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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
22/Oct/15 12:00 AM
After too many days of taking care of a sick child, which I really believe was three different issues and one day of two sick children and 1 day of hubby at home, I think we are back to normal now.
22/Oct/15 12:02 AM
In the last two days I have received some great news, so now I am waiting to hear from the lottery people saying I won. May have to go purchase a ticket first.
22/Oct/15 12:03 AM
First the sale of my mother's house went through. My siblings and I are a dollar richer and my mother's husband could not stop the transactions. :)
22/Oct/15 12:05 AM
Second, the morning bus driver informed me this morning that we no longer have to be at the bus stop at 6:31 AM, we can sleep in a few more minutes and then meet her at 6:59 in the morning.

Think maybe someone heard me complaining about have these babies out on the road at such an odd hour. At least there is a tinge of day light showing at 6:59 AM.
22/Oct/15 12:08 AM
Good morning, Karen - and all who follow!
22/Oct/15 12:53 AM
Halloween prep?
22/Oct/15 12:53 AM
6:54 AM here right now, Karen, and also just starting to get light.
22/Oct/15 12:55 AM
22/Oct/15 1:01 AM
Amusement park would be my guess.
22/Oct/15 1:02 AM
Good morning to all! Well look at that.... Elton John!
22/Oct/15 1:13 AM
Unfortunately, the Toronto Blue Jays are on the brink of elimination, down three games to one in a best of seven series. A comeback now would be a miracle.
22/Oct/15 1:15 AM
I'll keep hoping for that miracle, Greg.

22/Oct/15 1:26 AM
I've seen big glasses before but not with the nose.
22/Oct/15 1:41 AM
The answer to yesterday's pozle: A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

Winners lonewoof, CP, Darwen Jim(has a blind donkey), Heidi (close enough!), Peter, Wombat, Mads, and Judy (who cheated, but, I don't judge) will look very snazzy in their Elegant Equine Crowns
22/Oct/15 1:41 AM
poozle! I meant poozle!
22/Oct/15 1:42 AM
Baby girl met the baby in the mirror yesterday. She was a little hesitant at first but eventually smiled at her.
22/Oct/15 1:42 AM
I cheated too but didn't submit. I have never heard of that expression before. I searched on blind horse expressions.
22/Oct/15 1:44 AM
And for today.....

What are the next five letters in this sequence:


Answers to my ''What gobbledygook!'' inbox, please.
22/Oct/15 1:48 AM
Keith, did you run off again knowing that Karen was around? Some people never learn.
22/Oct/15 1:48 AM
Should I be nice and wait or should I just take it myself?
22/Oct/15 1:50 AM
Silly question.
22/Oct/15 1:51 AM
I had heard the expression....but, then, my grandmother had an expression for everything. And, I mean for ANY occasion. My all time favorite, when I complained about something that happened to me, she would say, ''Well, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye''.
And, another take on the More...
22/Oct/15 1:55 AM
I almost stepped on Serena!
22/Oct/15 1:56 AM
Sometimes my timing is good. ... Sometimes, it's a little off.
22/Oct/15 3:04 AM
good morning.
22/Oct/15 3:17 AM

Karen does speed things a long Keith and you are not to know if she is here or not
22/Oct/15 3:18 AM
I'd heard the expression as ''a nod is good as a wink to a blind man.''
22/Oct/15 3:19 AM
It's so cute when babies meet themselves in the mirror.
22/Oct/15 3:21 AM

Im guessing sleep is evading CP again.....way too early to be online this time of night otherwise.
22/Oct/15 3:21 AM
Mr P and I are having a 0300 tea party again.
22/Oct/15 3:21 AM
Yep, Lizzy. Pretty much slept until now, then was wide awake.
22/Oct/15 3:23 AM
Need to reset my clock.
22/Oct/15 3:24 AM
It can't still be night duty memory.
22/Oct/15 3:24 AM
I'm off to finish my tea and then see if I can settle again, 'Night.
22/Oct/15 3:25 AM

maybe decaf tea or coffee would help???
22/Oct/15 3:29 AM
22/Oct/15 3:33 AM
Well, might as well get going on turning the page . . .
22/Oct/15 3:34 AM
Better hurry before anyone else arrives . . .
22/Oct/15 3:34 AM
22/Oct/15 3:34 AM
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