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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I'll hop to p. 4 before I hop back into bed!
22/Jan/11 5:59 PM
I love vegemite with chopped up walnuts on bread and butter. Mustn't forget to use butter though. Yum!
22/Jan/11 6:18 PM
BYO Axe GH Hehe!
22/Jan/11 6:45 PM
Thanks Anne I will try that one.
22/Jan/11 7:31 PM
"Employer axes staff"
- yet the article reveals the employer was not even interviewed by the police.
One law for one, and another for the rest.
22/Jan/11 8:02 PM
Oh, Rayray, you've woken up with a sense of humour this morning.
22/Jan/11 8:03 PM

Thanks everyone who sent me supportive messages for my Mum.
She has finally realised that she will have to go to a nursing home. Not easy after 94 years of independence.
Now the hard part for me is to find one. Not expecting that to be an easy rask.

Once again, thanks everyone.
22/Jan/11 8:09 PM

Let's try TASK.
22/Jan/11 8:11 PM
Peter, there a few here that are looking for similar options but it really seems to change from state to state. Up here in the 'sunny one day, soggy the next' they have independent living with your partner in your own unit with full medical support up to alzheimers if needed. I have not checked it out yet....
22/Jan/11 9:11 PM

Do you mean people on this site, Broni. I never would have guessed.

22/Jan/11 9:33 PM
You are one sick puppy my friend!!!!
22/Jan/11 9:34 PM
But I like ya!
22/Jan/11 9:36 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – Water falls in Vanuatu.

Karen – Starts the day with a double post before anyone else can get started. The girl is quick.

Shiela/Vibrant Vici/Shosho – Today’s EEGs. Chat about cats.
22/Jan/11 9:42 PM

Today in summary......... continued

Grass-hopper. Apparently has no taste buds or taste either.

Saylz – Mrs S may need a shoulder reconstruction. (She’s a basket baller, you know). I didn’t think they were particularly successful, maybe More...
22/Jan/11 9:43 PM
Oi! Phantom! it is only a plane ride!
22/Jan/11 9:46 PM
Maybe scared of axe,s Broni.
22/Jan/11 9:52 PM
From us mere women Grass-Hopper?????
He/She should be afraid!
22/Jan/11 10:16 PM
94 years, I doffs me cap to you, Peter's Mum

I have never had to face the nursing home route, my elders have had the luck to live home till their time had come, surrounded by family ♥

Hope it is an easy search Peter.
22/Jan/11 10:20 PM
Sweet dreams for me, me hopes.
22/Jan/11 11:20 PM
Peter I hope all works out for you with your mother. Try for some respite or rehabilitation accommodation for your mum and that may give you a chance to check out your options. We had to go this road for my mother-in-law 2 years ago and it is quite an exercise in patience. Also the Dept of More...
22/Jan/11 11:26 PM
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