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Easy Sudoku for 23/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Over we gooooooooooooooo!
23/Jul/07 12:04 PM
Apparently you count better than rosemary.
23/Jul/07 12:06 PM
There are currently 0 users in the chatroom.
23/Jul/07 12:08 PM
thanks for the update on Ebony
23/Jul/07 12:20 PM
I was just in there Ian for some time ... didnt see you there.
23/Jul/07 12:23 PM
Silly Sausage: Why does it matter to you if the Chatroom is in use or not. I see no reason as to why I or anyone else for that matter should explain why we visit or do not visit the chatroom.
23/Jul/07 12:24 PM
Ian, hope all is well with you. Oh and Thanks for letting us know that
'There are currently 0 users in the chatroom.'
Will you be adding that to your list of 'stats'?
23/Jul/07 12:28 PM
23/Jul/07 12:44 PM
Ian: since you do not have your own page, then my reply is on my page.
23/Jul/07 12:50 PM
Lovely Pic - reminds me of John Denvor's Rocky Mountain High - in Colorado - would love to visit it one day.
23/Jul/07 1:05 PM
I changed my YouTube to The O'Jays singing Backstabbers.
23/Jul/07 1:18 PM
Becky, just tried to watch you youtube, but it is saying that the video is no longer availabe?
23/Jul/07 1:24 PM
Thanks Angie, I'll go check it out.
23/Jul/07 1:26 PM
Angie, still The O'Jays singing Backstabbers. Changed link. Let me know if this one doesn't work. Thanks.
23/Jul/07 1:30 PM
Seems to be working ok here Becky.
23/Jul/07 1:50 PM
Thanks Gail.
23/Jul/07 2:02 PM
yes Rose you know me well...I just have not been around....
23/Jul/07 3:08 PM

Weather is hot and humid today in Beirut ,
Kathy ,thank you ,for your sweet note .
23/Jul/07 3:22 PM
mmmmmmmmmm thought so, silly sausage from sydney.
hope all is well in your world ......
just been to the gym .... feeling good about moi after doing some exercise other than typing with my fingers.
silly sausage ... join with free membership .. then can chat whenever anyone is around .....
23/Jul/07 3:24 PM
23/Jul/07 3:51 PM
Hi Everyone,

Site goes down
Site goes up

What's new?

(just a new smilie). Thanks to Nancy (and others) for the pic.

23/Jul/07 4:40 PM
July 23rd .The Egypt's Revolution Day (23 July 1952),when the revelution took place in Egypt and it changes the system from Kingdom to Republic by Presegent Gamal Abd El Nasser in that time.
Nice picture and good maeN to everyone.
23/Jul/07 4:53 PM
Ans to the useless facts on easy page...
The part of the sole between the heel and the ball of the foot known as----Shank
The white part of your fingernail is called--Lunula
The two lines that connect your top lip to the bottom of your nose are known as----Philtrum
The little lump of flesh just forward of your ear canal, right next to your temple, is called a--- Tragus
23/Jul/07 5:48 PM
Wadgy the day that Egypt's independence and dignity were restored. Celebrate my friend.
23/Jul/07 5:51 PM
I feel a need to share this post off my page with everyone on the easy page as I think it is an unfair attack. I also will follow it with a reply.

Ian From Boston
Why the venom, Rosemary? I miss the bright and interesting comments from people with well-thought-out perspectives. You More...
23/Jul/07 6:00 PM
This is my reply

Not at all venomous Ian, just tired of the sniping about the site being boring. You add very little to the site when you continually harp about the negative. You seem to be only interestded in criticising.
A simple free membership allows you to go into the chatroom and More...
23/Jul/07 6:07 PM
23/Jul/07 6:25 PM
Ok, now on to other matters. Help
My daughter has been given a project on world Travel.
Plan a World Trip you must include:
Five Natural features to be visited; eg Antarctica
Five Cities or human built features eg; Parthenon
some More...
23/Jul/07 6:34 PM
Maen all. Had a great weekend - back at work!! TIt is supposed to be winter here but the temp today is 29 - wonder when it going to get cold. Have a good day.
23/Jul/07 6:50 PM
So how many people read the new Harry Potter over the weekend?

I started it and thought i'd take it slowly... but I couldn't... I finished it at 5 am this morning!

I stopped reading only to get some food, put on the washing, and to go out to see the movie of 'the order of the More...
23/Jul/07 6:57 PM
Don't know that we should be dragged into this! It's obviously a dispute or disagreement between two people (Ian and Rosemary) and perhaps it should stay private? Just voicing my thoughts...
I feel a bit the same as Ian that the site is very tame now and I do miss the banter and sometimes More...
23/Jul/07 6:59 PM
23/Jul/07 7:00 PM
Well tell me what it is Deb, then I will know too. It certainly isnt a 'private' dispute as I posted my thoughts regarding the negative comments about the chatroom ... think it is free speech still.
Ian could have posted his comment on this page and it could have been discussed. Posting it on my More...
23/Jul/07 7:30 PM
2:09 Good evening everyone.
23/Jul/07 7:36 PM
Well, I have said what I liked about the site but it isn't allowed to happen anymore. Everything has to be so politically correct or things cant be said because it will upset somebody else. God, even the jokes have to be edited in case it offends somebody.
I'm not really interested in the More...
23/Jul/07 7:47 PM
No idea what time I did - I guess I forgot to start the timer.

What lovely scenery. I really, really must get to Canada soon so my brother can show me some of the sights.
23/Jul/07 7:49 PM
Personally, I like to find out what is going on in other countries. Here in Australia we are so isolated from what is happening in other parts of the world. Hearing about the weather is okay but not the be all and end all. Politics is interesting, but again, it stirs people up and that cant happen. More...
23/Jul/07 7:52 PM
Lordy Be deb .........what if people from the UK or the USA hear something from me and God Forbid they think they are hearing it from a 'normal' person who has a 'normal' life. Ohhhhhhhhh how so disappointed they'd be if they knew the truth

23/Jul/07 8:20 PM
sorry but Deb your only isolated from the world and what is going on in it, if you choose to be..
Australia is not isolated from the world by any means...
Maybe if this site is no longer 'interesting' to you and gives you no satisfaction or the needs you require about what happening around More...
23/Jul/07 8:38 PM
Settle, petals - let's not open old wounds.
23/Jul/07 9:17 PM
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