with my step-father. Which requires me to sit down and yell at him. Only because, he cannot hear me. Then it was hard to get motivated again.
20/May/13 5:04 AM
The other two rooms, I plan on finishing today, really should not take as long as the first one did, they have been touched already. Just need to finish them.
20/May/13 5:06 AM
The hardest part now, is to get up. I made the mistake of taking my shoes off, and my feet said, 'Thank you.' They are unaccustomed of being incased in sneakers, on a hot day and a weekend.
20/May/13 5:09 AM
Kinda slow around here this afternoon.
20/May/13 6:37 AM
1:24. Good morning all.
20/May/13 6:43 AM
Slow! Humph.

Well, maybe it is now. I have crashed. My caffiene high is no more. Actually, it ran out about an hour ago, but that darn voice, in my head, kept saying, 'Just a little bit more.' Well, there is still just a little bit more, but not for me. Maybe, after a cold shower, nourishment, and a tiny rest, but not right now.
20/May/13 7:03 AM
Morning all, cute puppy with it toys.
Have had hubby up half the night with what I think was food poisoning and he was the one that made dinner last night.
Now I have a major cleaning job when he gets out of bed.
20/May/13 7:57 AM
Susan of Socal, have a great day.
20/May/13 7:58 AM
You should have stuck to your original goal and done one room today, Karen. We're proud of you, though, for attempting to achieve so much more.
20/May/13 8:00 AM
Every time I go outside to do something today, thunder and lightning starts up. So I go back inside and sit in front of the computer. I'm doing much less than Karen is.
20/May/13 8:04 AM
Thank you, Heidi. It is generally, me sitting here, listening to everyone else be busy.

I still have time, to make my goal. I have a refreshing cold shower, a little nourishment, and, well, a little longer that a wee rest. So, if I get up from here, my goal will be attainable. Again, all I have to do, is remove myself from this machine. A simple task, I am sure it is.
20/May/13 8:14 AM
HalT - the only states you need a passport to leavew from are Queensland and Tasmania.
20/May/13 8:15 AM
And I think the examples here will show you why this is necessary.
20/May/13 8:16 AM
The ruling only applies to males.
20/May/13 8:17 AM
Of a certain age range.
20/May/13 8:17 AM
Oops, should have said Good Morning as my first post.
20/May/13 8:18 AM
Day off around here, went to see Ironman III. Not bad if you like that kind of movie. The guys want to see the new Star Trek next.
20/May/13 8:32 AM
dinner is almost done.
20/May/13 8:36 AM
pot roast has been cooking all day
20/May/13 8:37 AM
I don't aften use the crock pot but today was good
20/May/13 8:37 AM
Had a small problem with the leak under the sink
20/May/13 8:38 AM
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