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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Sep/15 12:01 AM
Yay, wahoo, hip hip hooray -
the Phantom came back for a day...
22/Sep/15 12:08 AM
Good morning Hal and Joyce . A good day to all. A great pic of my hometown!
22/Sep/15 12:42 AM
22/Sep/15 1:18 AM
22/Sep/15 2:15 AM
Well, Keith is here so he'll be around for his number!
22/Sep/15 2:15 AM
I'm getting close to my fav post!!!
22/Sep/15 2:15 AM
22/Sep/15 2:16 AM
Woohoo!!! And now for a CP as well!!!
22/Sep/15 2:17 AM
Kathy, I still hav fond memories of the game we saw at your stadium, and often snuggle up under my Baysox right.
22/Sep/15 3:00 AM
It did it again.
22/Sep/15 3:02 AM
That's a yesterday post!
22/Sep/15 3:02 AM
Early Good Morning again.
22/Sep/15 3:03 AM
My shoulder is out in sympathy with Greg's - ouch!
22/Sep/15 3:05 AM
Don't remember seeing Greg for a few days - hope he is ok.
22/Sep/15 3:06 AM
He probably posted yesterday - I haven't been back to catch up.
22/Sep/15 3:08 AM
Yep, I was right....
22/Sep/15 3:16 AM
Cage posted yesterday.
22/Sep/15 3:17 AM
That'll teach me to check before I post.
22/Sep/15 3:19 AM
C'mon Keith, it's gal lumping time. Cya.
22/Sep/15 3:20 AM
Nice city view.
22/Sep/15 3:32 AM

Imagine a square, with each side 4 cm long, inscribed in a circle. What is the radius of the circle?

Answers to my ‘’shapely’’ inbox please.

22/Sep/15 3:34 AM
The kids are practicing their sharing skills. Elijah brought a cold home and shared it with all his younger sibling. Everyone is handling it well except the 4 month old.
22/Sep/15 3:40 AM

Serena is wrong to think I'll work with pi - I'd rather bake a pie! I know it's a simple geometry formula, but I don't remember what it is!
22/Sep/15 3:41 AM
Dottie R, once you've baked the pie, feel free to ship it this way.
22/Sep/15 3:48 AM
Hey Phantom, good to see you back. I do miss your humor.
22/Sep/15 5:17 AM
Guess what Phantom we are having weather again in OK. Not wet weather today.
22/Sep/15 5:19 AM
We are finally back from Tulsa. Harry had an appointment at one of the hospitals down town. I hate getting up early [I am a night person].
22/Sep/15 5:21 AM
Would love to take a nap, like until tomorrow morning. No can do, we have company coming over this afternoon.
22/Sep/15 5:22 AM
I will do my then take a rest.
22/Sep/15 5:23 AM
Beautiful Perth City skyline view! Great photo even though seen it before! Lovely place Perth!
22/Sep/15 6:41 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone.
22/Sep/15 6:42 AM
Good morning all. Cool but magnificent day here!
22/Sep/15 6:56 AM
Morning all,I will get there one day. My sister lives at Spearwood and hubby's brother and family live at Bunbury. I'll go by myself if necessary.
22/Sep/15 7:39 AM
Cool and damp down here Sacky.

Your photo gallery looks good.....some good memories in there.
22/Sep/15 8:55 AM
Another slow day here in SudokuLand.
22/Sep/15 9:12 AM
Over 9 hours and still on page 1.
22/Sep/15 9:13 AM
Hasn't been too long ago that we would be on page 3 by now.
22/Sep/15 9:15 AM
Oh well, it does give me the chance to change pages.
22/Sep/15 9:16 AM
Bye bye, page 1.
22/Sep/15 9:16 AM
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