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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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this should make 5
20/May/13 8:38 AM

This is an oldie but appropriate.....

A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.

Well, there's a very simple answer.

Nobody bothered to check the oil level.

We just didn't know we were More...
20/May/13 9:09 AM

Keith, didn't see any sign of the Aurora Australis last night......mind you, I didn't stay up all night either!

Have heard no reports that there were any.
20/May/13 9:28 AM
No, Sue. 'This should make 3.' Page 3, that is.
Oh, wait. You were talking about a CP, not a page change, weren't you?
Well, at least you didn't whee on anyone.
20/May/13 9:49 AM

Geez that Hal's quick on the uptake.................legend!
20/May/13 9:55 AM
CP, I kinda suspected that was the case. (About the passports.) I just didn't want to name names.
20/May/13 10:14 AM
Two out of three rooms is not bad.
On my list, I have a room a day, for the days, I am not at the school for end of year activities. At the moment, it looks like I will have one free day.
20/May/13 11:22 AM
Man, did good and brought home better nourishment. I have sat longer than 30 minutes this time and I fear, I may not be able to get up. Will not be the first time, I woke up with a keyboard imprint on my face.
20/May/13 11:25 AM
Daughter and SIL are home from their 25th celebration in Key West. Our week as house-, dog-, and teen-sitter is over and we will be heading home tomorrow morning.
But for now, I need some sleep. So, good night all.
20/May/13 12:03 PM
Having a quiet day today. Freezing 'I don't want to get out of bed' morning. (at least by my standards) Today I will be digging in boxes not visited since last winter. My Ugg Boots are hidden somewhere & I NEED them.
20/May/13 12:33 PM
Only -3C here this morning, G-H. Positively warm after -5C yesterday. Quick, find your UGGies!
20/May/13 12:37 PM
Early to bed,
early to rise,
makes Hal ... well,
who knows what it makes him.

Peter, the article I saw told about significant solar activity and predicted the possibility of a display within the next two days. Maybe tonight.
20/May/13 12:45 PM
The weather we have had for the last few days would have precluded any possible sighting of the aurora, low cloud and drizzle. And, G-H, I can tell you where my Ugg boots are, on my feet which are toasty warm, real Ozzie Uggs they are!
20/May/13 12:52 PM
Everybody. I'm sorry to hear it's already so cold downunder. I might have to turn on my A/C tomorrow for the first time this year. We're not nearly as warm up north as they are in the south. I like to resist turning on the A/C (and paying the bill for it) until June if possible. But I can't see sweating in my own home when I'm not doing anything to cause the sweat!
20/May/13 1:11 PM
Sorry to hear that, Mads. I had high hopes for some good pictures from you, too.
20/May/13 1:12 PM
Nothing like pure wool fleece to keep the tootsies toasty! Still looking!
20/May/13 1:13 PM
I hope we see Sue return today as well as hear from Sarah Beth. Some tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas today. I didn't hear of any tornadoes in Arkansas, but Mardi may have had bad weather as well.
20/May/13 1:13 PM
It was ''hot'' here for a few days, then cooled back down again. Delightful weather here the past few days.
20/May/13 1:14 PM
I wonder if one of Kathy (FL)'s family members bought the winning Powerball ticket for last night's $590 Million drawing. The one winning ticket was sold about 30 miles from Tampa.

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, Kathy, for you and Rob and the rest of the family.
20/May/13 1:16 PM
On the up side, I HAVE found the fleecy sheets & extra blankets.
20/May/13 1:17 PM
20/May/13 1:27 PM

It's about 11ºC here, positively balmy......you mainlanders ought to harden up a bit!
20/May/13 1:28 PM
Had grandie over to swim. The little sneak loved to do the cannonball whenever I was close to the pool!
20/May/13 1:31 PM
20/May/13 1:33 PM
shosho - maybe you need to take your Wheee umbrella with you when your grandie is swimming! I always loved swimming. Our neighbors had a built in pool, that we actually helped them build back in 1960. When their daughter was born, they had her in the pool her first summer! They let us use the pool anytime we wanted. Which was really nice since no one had A/C back then!
20/May/13 1:42 PM
20/May/13 1:47 PM
The sky is becoming as black as charcoal but I just managed my bike ride while keeping an eye on the clouds. Thunderstorms expected.
20/May/13 2:02 PM
1:54 Good afternoon one and all!
20/May/13 2:04 PM
Good night people of the world.
20/May/13 2:30 PM
Dottie R, I am well and good. Last night, there was a lightening strike VERY CLOSE. I don't think it actually hit anything. Tonight, at sunset, the sky was a really weird color. TM called me out to look at the sky. He said 'What's that noise?' We went toward the roaring sound (no funnels in More...
20/May/13 3:52 PM
I have discovered that all this rain has consequences. The mozzies are out in full force. Must find the bug spray.
20/May/13 3:54 PM
Kathy, That is an amazing story - one I had not heard before. I wonder whether any astute medico has used the data from it to do research on human functions ?
20/May/13 4:11 PM
A field trip to Fruita could be doable. It is on the Western Slope, so it would be warm this time of year. It is close to Grand Junction, which has a good airport and several decent motel/hotels. Lots of other sightseeing.
20/May/13 4:18 PM
Found out today there was a shooting a couple streets from my house the other month. No one hurt, just gun shots into a car but I find it rather rattling. This is Australia- I've never really had more than a single thought about guns before- now I'm a little paranoid.
20/May/13 4:51 PM
Also, I can feel the cold here in my bones and my boss wants to introduce a uniform to an office work place. I just got out of high school- I do not desire another uniform.
20/May/13 4:51 PM

I accidentally swallowed some Scrabble tiles......My next crap could spell disaster!
20/May/13 5:02 PM
You're a real card Peter, always get a laugh
20/May/13 6:01 PM
Trust Peter to lower the tone of the page.
20/May/13 6:39 PM
I, too, have feet ensconced in sheepskin slippers.
20/May/13 6:40 PM

I is back. Managed to avoid the loons on the road.
20/May/13 6:43 PM
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