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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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The timer is on the left side of the screen in a little pink box.
My name is Cindy and I am a sudokuoholic. What started only a few months ago as a pleasant pass time has become a compulsion of more puzzles, harder puzzles, faster times. I must quit this. I must get my life back. I must balance my check book.
Gath is a pusher with a highly addictive product.
Go Gath!
yah! go Canucks!
2:25, so close to Zann!
3:43 the rain is obviously making me sluggish... great sight Gath...thanks...i got my mom hooked on sudoku and she doesn't appreciate how addicted she has become...to make matters worse i told her about this site...my dad will never see her again
Cindy, Welcome to Sudoku anonomus. I hope no-one adds a word begining with D, my husband thinks this is sad as it is. Don't worry about your cheque book, I have a pile of ironing that is so big, if it were to avalanch it could be a danger to children and small animals.
howdy hi all i miss the dogs
I must add my congratulations and appreciation to Gath for his nuptials and this site respectively. This site is really the best! Design is superior and the 'fellowship' is fantastic. Yay Sudoku for bringing us all together!
garth - will we get the dodeka version online some day?? Soooo tired this evening, will have to stop there and do the others on paper later - see you tomorrow - thinking of all you guys in the path of Wilma, hope there's not too much damage this weekend.
he's called Gath, dammit!!! okay, I am tired...
Hi Cindy nice to meet another sudokuoholic. I became a sudokuholic just two days ago believe it or not now i'm hopelessly hooked. The wedding still on? Keep the jokes comming guys
03:21.. nice picture would like to know where it is if anyone has an idea?
Gath, as you can see we like this site. The number of comments is increasing steadily. Thus we hope that you can retain the site if not here elsewhere. Good luck! 5:34. Not bad for me.
This was my first time on the site ..it took me a slow 5:40, but I enjoy the comments and the puzzle, I look forward in doing tomorrows puzzle.
make that site not sight
beautiful picture...i must say that one took me a little longer than usual...oh well!!!!
Gath: Thanks for hours of fun, and something else to do when my husband is watching football.
Congrats on the wedding. Your sight is much better than others I've visited. You are probably the most frequently used 'favorite' on my favorites list. Keep up the good work.
Guys guess what i just did the hard sudoku and did it in 7 min whoopie for me. I am smoking
How do you guys get done so fast! I can't break 5 minutes! Any help would be appreciated! Go White Sox!
Trevene, Congrats!! Are you going to try the tough?
Gath, I wish you would have talked to me before taking the plung! As my father would say, and I have since learned, the 'gooved nailing' you get aint worth the 'grooved nailing' you get! I guess I sound bitter, huh!
My mom got me hooked... I am addicted. I have this site blocked from my home computer so that I don't play for hours instead of doing homework-- gotta love college life. Luckily, work is open!
Hi Cindy, I have to take a break from Sudoku because this morning my youngest daughter had to remind to take my older to school. We were already 10 min later than usual and I had no idea what the time was. Ooooopps.
Nicky i am going to try the tough wish me luck
3.24 I am totally knackered. Just back from a ride out into the very windy countryside. Horse spooked at just about everything the silly muggin.
For Mon (my bridesmaid)
God is chatting to the Archangel Gabriel.
'Y' know i just created a 24-hour period of alternating light and darkness.'
'Wow' replies Gabriel. 'What are you going to do now?'
'I think'll call it a day,' replies God.
Gath, I, like all the others are hooked! First thing every morning, make a cuppa tea and wake you up - thanks
Hey, what's big red and eats rocks?
Go go go Trevene! Hope that's enough toadying to get me a wedding invite - d'you need another bridesmaid?

Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says 'I've lost my electron'. The other says 'Are you sure?' The first replies, 'Yes, I'm positive'. :)
Good luck Rosa in Devon's daughter - after she's done the triathlon, get her flowergirl outfit ready - must match an orange bikini
A big red rock eater!
OK OK I know it's dated, but what the hey...
Halloween is upon us. My daughter just brought this one-liner home from school - thought is was cute: What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman? Frostbite...

Gath, let me add my congrats to a great web site to the list
gath, thank you for the site. my husband isn't as thrilled now that i am an addict. happy honeymoon!!
7:35.... i'm getting worse! must be tired or something. yeah, that's it!
5:36 on my second attempt. :(
Hopelessly addicted, thanks to Gath!!!! (Too many exclamation marks? JK) Now to do the puzzles, comments first and only took about 7 mins to read through. Wish I could do the puzzles that quickly, but LOVE it!
4:21 without using the possibilities feature or the check moves feature, just site and drop.
Pretty sure that we've seen this photo before. Site seems slow today but we love it Gath!
7:20 on hard sudoku WOW Nicky girl i am in heaven andree wow is all i can say
Hi all got 3:24 here. Mon thanks for the book recom. I'll put in my order for the Lovely Bones. Yup I post later than you but I always go back and read the archived comments, lol. Have a great weekend all, my daughter's marching band goes to the semi's for the state on Sat.
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