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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Feb/13 2:21 AM
21/Feb/13 2:22 AM
Don't blame me this time. It was HalT's fault.
21/Feb/13 2:23 AM
Sorry, I am trying to make myself presentable for the public, and it is not working and taking forever.
21/Feb/13 2:27 AM

Gorgeous photo! Anyone know where it is?

Serena, love the TOPP smilie!
21/Feb/13 2:27 AM
Serena, did you notice, it took both of use to walk away, for him to get on top.

21/Feb/13 2:28 AM
We may have made it a little too easy for him.
21/Feb/13 2:33 AM
There will be a few groans at the answer to yesterday's poozle, which was:

'Mr____, you're sacked.'
'Miss _____, contract terminated.'
'Mr_____, it's the can for you.'

Answer: firing blanks

Speaking of cans, Captain J, Greg, and Serena will be able to keep their More...
21/Feb/13 2:37 AM
No time to play today, I have to go to Kansas for an appointment today.
21/Feb/13 2:49 AM
It's not too cold but the white stuff is coming down. Hope the weather predictors are half way correct and we won't get too much.
21/Feb/13 2:50 AM
What's wrong with me, I am not wanting snow. I just don't like to drive on icy roads. Thank goodness it is not sticking, yet
21/Feb/13 2:54 AM
21/Feb/13 2:55 AM
Snow today, with a temp of 65 degrees on Saturday, that is what the weather predictors said last night. No wonder I have been sick lately.
21/Feb/13 2:55 AM
Sarah Beth, are you getting snow yet???
21/Feb/13 2:56 AM
Only 24F here, and the snow is starting to fall. The weather guessers are predicting 6-9''. It wasn't supposed to start snowing until this evening, so they may get it this time. I need to go fill the bird feeder and get a heater in the garage for the kitties.
21/Feb/13 2:57 AM
Got to go get dressed so we can go. Have to find boots for today, makes walking in this stuff not as messy.
21/Feb/13 2:57 AM
Sue, I was typing as you asked.
21/Feb/13 2:58 AM
Time to change avatars.
21/Feb/13 2:58 AM
Thank you, thank you, Keith If anyone got my number, I'm glad it was a dear friend!
21/Feb/13 3:02 AM
Vici on getting your number.
Keith, giggle, sorry you didn't your number. Someday your day will come
21/Feb/13 3:04 AM
Doing my laundry, last load in the dryer! THEN, I will be all set for the week, clothing wise!
21/Feb/13 3:05 AM
At times when I read about your snowy condition, I get to wishing to see the snow. Then a cold shiver runs down my back, and I think NAH!
21/Feb/13 3:07 AM
A CP and I'm outa here!
21/Feb/13 3:07 AM
Here we go!

The following group of words, when properly modified, will each fit one of the definitions below. Can you figure out how to properly modify them and then fit each word with the proper definition? They will all be modified in the same RELATIVE way.

Pickle, Knight, Choir, More...
21/Feb/13 3:11 AM
Bird feeder filled. Check. Heater into garage. Check. Open windows in garage covered. Check. Step on nail...ouch! Doors blocek or almost closed. Check CPR class tonight cancelled. Getting ready for Mother Nature.
21/Feb/13 3:38 AM
Now off to figure out Kathy's poozle. This one looks promising. Yesterdays...booo!
21/Feb/13 3:39 AM
Lovely snow this morning, now it's bright and sunny. Just back from the vet's with Arthur, for what amounted to something akin to 'kitty flu.' Probiotics, fluids, and I do believe I need a shot of something myself! I'm voting for wine with dinner ...
21/Feb/13 5:20 AM
1:49. everyone.
21/Feb/13 6:06 AM
everybody. Cathy, I'll bet Arthur misses Holmes. I believe that when hearts & minds are feeling 'down', the body often suffers, too. I definitely agree a nice glass of wine will help to soothe your spirits. Cheers!
21/Feb/13 6:07 AM
Kathy/M I actually have a roll of that toilet paper. Suzy gave it to me last time she was here. She has also given me a puzzle mug with sudoku on it.
21/Feb/13 6:39 AM
21/Feb/13 6:43 AM
May not be here for the next few days...the weather people are predicting and ice storm for my area late tonight/tomorrow. Here;s hoping we don't lose electricity, but if we do the apartment complex where I live is like 3rd or 4th on the restore list, after the hospital and nursing home. That's what you get for being a senior/disabled in this town.
21/Feb/13 7:16 AM
Good Afternoon All...Have a great day. Now my computer is trying to act up so I am glad I at least had a chance
21/Feb/13 7:55 AM
Starting to snow now...
Should help the skiing on Friday!
21/Feb/13 8:00 AM

It looks like the weather is not good anywhere. Our Weather guessers have admitted that they are having to wait & see if the storm that drenched us is going to go out to sea, or turn around & hit us again. I know it is coming back, I have just hung out the wash.
21/Feb/13 8:15 AM
Let's hear it for weather!
21/Feb/13 8:20 AM
I like the term weather guessers...
How they lie...
21/Feb/13 8:21 AM
And get paid for it!
21/Feb/13 8:21 AM
What a life!
21/Feb/13 8:21 AM
21/Feb/13 8:22 AM
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