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Easy Sudoku for 22/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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22/Aug/19 12:00 AM
22/Aug/19 12:00 AM
22/Aug/19 12:08 AM
2:08, slow start. Good Morning Boomer Hal, Denny and to all to come.
22/Aug/19 12:13 AM
Hope your day is, too!
22/Aug/19 12:22 AM
Yesterday we had 2 juvenile Green Herons visit us for about an hour & a half. We have never seen these guys in our area before. A Red Tailed Hawk scared them close to the porch where I was sitting and I got some awesome photos! A great day for a person trying to limit walking wearing a 'boot'!
22/Aug/19 12:28 AM
I have the family staying over tonight. This necessitates a trip to the grocery store. Hubby has requested Mexican food. With five extra at the dinner table, that's a lot of enchiladas.

Strangely enough, I enjoy More...
22/Aug/19 12:31 AM
for Shosho!
22/Aug/19 1:09 AM
Sounds yummy, Kathy! What's one more guest? When should I arrive???
22/Aug/19 1:10 AM
WOW - what a detailed photo! Where do you suppose the photographer was to get that shot?
22/Aug/19 1:35 AM
22/Aug/19 2:03 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!!
22/Aug/19 2:03 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
22/Aug/19 2:04 AM
Hopefully the photographer was using telescopic lens from far away!!!
22/Aug/19 2:05 AM
And a CP, too!!!
22/Aug/19 2:06 AM
Boom!!! and I'm outa there!
22/Aug/19 3:25 AM
I wanna know what was exploding!?!
22/Aug/19 4:07 AM
22/Aug/19 4:24 AM

Incredible explosion🙉😳
22/Aug/19 5:03 AM
Good question, Sarah!
22/Aug/19 6:00 AM
Jackie's 'boom' didn't even disturb Keith....
22/Aug/19 10:53 AM
22/Aug/19 10:54 AM
I have a question to you, Sarah - I remember seeing photos you posted with ice & snow, so I'm thinking you must not be in a first floor apartment … so squirrels manage to do the high-wire act to reach your tomatoes - that is just wrong! I can understand your disgust & determination for never trying them again!
22/Aug/19 11:33 AM
1:30, but felt a bit sluggish. Good morning (just) everyone.
22/Aug/19 11:46 AM
1:43 Good afternoon all.

22/Aug/19 4:37 PM
to all!!
22/Aug/19 11:59 PM
Yes, Joyce, fifth floor, but only two floors above the roof over the stores in the plaza below. It is still an achievement, but squirrels are good at climbing vertical distances.
23/Aug/19 6:24 AM
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