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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First time ever to solve going down from 9 to 1 without missing a beat and having to go through it twice. That must be how you do it Donna, 2:18 to beat. Incidentally, someone has to be first on.
Thought I could be first, wow, peter you must be quick today!!!
I'm second!!!! what a way to use a vacation day.
Righteo. We;ve officially clicked over. It's like the clock striking 12. All masks off (and for Gods sake let me go to bed)
Please ---- or i'll be awake all night trying to work it out

and i have a meeting in the morning...
364 comments yesterday - So, Party Panther was Col, Jester was Fraz, Masked Avenger was Pete (just getting it on today's record)
2:49, I keep getting this warning on my screen, that I have to keep clicking off. Waiting for son to wake up to fix this. It keeps appearing every 5-10 seconds. Great time Peter. Lets see how the medium goes.
Fiona I'm with you. Thunderbirds are GO!
Are the camels one hump or two?
I've heard that two humps are better than one.
Sudoku puzzles are very addictive! I can't get enough of them! That baby must have had a rough night.
That was good fun and very insightful
and in all ways positively delightful
I have been unwell and feeling quite teary, now that's behind me and I don't feel so dreary
So thankyou everyone for the jokes and the lol:))
You are all so kind and funny and droll
But now as you see I'm all in a tissie, will anyone guess that I'm k from brissie
Night all and thanks for the laughs. 0x0x0x
Cute pirate dogs today, fitting after the wild costume party yesterday. Sorry I didn't participate, but you all just seem to have so much fun.
Did not guess - and I helped you dress (when I was party panther)
For here am i not warm but cold
with chocolate all gone and stale and old
you dipped in me and sparkled anew
what jolly good fellows to be have been with you
i raise a glass to the vessel of mine
for you dipped in 'André' for one last rhyme
May you dreams be melted in chocolate as mine with Johnny Depp!!
and with this i say adios until the next step..
4:04. Its 9:00 on a rainy Tuesday morning. This is better than doing dishes!
hello everyone !
6:09 AM here
my time was 3:16...good time for me
good luck all
We expect to see you on our next adventure. You'll have to ask Fiona but I think it's got something to do with humping sandy camels or something like that
Ooh Pete you're getting naughty. Where's that leather glove? Doesn't your boat need a rest yet, or at least a refitting to repair all the damage? Isn't there a rotting haggis plugging a hole in the hold?
I was absolutely convinced that you were Mistress Kitten - SO WHO IS IT
2:51 Not bad
If you were Depps, andre, were you also mistress kitten?
Goodnite all - can't keep my eyes open. I will have to check all the reveals in the morning.

It's been fun,,,,, thanks everyone
Thanks Andre, K from Brissie
and good night everyone else

Think I'll print out all the party posts later so I can have a laugh whenever i want ...

anybody else want a copy?
I chase one more time
my small ball of twine
and eat not a mouse but some milk
for my mittens are soft and padded to touch
and always lined with silk
you knew it was me so i covered my fur and potted me into desire
its André you see the mitten its me
and chocolate is what you require
so i meow to you what's a girl to do
oh what fun to guess the clue

and now off to the nursing to do a doggie show
2 alter egos! I'm impressed
stasiek tu crains
Thanks everyone had fantastic time.
k brissie brilliant never knew and col excellent thought you were ted for while! and susan remembered from ages ago but couldn't find it in the archives! and fraz print us one out such fun xx now for some work!!!!!!!!!!!
3:08 on a rainy, cold day in the US
What did you remember from the archives? I think that I first posted around mid Oct, but I don't remember posting anything that would have given you a clue.
4:21 - Cute, puppy pirates.
i'm sure it was you who mentioned it actually it may have been mon about wanting to be in a marching band when someone was talking about their daughter in a band a competition of sorts can't quite remember now. good fun last few days don't you think? must work have'nt even posted joke for today. see you soon x
It really was the best - laughed and laughed - great way to escape the stresses of reality! I have to work today - roll on 6 weeks school holidays!! I'm off to bed - all marched out and need that beauty sleep desperately!
1:59, finally was able to do it with no pop ups.
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