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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Jul/13 4:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! This little guy is fiercely protecting his home isn't he!
20/Jul/13 4:04 AM
Learn something new every day, DoA. I've never before been aware you could right click to put a possibility in.
20/Jul/13 4:05 AM
Just home from running around in our 42 degrees weather. Sadly, we also have a tornado watch in effect. Hopefully it's a false alarm.
20/Jul/13 4:06 AM
Me Cee was right. I messed up on his score as he did have two more correct. C'est la vie and my bad! Cee gets 5.5 for my puzzle.
20/Jul/13 4:08 AM
I've just uploaded some pics from the Michigan meet up. I remembered someone (Amelia, I think?) saying that if you take photos posted on FB they will automatically be the right size for Sudoku. So I tried that & it worked! My thanks again to all who made that special day possible. More...
20/Jul/13 4:11 AM
It sounds like a wonderful get-together, Kathy! I so enjoyed meeting most of them back in 2009!
20/Jul/13 4:13 AM
At little boy's appointment today, it was pointed out that he is 4 years, 4 months and 4 days old. I guess you can't get any more 4 than that.
20/Jul/13 4:37 AM
Was he 4 feet tall, too?

That would be totally cool. Oh, and to weigh 44 pounds. But then, that would make him a big boy. M was 33 pounds, so guessing yours is around there, too.
20/Jul/13 4:52 AM
He's 42'' and 42 lbs.
20/Jul/13 4:58 AM
Oh, wow.
I am such a bad momma, I did not even look or ask how tall my darlings were. I was just so excited, they past their hearing test. Though, I think more extensive test should be ran, because, they really cannot hear me, especially the first time.
20/Jul/13 6:04 AM
Morning all, thought it was a Goanna at first.
Kathy/V, it was me that told you about the sizing from FB. lol
20/Jul/13 7:14 AM
Hawaii pictures are up. Enjoy.
20/Jul/13 7:32 AM
A slow one this morning - 2:23. Good morning everyone.
20/Jul/13 7:47 AM
Amelia, glad I gave credit to the right person!

When I went to my page to add the Mich. pics to my Gallery, I realized I still had the 2010 photo of our seven grandies as my Flickr pic. I have now changed it to the current 2013 pic of our EIGHT grandies!

Hal, I More...
20/Jul/13 7:59 AM
So, HalT, were you away?

Nice pics.
20/Jul/13 10:33 AM
Funny Karen. (Yes, there is no comma in that statement. On purpose.)

Thank you.
20/Jul/13 10:43 AM
Kathy, I have Photo Impression 6. It has a 'resize' feature.
20/Jul/13 10:49 AM
Picasa also works well to shrink photos, Kathy.
20/Jul/13 11:13 AM
Thanks for the resizing suggestions, everyone.

Jane, I like your new avatar!

Rob & I just watched a Netflix movie rental about the Manchester United 'football' team. I did not know anything about the plane crash back in 1958. Very sad. I noticed that one of the actors also recently played a part in Downton Abbey. The movie is called 'United' if anyone is interested.
20/Jul/13 1:11 PM
And now I am feeling very tired, so I will say Hope everybody has a good weekend.
20/Jul/13 1:12 PM
Have had a great day, always fun to go new places, or at least a different route to a place already visited.
20/Jul/13 1:22 PM
Time for bed, have to be up early. We have to be at the train station by 7:30, a 30 minute drive from my nieces.
20/Jul/13 1:26 PM
I enjoyed HalT and Kathy's photos. I bought my first local peaches of the season today. I can't wait until they're ripe enough to eat in a few days! Yummy! I think they're my favorite fruit of all.
20/Jul/13 1:34 PM
Jane - Although I wish I could join you and Kathy on your trip to Oz, I'll just have to settle for reading your blog and the anticipation it brings.
20/Jul/13 1:42 PM
Jane, wish you would you would have given a shout out when you were in Oklahoma. Friends are always welcome.
20/Jul/13 1:42 PM
Good night people of the world.
20/Jul/13 2:43 PM
20/Jul/13 5:20 PM
Weird weather here today.
20/Jul/13 5:21 PM
Started out a little grey, the was sunny and mild.
20/Jul/13 5:23 PM
Our neighbour washed his car, so as we were going out, I chided him that he was inviting more rain (we have had 2 days of it).
20/Jul/13 5:26 PM
And I. Was right. As we were at the library about 30 minutes later, there was suddenly strong wind, moderate rain, and the temperature dropped several degrees. There is snow forecast for tomorrow!
20/Jul/13 5:30 PM
Yes CP, I can feel it in the air. Doubt if we will get any here though. The last time we had snow in SH was some years back, and they do say that there is ''global warming'' don't they !
20/Jul/13 5:37 PM
1. Then -> Hen
2. Tape -> Ape
3. Want -> Ant
4. Brat -> Rat
5. Mice -> Ice
6. Share -> Hare
7. Blouse -> Louse
8. Eaglet -> Aglet

Lizzie G Well first in and reckons the first clue is Garbage.You may well be right there but you still More...
20/Jul/13 8:11 PM

No theme tonight just random
Answers to my ''Saturday night'' inbox please.

1. Shut -> Misplace; fail
2. Open -> Glass container
3. Unusual; lightly cooked -> They exist
4. Prevent from spoiling -> More...
20/Jul/13 8:53 PM
23/Jul/13 5:00 AM
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