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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Yank away Judy, glad to see you root for the University of Minnesota too Yank Yank
Glenn/Winter Springs and Karen/Boston: How about a soda or tonic, but not pop.
As a transplanted teacher I heard, 'Mrs. G., may I go to the bathroom/restroom/lavatory/basement/potty/girls/boys?'

Quilter Mom, don't know if we are going to not, but i am guessing we would be rooting for opposite teams! Haven't been to and ISU game for a couple of years. Would love to go. If we are going will post it and maybe we could meet up and celebrate the cyclones victory
NANCY: Hummingbirds in your porch are certainly better than bats in your belfry! That is such a funny story! Do the overnighters ... um ... make a mess?
I don't know who wrote those state mottos, but so far as our tax brackets are concerned here, there are none. Massachusetts has a flat income tax (5.3%), and as a percentage of income the total of all state and local taxes ranks 47th in the nation. (Sales tax does not apply to food or clothing like it does down South.)
LINDA: We DO cheer for the U. of Minney-sota! We cheer for ALL Big Ten teams, except when one of them plays the RIGHT U of M! And maybe we had better stop doing all this yanking ... might be getting the guys all excited ... LOL
JUDY: You're asking someone who has let their dog take over the screened in porch if the hummingbirds make a mess?? I really wouldn't notice it amongst all the shedding chow hair. I get the blower after it about 2x per year or when company's coming!
NANCY: Oh my goodness, and do Chows ever shed! I love the little chili pepper lights ... nice touch!
Nancy, I, once, got to hold a hummer. He flew into the screen of my screened in patio and got his beak stuck. I had to pull him out. He remained in my hand for maybe 15 seconds, then flew off. I could feel his heartbeat in my hand as a very faint vibration. Unforgetable experience.

Hugh, much better. Elton rapping.
JUDY: Kind of a theme...apron, cocktail napkins, appetizer set etc...all red hot chili peppers. It started with the lights and has gotten out of hand. That's usually how it happens with me...get stuck on something til I'm sick of it...is that a symptom of some disease?(other than OCD cause I know I swing that way often!)
Anne, now that I know what a swag is, I don't think it should fit in the same sentence with sandflies, no matter how few there are.
KEITH: That reminds me...the first time I found one in the porch, the same thing occurred. I was afraid to pull him out of the screen so I put a wicker basket over him and my husband went to the other side and pushed gently...I then used a plate to quickly cover basket and walked out of the porch to release! The bird, that is.
maEn, 1:34. Not too bad. Last full day I am off work, I go in tomorrow for a meeting. Oh well,
Have a Blessed day all.
I'm having fun reading the posts so far.Go Blue!!(U of M(michigan)).I'm to far north in Texas for the hummingbirds to winter in. They do go to Houston and San Antonio and points south. We live near(3 miles)a bird santuary and I've never seen any hummingbirds there in the winter. We get some neat More...
4.07 maeN folks! It's good to see young people enjoying sports. Very busy these days, computers breaking left & right. YEA!
Good Morning all
Karen from Minnetonka - a swag is a thin mattress, sleeping bag & pillow all in one. If anyone can elaborate on that, please do.
GLENN, ED; KATHY; KIM (Who else in Central/South Florida?) HEADS UP!
The Chihuli exhibit will be back to Fairchild Botanical Gardens from December 9 until March something. It is the first time he places his exhibit in the same place two consecutive years. The newspaper said it will be bigger and better than last years!
andré: Maybe Ted can charter a few planes and fly everyone to Orlando!
It's that time ...again

Good maeN everyone.

Loads of
NAL, Sounds like you have given me a great time to plan a fla. trip so that I too can see the Chihuli exhibit. Will be in touch! Hope things are safe in Miami and I won't face arrest simply because I know you!
I can make that happen since I have Ted's credit card and can copy his signature now too.
Good maEn. Glenn, sounds like a plan. I was sorry I wasn't able to meet with any Floridians when I was there this spring.
I understand the rat poison. My sister has the gene, I just have the clots. Both of us are on daily aspirin, but since I choose to take estrogen, its Lovanox and support stockings when I travel. Wonderful visual, but it beats the alternative.
Amy from Emmitsburg,
Matthew Broderick's first movies were War Games and Max Dugan Returns in 1983. He was a good actor even then.
ok girls, my contribution to the cruise is.....................................
yes the chipendales have not left yet and have convinced them to come cruising..... they were leaving yesterday and told them about the cruise and they were instantly in. I also have left over bubbly, More...
Yeah! Just checked online grades. After turning in all but one of the missing assignments, his grade is up to a C from an F! One more to turn in, could bring it up to a B. Quiz scores are consistenly in the 80'S
Lauren saved me from becoming a CP. What's a tim tam?
Lauren, please send Tim Tams! when my daughter was in Oz a year ago she fell in love with Tim Tams! would love to know how to get some for her 18th birthday in Dec. can you get me a contact for them?
Sarah Oz, tim tams are a very good cookie with chocolate type sweet, don't know quite how to explain them. Lets put it this way, my daughter tried to bring home a case from OZ and was over her weight limit for baggage and had to leave them with her host family. she was devastated
Cookie, chocolate? I'm in!
tim tams are made by Arnotts biscuits the web site is www.arnotts.com.au
Updated weather report for Ireland:
Severe gale warning overnight, easing by dawn.
Possibility of Rider cup start being delayed due to damage to temporary structures i.e. stands, scoreboards, hoardings etc. Players will probably have relief from wet patches and use preferred lie rules (lift More...
I Googled Arnotts and went to their website. YUM!
Mail us all some tim tams, will you, SARAH?
Has Ian been banned too??????
If CG's Lewinsky/Clinton joke the other day was inappropriate, what makes you think your jokes are suitable for this site which kids access? Hoping Gath removes!
Lovely ladies playing the most entretaining game
2:56 just beat 3 min. Lovely to read all the hummingbird news, as have never seen one other than tv.
Tim Tams rule !!
Swags are a little more comfortable than a rock, but not much !
Baz, Would only be fair.

Judy, Our Lab/Chow gives our Dyson Animal a workout every day. He is a sweetheart though.
3.17 -amazingly fast for me. Good Maen all. I saw hummingbirds last year at my grandparent's palce in Arizona. They are the most amazing birds. When we went to Walgreens, there was one flying around the nursery area! Happy Friday to everyone.
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