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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Mar/13 4:35 AM
I think that picture is just kind of annoying, for several reasons. It ruined what otherwise looked like a nice picture. It also feels like a picture that has been around the Internet a few times, not ''one of ours.'' IMHO, those should be screened out.
23/Mar/13 4:41 AM
Very strange indeed! Snow would look less strange... From up here of course...
23/Mar/13 5:51 AM
Thanks Karen, I'll pass on your thoughts to Anne. And yes, she is a Saint.
23/Mar/13 6:19 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Dashing off to take Mom out to lunch and run a few errands before trying another corned beef and cabbage recipe, where fresh parsley figures heavily with the red potatoes...
23/Mar/13 7:20 AM
Morning all, funny out of order sign.
Sarah, we are having Mum's 90th birthday party today. Better get moving as it is a luncheon no time to be on here.
23/Mar/13 7:21 AM
Congrats Ian and Anne.
23/Mar/13 8:26 AM
Congratulations and best wished to you and Anne, Ian. I like Anne's style!
23/Mar/13 8:36 AM
Just looked up modern anniversary gifts - last year, for Anne, would have been 'groceries'!
23/Mar/13 8:39 AM
1:46. Good morning all.
23/Mar/13 9:43 AM
2.15 D'oh!
23/Mar/13 11:38 AM
Groceries can be good! Especially when prepared by a good Chef in a fancy Restaurant.
23/Mar/13 1:06 PM
Where is everyone?
Or is the site broken..?
23/Mar/13 1:29 PM
I'm still here, Jim. But not for long.
23/Mar/13 2:20 PM
Just answered Cee's weekend puzzle. I'll be happy with a 7/8.
23/Mar/13 2:22 PM
News is over, I off to bed. Night all.

23/Mar/13 2:32 PM
'I'm' off to bed.
23/Mar/13 2:34 PM
I am with you, darling.
23/Mar/13 3:08 PM
Good night people of the world.
23/Mar/13 3:25 PM
23/Mar/13 3:31 PM
TMI, Karen! Sleep well, Hal and Karen
23/Mar/13 7:36 PM
2:14 Good evening one and all!
Haven't long got home after playing 9 holes of golf with my grandson.
23/Mar/13 9:03 PM

CP I feel you had a reason to ask that question but I am fine, just been very busy both at work and at home and havent had time to post much here. Thank you for asking. Hopefully your days have been okay
23/Mar/13 10:05 PM

Thats assuming it was this Lizzy CP was referring to in the first place
23/Mar/13 11:00 PM
Bizzy Lizzie

Confuzzed Lizzie
23/Mar/13 11:20 PM
all. Howdy Mr Cee.
23/Mar/13 11:51 PM
24/Mar/13 7:35 AM
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