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Easy Sudoku for 22/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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No, this one.
22/Nov/14 8:08 AM
Ha, bwt it was HalT.
22/Nov/14 8:09 AM
Hellooooooo! I' m invisible!!
22/Nov/14 8:10 AM
No, Fiona's the guilty one.
22/Nov/14 8:11 AM
Hi Fiona,
22/Nov/14 8:11 AM
Hi CP. How's tricks?
22/Nov/14 8:12 AM
Still have to go and do that tidying - drat. Cya.
22/Nov/14 8:13 AM
Tricks are good Fiona. I retired about 8 weeks ago, and am feeling so much less stressed.
22/Nov/14 8:14 AM
Tomorrow, later, another day! Friday evening here, end of the week, sofa and G&T time!
22/Nov/14 8:14 AM
Folks keep telling me how much better I look.
22/Nov/14 8:15 AM
Lucky you CP, enjoy your free time!
22/Nov/14 8:16 AM
That's right, Fiona.
22/Nov/14 8:16 AM
Really, really got to go. Nice talking to you.
22/Nov/14 8:17 AM
You too x
22/Nov/14 8:18 AM
Ok where is sudokuland? Shovelling snow?
22/Nov/14 8:22 AM
Good morning Fiona.
22/Nov/14 8:29 AM
Good morning all. Rain is forecast here today, so I have to go and plant pumpkins before it starts. Then it's back to washing up and other boring inside stuff.
22/Nov/14 8:30 AM
Hi Sacky, nice day in Tassie today?
22/Nov/14 8:31 AM
Ok you told me the answer before I asked the question!
22/Nov/14 8:32 AM
Another warm day here. I have a cold which is so annoying when the weather is hot.
We will be in Paris next year Fiona.
22/Nov/14 8:33 AM
Vegie patch is almost revamped and is much easier to manage. The plants the sparrows like to eat are under netting, until they are strong enough to survive the bird attacks.
22/Nov/14 8:34 AM
My pansies are under netting to stop the cockies picking them.
22/Nov/14 8:35 AM
You will do a Peter and come to Pau too, June?
22/Nov/14 8:36 AM
We are doing Paris and the War cemeteries. Not sure how far away from their that you live.
22/Nov/14 8:43 AM
Just looked at the map. You may be a bit far in the time we have. Why do we see our spelling mistakes after we have submitted the post?
22/Nov/14 8:50 AM
Let me know your dates and we'll see what we can do.
22/Nov/14 8:53 AM
Bon jour, Fiona.
22/Nov/14 9:06 AM
Bonsoir Hal - 23.35 here so it's bonsoir!
22/Nov/14 9:38 AM
1:27. Good morning everyone. I had a much better sleep last night, the pain killers helping greatly. Hopefully today's going to be better, I watered the vegie garden with almost no twinges so that's a good sign - fingers crossed!
22/Nov/14 10:10 AM

June, it' only a five and a bit hour trip on a comfortable TGV (train). Good company at the end makes the trip even better. You won't be disappointed.
22/Nov/14 10:16 AM
Well that's the theory at least!
22/Nov/14 10:22 AM
Peter, I would love to meet Fiona and her family but our schedule is a bit tight and most things already booked.
22/Nov/14 1:12 PM
Oh, look, I've returned from my short absence and who is here but Fiona, after a long absence.
22/Nov/14 1:45 PM
Things are a bit slow here, so I think I shall retire. Night all.
22/Nov/14 3:08 PM
25/Nov/14 6:59 AM
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