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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
21/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Joyce, we are headed to 96F today. I thought summer should be over by now.
21/Sep/16 12:11 AM
1:43 Good night one and all!
21/Sep/16 12:12 AM
Hello folks - have a grand day!
21/Sep/16 12:15 AM
A ghost post from me. I am on my laptop that I always use.
21/Sep/16 12:16 AM
The temperature post from above will be the same today, I wish fall would come.
21/Sep/16 12:18 AM
a beautiful day here in OK.
21/Sep/16 12:18 AM
No appointments today, one of the rare days for us.
21/Sep/16 12:19 AM

21/Sep/16 12:20 AM
everyone! 'Nite, Anne!
21/Sep/16 12:39 AM
We may get warmer as you get cooler Sue
21/Sep/16 12:41 AM
Poozle Time!

Think of a single word that goes with each to form a compound word (or word pair that functions as a compound word). For example: volley, field, and bearing = ball

#1. back
#2. blue
#3. stool
21/Sep/16 12:45 AM
I have no idea why the words are out of alignment. They were in columns when I typed them. Weird.
21/Sep/16 12:47 AM
Yay, 1:57!
21/Sep/16 1:37 AM
21/Sep/16 1:47 AM
Sunny today! Love early Autumn weather!
Renovations completed. 50th High School Reunion attended. I can set back and relax! Ahhhhhh!
(Hmmmm.... That's three 'R's'!!! R and R - and R!)
21/Sep/16 2:31 AM
Beautiful weather here too. Off to my first Zumba toning class later today ... if you don't see me here tomorrow, you'll know it killed me.
21/Sep/16 2:47 AM
Good morning.
21/Sep/16 3:28 AM
Mr P and I are up partying again.
21/Sep/16 3:30 AM
Think we'll go back to bed shortly.
21/Sep/16 3:31 AM
We have men coming at 0700 to install solar panels on the roof - unless it's raining. So far, so good.
21/Sep/16 3:34 AM
21/Sep/16 3:34 AM
Colourful costume on that Balinese dancer. Lovely!
21/Sep/16 4:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! Dance till you drop!
21/Sep/16 4:50 AM
Summer weather in late September! Loving it!
21/Sep/16 4:57 AM
Morning all,lovely costumes on these dancers.
Victoria is on flood watch again.
21/Sep/16 6:17 AM
Riding my bike up and down my street- boy can I tell there is a slight grade along my street! So I feel I am going up a grade when I ride down the street ??!!
21/Sep/16 7:55 AM
1:31 on a wet morning in Canberra. Hi everyone.
21/Sep/16 8:11 AM
hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.

Weather here is beautiful one day, pouring rain the next!!! Today looks like a raining day but that wont put me off my walking.....my son keeps reminding me about an item called an umbrella!!!
21/Sep/16 8:27 AM
21/Sep/16 12:18 PM
Good night all.
21/Sep/16 12:48 PM
Kitchen is clean, all pans washed by hand, dishwasher is cleaning the rest.
21/Sep/16 2:07 PM
21/Sep/16 2:08 PM
21/Sep/16 10:27 PM
... and Good Morning all!
21/Sep/16 11:44 PM
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