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Easy Sudoku for 22/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
22/Apr/07 12:01 AM
Good Maen,
Oh, Happy day - the world is in front of you when you get out of school. Good luck in your journey
22/Apr/07 12:05 AM
Hey everyone...doing a census tonight...

Hands up everyone who has a pair of Egg Scissors...thought so.

Thanks - that is over half of you - probably more... I win em...
22/Apr/07 12:06 AM
jamie - this may help if you're considering seeing them - i think there are a few song samples..

http://www.abc.net.au/canberra/stories/s1100216 .htm
22/Apr/07 12:11 AM
22/Apr/07 12:11 AM
nice looking kid. happy days.
22/Apr/07 12:11 AM
Thanks, BILLY!! By the way, what are Egg Scissors?
22/Apr/07 12:11 AM
tough for an easy puzzle
22/Apr/07 12:13 AM
Congratulations! Time to kick up your heels and pat yourself on the back! Good Luck!
22/Apr/07 12:14 AM
Everyone, hope your all having a great/day night where every you are.

Ok, feeling a little wild today, so youtube for today will be STEPPENWOLF with BORN TO BE WILD.

And UM Billy, my hand isn't up rofl.
22/Apr/07 12:14 AM
....and to those who are equipped with an epicurean kitchen (like me) and who would be floundering over a boiled egg without a pair of egg scissors...my youtube - Scissor Sisters - ok it's a bit weird the song...but what the hey?
22/Apr/07 12:14 AM
to the uninitiated

http://www.amazon.com/W%C3%BCsthof-5600-Egg-S cissors/dp/B0002JENPC

Scissors designed to remove the top of soft boiled eggs
Stainless-steel blades; 24 karat, gold-plated handles
Screw assembly allows for tension adjustments
Handles formed in the shape More...
22/Apr/07 12:19 AM
Rofl - THANK YOU Jamie!! Ha Billy! So as I don't have egg scissors either - that would be 3-1 Billy. Please make sure that your vote is counted (especially if you don't have egg scissors). What do you reckon Billy - the person who loses has to cook dinner for the other??
22/Apr/07 12:19 AM
2.25 Now it's time to pay back all those student loans and find a job!!!
22/Apr/07 12:19 AM
I will give you quaint Billy but not sure that I will give you charming!
22/Apr/07 12:21 AM
emels - there are many people who visit this site and don't comment, their hands are up without a doubt and because they're up - they can't type at the same time - the silent voters...
22/Apr/07 12:23 AM
'charming' comes with using the quaint little thingo...no mess, no egg shell pieces to pick out from your egg, perfect circumference to dip your soldiers into...the perfect googy egg...
22/Apr/07 12:28 AM
Did you know that you can also use a knife billy? Same results and you can use the knife for so many other things - like spreading the butter on the soldiers!
22/Apr/07 12:32 AM
sorry Billy - no egg scissors in my house! A bit early for me to be taking sides maybe, although I would like to have a pair because boiled egg with soldiers would have to be one of my all time favourite foods (except choccie of course!)
22/Apr/07 12:34 AM
I have egg scissors. I wouldn't be without them.
22/Apr/07 12:38 AM
sorry billy, no egg scissors here either.
22/Apr/07 12:39 AM
Me too! Who wouldn't own egg scissors?
22/Apr/07 12:40 AM
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Billy/P: I bow to you and your amply-stocked kitchen--I had NO idea what egg scissors were until this AM.

Alas, I am more of a fan of hard-boiled eggs, so will have to live with my woefully inadequate kitchen that shall remain egg scissor-less...;-)
22/Apr/07 12:41 AM
Goes without saying.
22/Apr/07 12:41 AM
I am with AILEEN - not a fan of soft eggs of any sort. But, I am glad that BILLY is so well prepared for her soft eggs.
22/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Why, I have a pair of egg scissors. They're right here. Wait, no, what did I do with them?
22/Apr/07 12:43 AM
Soldiers? Do you mean toast? Sausage links? Or?

Translation, please!
22/Apr/07 12:43 AM
Toast Aileen, cut into long, thin strips - perfect for dipping!
22/Apr/07 12:44 AM
Thanks, Emels!

OK, gotta get ready for work. Esp as it looks like I may be going to the drive-thru at one of the local fast food places for breakfast, after all this egg talk and such...
22/Apr/07 12:46 AM
Oh, here they are... Right next to the english muffin machete.
22/Apr/07 12:48 AM
I too must go - off to school to grade papers.
22/Apr/07 12:49 AM
Before I hit the sack as Aileen gets ready for work, who knows what has been voted as the worst sound in the world? And Billy my hand isn't up either. How many utensil drawers does your kitchen have if you buy something like egg scissors?
22/Apr/07 12:53 AM

Angie, Born to be wild was our class song, class of '77, Blum High School. Also, I have it as my ring tone.
...err? egg scissors? never heard of such. gotta check it out.
22/Apr/07 12:56 AM
sorry billy, no egg sissors here either.
didnt have a clue what they were till now.
now i know 'egg-zakly' what they are. thanks!
22/Apr/07 1:01 AM
Billy, once, on a channel surf, I saw Martha Stewart (prior to her incarceration) take regular scissors to a poached egg to trim the wisps of albumin that kept it from being perfect before she nestled it onto whatever perfect dish she was making.
22/Apr/07 1:04 AM
rob - 'egg-zakly'!!!?? What a shocker!!I laughed so loud I woke up the dogs - they got such a fright!!
22/Apr/07 1:08 AM
Billy ,have 4 ,one for each
22/Apr/07 1:14 AM
For those of you who think too many eggs are bad for you...my Grandfather ate two 'soft boiled' eggs every morning for as many years as I knew him (and way before that) He lived to be 94. Never had an egg scissors, though.

Ruby: Martha's in a different world, isn't she? I feel More...
22/Apr/07 1:25 AM
Egg scissors are definitely NOT present in my kitchen, in any of the junk ... er, utensil ... drawers! With my British ancestry, as a child I predictably faced those cute little egg cups holding those slimy, disgusting, undercooked eggs! No more! I prefer my eggs poached, with the whites able to stand alone!
22/Apr/07 1:27 AM
so far the 'yays' have it all over the 'nays' with special thanks to Glinda and her collection of egg scissors and Lesley who has different pairs for weekdays and weekends...
and who can argue with Martha Stewart (apart from a judge and jury)? Wisps of albumin - abominable - which is really really hard to say when you're tired...nite all x
22/Apr/07 1:30 AM
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