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Easy Sudoku for 22/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen everyone.
22/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
22/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
22/Nov/10 12:00 AM
1:34, a nice easy one before I toddle off to bed. I thought I recognised the photo as it came up - I had my second date with the lady who later became my wife just a few doors up from here about 26 1/2 years ago.
22/Nov/10 12:03 AM
Yes its bedtime.Night Chris, Night plum.
22/Nov/10 12:06 AM
Good night Grass-hopper.
22/Nov/10 12:09 AM
Well, going with the theme of the day (27 years for us and almost the same for Chris and his Mrs.), I was inspired to "see" in this photo the famous wedding rhyme: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." The borrowed thing is time.
22/Nov/10 12:13 AM
Good maeN, long time since I have been on the first page.
22/Nov/10 12:19 AM
Well tis goodnight from me too, bet you are glad you had that second date Chris.
22/Nov/10 12:42 AM
Well, it took all day yesterday to get the tractor back up. You guys are right, most of the damage looks cosmetic, but we don't know yet. The front bumper, grill and hood are smashed. No roll bar.

The battery flew out and needs to be reconnected. There's some wiring to do there.
22/Nov/10 12:43 AM
2:47 Good evening all. I had a terrible experience late this afternoon but thank goodness I was home and not at my daughters place where I was going to be later. I was outside and heard a loud roaring noise and couldn't work out what it was. I went indoors and still didn't know where it was coming More...
22/Nov/10 1:03 AM
Oh, Anne! I'm so sorry for you.
22/Nov/10 1:07 AM
maen, all Y'all
22/Nov/10 1:12 AM
Thanks Plum. My daughter came out and spent a couple of hours finishing off after the neighbour had left. Neighbours wife came over and took all the wet towels, etc, home and washed for me because I haven't got water now. They brought me over a couple of buckets full to help out. They are lovely neighbours.
22/Nov/10 1:13 AM
Plum, There are always grand adventures awaiting country dwellers. I'm glad to hear your latest worked out as well as it did. At least, for what remains, you're out of the woods...
22/Nov/10 1:14 AM
It's time I went to bed but I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep too easily. Another warm night here.
22/Nov/10 1:15 AM
Oh dear, not much fun Anne..
22/Nov/10 1:16 AM
Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary Plum and Mr Plum ♥
22/Nov/10 1:17 AM
Plum - I do hope you're able to repair your tractor and have it up and running again soon.
22/Nov/10 1:18 AM
P.S. to Plum - The only thing that can be worse than have to ride a non-running machine off a hillside, is having to do it backwards. (If you can't turn it around) In another twenty seven years you two will look back and say "remember when..."
22/Nov/10 1:21 AM
Coffee's done, Help yourselves...
22/Nov/10 1:26 AM
Got to try
22/Nov/10 1:26 AM
Mmmmm, been a while. Seems like all the topsiders, except Plum, are sleeping in.
22/Nov/10 1:28 AM
Good Maen ... limping off to restock the larders shortly. Might try riding that electric cart thing.
22/Nov/10 1:38 AM
to all. I have exciting news to announce (which goes along well with all the talk of dating & anniversaries!):

Our youngest daughter Kyley got engaged in New York City last night! Way back when the trip was planned we suspected there might be a proposal coming, but now More...
22/Nov/10 1:40 AM
22/Nov/10 1:42 AM
Anne, so sorry about your burst water pipe. What an awful experience! But at least there were two good things about it:
1. You were home when it happened
2. You knew where the water main was & rushed to turn it off! (hint to other ladies - make sure you know where YOURS is!)
22/Nov/10 1:44 AM
Mornin' CJ & shosho
22/Nov/10 1:45 AM
Phantom - to answer your question about my question, Si.
22/Nov/10 1:46 AM
Plum, it seems you & your husband make a good team even in rescuing tractors. Maybe things will work out okay & the tractor can be restored without TOO much expense.
22/Nov/10 1:47 AM
Third wedding! Wonderful, Kathy!
22/Nov/10 1:47 AM
Jerry, any more coffee?
22/Nov/10 1:48 AM
Jerry, congrats on your #22 & thanks for the coffee. You are always so nice to share. Now I'm off to go make some sweet potato pancakes for our celebration breakfast.
22/Nov/10 1:50 AM
It's 0650hrs and I'm still in the dark.
22/Nov/10 1:51 AM
Plum and Anne, hope these things work out for you! It's like waiting for the mechanic's check or the dentist's prognosis, you dread the wait, you dread the results but you're anxious to hear anyway. Here's a little to brighten your day.
22/Nov/10 1:51 AM
Literally and figuratively speaking.
22/Nov/10 1:52 AM
Jerry, open the drapes! Even though it's raining here still have light pouring in! But just in case a little for you, too!
22/Nov/10 1:53 AM
Sure, shosho. Ya gotta pour your own though.
22/Nov/10 1:53 AM
Thank you shosho, I tried the drapes thing. I had to close them again. (Scared of the dark you know..
22/Nov/10 1:55 AM
I guess I better get going, the cat is now on my chair behind me and is breathing into my ear, something about breakfast. I wouldn't mind her paws but she has to sheathe in those claws!
22/Nov/10 1:55 AM
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