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Easy Sudoku for 21/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Jun/15 4:55 AM
No, it's all yours. I once made a big mistake and got a bail of hay to mix into my compost pit trying for the right balance between green and brown. It was full of seeds that later sprouted in all my flower beds. The normal amount of weeds is bad enough, this was awful.
21/Jun/15 5:03 AM
Greg, the other problem with weeds is that if you give them an inch... they take a yard!
21/Jun/15 5:16 AM
Silvergal, that is soooooooo sad! but sooooooo funny
21/Jun/15 5:37 AM
Morning all, cute hat for a cute dog.
21/Jun/15 5:49 AM
I have a wonderful idea, pull out all the plants then cover with hay that has seeds and we end up with a natural cottage garden. 😉😃
21/Jun/15 5:57 AM
Keith, your bail was set as hay??? What were you charged with? Making crop circles?
21/Jun/15 6:29 AM
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
21/Jun/15 6:31 AM
Amelia, folks joke about pulling up the grass, slappin' concrete down and painting it green. I saw that done once... I think it contributed to the neighborhood's downturn!
21/Jun/15 8:36 AM
I've had a pretty productive day. Started off with a 4.2 mile run with about 5 minutes of walking (it was already starting to swelter) - but hey, I didn't quit.
21/Jun/15 8:37 AM
Washed GrettaJetta noon-ish. She's gone through cookie season, spring rains, and several trips to the mountains, including our troop's Tennessee trip. Definitely dirty. Thank goodness for shady spots on the driveway.
21/Jun/15 8:40 AM
And just now, since I washed and vacuumed Gretta (forgot to mention that), I wanted to drive her somewhere. I'm finally starting to get towels and accessories for the bathroom - remember our tiling & wallpaper project? Yeah, about a year after wallpapering, I'm finally finishing up.
21/Jun/15 8:42 AM
So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased towels, washcloths, started on accessories. I'll get the other accessories, the rugs, and another set of towels in the upcoming week or two.
21/Jun/15 9:19 AM
Hi Gizmo.. good to see you here.. wonder when your mummy posted this.. miss you both. RIP
21/Jun/15 11:53 AM
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