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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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or ??? Who knows?
(It's supposed to be cloudy/rainy, but the sun just peeked through.)
We'll take whatever!
22/Oct/13 12:02 AM
Do we know this pretty lady?
22/Oct/13 12:03 AM
22/Oct/13 12:04 AM

A cat is at the bottom of a 20 foot well. (Don't worry, he's got lots of food, water, catnip and cat toys down there.)

Each day, he climbs up 5 feet. And each night, he slides down 4 feet. How many days will it take him to reach the top of the well?

Answers to my ‘’Shiela’s Promised Cat Problem’’ inbox please.
22/Oct/13 12:05 AM
Got my new car on Saturday. Drives like a dream!
(Already has almost 300 miles on it!)
22/Oct/13 12:06 AM
Yesterday was the last day of football. You can't begin to imagine how happy I am about that.
22/Oct/13 12:09 AM
Congrats on the car Shiela.
22/Oct/13 12:09 AM
...but what sport comes next, Serena?
22/Oct/13 12:13 AM
Cat problem... that means I have to do it?!?!
22/Oct/13 12:14 AM
Cat's problem seems similar to when I was caught in a riptide!
I bet the answer isn't 'climb sideways'!
22/Oct/13 12:16 AM
Good morning to all!
22/Oct/13 12:24 AM
So far Elijah has been a one sport kind of kid and the other 2 aren't old enough yet. He was talking about baseball, then changed his mind.
22/Oct/13 12:25 AM
‘Time for Break’ answers:

1. parka and park
2. Saxony and Saxon
3. fairy and fair
4. options and option
5. burka and Burk
6. Bush and bus
7. shots and shot
8. draft and raft
9. toke and Tok
10. Steph and step (http://www.stephmacpherson.com/)

Mr Cee, More...
22/Oct/13 12:26 AM
I want to thank everyone who took time and made the effort to solve my puzzles. I do need to take a break as they are sometimes very time-consuming to create. I'll post one now and again in the future, but I'm looking forward to discover what Mr Cee has up his sleeve for us next weekend.
22/Oct/13 12:29 AM
Ahhhhhh! I can see why you are celebrating, Serena!
(Our younger son played baseball, track, cross country and he played soccer all the way through college... He was too small for football, but an excellent college soccer player. Our older son's chosen exercise was climbing the stairs to his room!)
22/Oct/13 12:32 AM
I'm back from my visit with MizTricia. We had a great time camping at a state park in Alabama, and visited a wildlife rehab center. Tricia is a wonderful lady!
22/Oct/13 1:42 AM
Sounds like great fun, Heidi! Glad you two could spend time together.
Cute gal in the picture.
22/Oct/13 2:06 AM

How nice that you and MizT got together, Heidi!

Your puzzles have been a lot of fun, Greg! Thanks again for all your hard work.

I had to laugh when More...
22/Oct/13 2:21 AM
Well, look where we are.
22/Oct/13 3:06 AM
Will Rainvowhead strike again?
22/Oct/13 3:07 AM
We'll see.
22/Oct/13 3:07 AM
22/Oct/13 3:07 AM
I LOVE that ''22'' smilie, Keith!! That's great!
22/Oct/13 3:43 AM

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

Just to let you know, Amelia is interstate (Victoria) attending a funeral, hence her non appearance here of late, she made no mention of the fires near her home so hopefully all is well on that front.
22/Oct/13 4:29 AM
You know, it might be a good idea for our Aussie friends to check in here to put minds at ease. Those of us on FB have been getting updates, but I know there are Sudokuland people who would like to know how things are going with those terrible fires.
I'll go post a note on our FB page......
22/Oct/13 4:54 AM
22/Oct/13 4:56 AM
Thank you, CG, for all your efforts putting together your beheaders and curtailers! I always try them but sometimes don't finish and forget to and end up kicking myself for forgetting to submit! But I've always enjoyed them! Excellent work!!!
22/Oct/13 5:02 AM
Today had to take my grandie to school. We made it with five minutes to spare! We were just outside the school when the 8:10 bell rang. I remember that was the bell I went out to collect my students! Then the kids had a couple of minutes to settle down before the 8:15 bell rang to announce More...
22/Oct/13 5:06 AM
Today I was grateful for the few minutes for grandie to reach his classroom in time!
22/Oct/13 5:07 AM
Grandie is taking ice skating lessons so that he can play ice hockey. Of all the sports he could have involved himself in, he had to pick a sport that around here means to play it you'd have to find an ice arena (an artificial environment)! We barely get into the 50's let alone 30's! I think towards the end of winter we manage to eek into the upper 40's but that's in the wee hours of the day!
22/Oct/13 5:10 AM
I'm going to have to give up my computer time. I have a cat problem. My Blackie is insisting on hugging time and won't accept a quick hug. He wants to be hugged and rubbed and cooed over! And he won't let me do anything else except pay attention to him! My Lovey Dovey boy!
22/Oct/13 5:13 AM
Thx for noticing MY parking space, Kathy.
22/Oct/13 5:13 AM
22/Oct/13 5:31 AM
Interesting article from CNN:

Anatomy of a bush fire: How Australia's explosive forest fires work
By Peter Shadbolt, CNN
22/Oct/13 6:06 AM
22/Oct/13 6:12 AM
Hope to find time to read the weekend comments. This will be the last weekend gone from home for a while, I need the rest.
22/Oct/13 6:14 AM
Since I haven't been here for awhile
22/Oct/13 6:16 AM
I will have to try
22/Oct/13 6:16 AM
To ................
22/Oct/13 6:16 AM
Be the bottom
22/Oct/13 6:16 AM
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