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Easy Sudoku for 23/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Last day before kitchen demolition.
Probably won't see you all very often in the next few weeks, because I'll have to dodge the carpenters to get to my computer! We'll see!
23/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Good day to all you in Sudokuland!
23/Jun/16 12:00 AM
23/Jun/16 12:02 AM
1:53 It's a few years since I visited Nelson.

Good night one and all!
23/Jun/16 12:28 AM
Morning. Going to be hot here the next few days.
23/Jun/16 12:48 AM

I will be wearing the splint for awhile yet. In 1 week I am to start ''weaning myself off of it'', as my ortho put it. Remember, I've already had it for 5 weeks, so.... In week 6-7, splint off for 2 hours (with support from my More...
23/Jun/16 12:59 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: catalogue, activates, calibrate, barnacles, lampshade, polythene, signified, continued.

I am going to a ''Celebrate Maryland'' dinner tonight. Several of the famous Maryland blue crab dishes will be on the menu. In honor of that, winners Judy, Meg and More...
23/Jun/16 1:07 AM
And for today.....

Below are thirteen 5 lettered, everyday words, each of which has had two of its letters removed. In total these 26 letters are A-Z. The remaining letters in each word are in the correct order. There are no words which are spelled differently based upon location More...
23/Jun/16 1:13 AM
Love Nelson, love New Zealand, the people, the wine ... don't get me started.
23/Jun/16 1:21 AM
i somehow changed my keyboard to a split version _ weird
23/Jun/16 1:57 AM
Well got that fixed - new iPad and learning new technology
23/Jun/16 2:00 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
Looking forward to cooler temps than the 100+ we had Sunday and Monday...
23/Jun/16 2:09 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
23/Jun/16 2:11 AM
Good morning.
23/Jun/16 4:08 AM
Not ignoring you, Hal.
23/Jun/16 4:09 AM
Swindle story is quite long and I am on iPad here, so will wait until after tonight when I get home to big pooter so I can use proper keyboard.
23/Jun/16 4:12 AM
This tapping away in the dark is very tiring.
23/Jun/16 4:13 AM
Better not tap away too long tonight. Got to get moving in a couple of hours.
23/Jun/16 4:15 AM
New Zealand has so many beautiful places to see. I'd love to visit some day.
23/Jun/16 5:27 AM
I went back to sleep for 2 hours.
23/Jun/16 6:15 AM
What's your excuse, Keith?
23/Jun/16 6:16 AM
23/Jun/16 6:17 AM
Ah, good old Nelson. I spent five years there in the 70s and have been back a couple of times since, the last time less than two years ago. It's a lovely spot and I'll be back for a visit sometime in the future I'm sure.

1:42 for the Sudoku.
23/Jun/16 6:47 AM
Good morning all. I've been to NZ 3 times, but I missed Nelson each time. Good excuse for another visit
23/Jun/16 7:25 AM
Cold, wet and windy here. I'm off to a calf sale at Powranna in the northern Midlands of Tas. Cattle are very dear to buy, but we really need to replace the ones we've sold.
23/Jun/16 7:27 AM
I'll be so rugged up and water proofed I'll look like Michelin Man. Much rather be home by the fire, but a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do!
23/Jun/16 7:29 AM
Enjoy your day folks, probably more than I'll enjoy mine!
23/Jun/16 7:30 AM
Morning all,I too would like to visit NZ .
Hoping for another fine day before the next lot of rain.
23/Jun/16 8:07 AM
Morning everybody
I'll be thinking of you Sacky..
23/Jun/16 8:22 AM
3:28 Yet to get to NZ.
23/Jun/16 11:50 AM

I will be missing for nearly four weeks. Hubby and I are off to Canada for 4 weeks on Saturday and our computer skills leave a lot to be desired, so we are leaving all devices at home bar one phone in case any family members need to get in touch..
Take care everyone..........will be back 25th July.
23/Jun/16 3:06 PM
Safe travels Lizzy.
23/Jun/16 3:45 PM
Have a wonderful time Lizzy. I'm guessing train travel will be involved?
23/Jun/16 7:04 PM
I froze, got soaked, stood in mud for 4 hours and brought home 10 young heifers. Aussies your beef is not about to become less expensive any time soon. Many of the cattle sold were bought for mainland farmers.
23/Jun/16 7:07 PM
Good morning all.
23/Jun/16 11:59 PM
A very slow day today.
23/Jun/16 11:59 PM
23/Jun/16 11:59 PM
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