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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2009


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Submitted by: Gath

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22/Jan/09 9:23 AM
And here we are! It seems ten degrees colder over here! Brrrrr.
22/Jan/09 9:24 AM
I have spent the day getting snuggles and cuddles. My arms are so sore. The girl is still sick. Daddy came home and has taken her outside to get some fresh air. It is windy but warm enough.
22/Jan/09 9:40 AM
My instructions of stay out of the wind fell on deaf ears. They took off on the 4-wheeler. Darn Man never listens.
22/Jan/09 9:44 AM
We've got this fellow's identical twin called Harry. He's taught us cat language and uses quite different ploys with different family members to achieve his own ends. Speaking of Dirty Harry which I wasn't, we're going to see Gran Torino tonight, it's first day of release in Australia. Seems very popular in the USA.
22/Jan/09 10:50 AM
2.20 Could have been my Nibbles too, except she has black on the end of her nose too.

Hey Karen, what is wrong with girlie? Is it time to take her to the doc?
22/Jan/09 10:58 AM
Gail let's see if I can put this where people will not gag--like I have been doing.

It started out as all contents in her tummy returned the way it when it, then reversed itself by liquid form. Now, I am keeping myself warm by cuddling and snuggling. Going outside seemed to really perk her up. Nothing like bright sunshine to heal what ails you.
22/Jan/09 11:30 AM
2:34 to you all from Beijing
22/Jan/09 11:33 AM
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!
22/Jan/09 12:49 PM
3:04 Thank God it's the Afternoon - Now nothing else can go wrong with my morning!
22/Jan/09 1:13 PM
Doug - I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous!
22/Jan/09 1:25 PM
Now that's original.

A blurry, unnamed cat with a nondescript background.
22/Jan/09 1:30 PM
I suppose I will get no support for feeling 'cold' here in south Florida.

Today was the 'coldest' day in my six years here- it only reached 57F. And tonite we may even have (gasp) frost.

It is indeed so cold I have on shoes and shirt. Thank goodness it won't last past Friday
22/Jan/09 1:33 PM
Jim I will give you sympathy since I can relate to you freezing at the moment. I too live in a hot state that is having twilight zone temperatures.
Layers of clothing help.
22/Jan/09 2:23 PM
Expect to see Dorothy soon as Hobart has been hit by 130k winds. Electricity out in many suburbs and many trees down and roads closed. Many bushfires being spread by high winds. Most road closures are because of smoke. Wind forcast to ease soon to be followed by storm. Looking forward to the drive home.
22/Jan/09 2:51 PM
I may not be ambidextrous but I loath people who are bigoted.
22/Jan/09 2:54 PM
to all
22/Jan/09 3:12 PM
saylz - take care!
22/Jan/09 3:19 PM
And here's one for Greg
A woman has twins and decides to give them up for adoption.One goes to a family in Egypt who call him Amhal. The other goes to Spain and is named Juan.
Years later having discovered his birth mother, Juan sends a picture of himself to her. When she receives the More...
22/Jan/09 3:31 PM
Ouch, Saylz! Do take care that you are not blown away! Besides to reach Oz (the one in L. Frank Baum's book) you need to be IN your home.
22/Jan/09 3:35 PM
Doug, I've had that saying on the wall of my office for years! Most befitting for me!
22/Jan/09 3:37 PM
Since I'm already in Oz, does that mean it will be a while before I get home. Heel Toto!!!
22/Jan/09 3:45 PM
Windy here too Sayles, with a high bushfire alert. Neighbour rang from her work saying a customer said there was a fire on a road not far from where we live, but I have looked it up and it was small and controlled.
I love living here but this summer bushfire thing's got knobs on it! Already have the emergency bags and photos etc packed by the door.
22/Jan/09 3:51 PM
Girls temp is finally coming down. It made it to 102, the doctor said not to worry unless it reached 104. Well, that did not work. The temp now is around 99.9 and my worry level has eased a smidgen.
Have you noticed how some say do not worry but do not give advice on how not to do that. What should I ignore the issue until the girl starts convulsing or something?
22/Jan/09 4:36 PM
Good night worldly people--hope you all have a safe and uneventful (unless it is a good event) day or night.
22/Jan/09 4:48 PM
It's windy here too - but there is rain on the way, at last.
22/Jan/09 5:12 PM
It has been raining here most of the night and it still is. Sleeping in a campervan is a great way to know what the weather is doing without getting out of bed. The noise was quite deafening at times.
I am occupying myself, today, by updating my blogspot sites with things like slide shows. See, you can teach an old grannie new tricks....it just takes longer.
22/Jan/09 7:42 PM
I hope this lack of posting doesn't mean that our Australian members are suffering in the bad weather and fires.
22/Jan/09 9:03 PM
Linda/Pioneer, thanks for the mention of your photos, I spent lengthy amounts of time admiring your whole gallery, how wonderful, your 7 continents and seeing our Aussie and other friends!
Really enjoyed them
It reminded me not to give up my traveling desires and hopes..
22/Jan/09 9:19 PM
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